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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of joints gelatin The other
Лечение суставов желатиномFor treatment of joints different means – the medicines acquired in a drugstore, phytotherapy, and also national ways are used. You learn from this article how it is possible to improve a condition of joints, applying usual edible gelatin.
What to do if the wisdom tooth hurts The other
Что делать, если болит зуб мудростиProrezyvaniye and growth of wisdom teeth often are followed by inflammatory processes and painful feelings. Many people in the life at least once faced similar manifestations. Statistically, less than at a third of the population growth of these teeth happens without any problems. In most cases development of wisdom teeth is followed by any violations.
Treatment of the milkwoman miramistiny Drugs
Лечение молочницы мирамистиномThe modern pharmacy offers a huge number of preparations for treatment of vaginal candidiasis (milkwoman) today. They differ not only the cost, but also in the ways of treatment, application duration, existence or absence of contraindications, etc. will tell you about one of the most popular and effective remedies from the milkwoman – a preparation Miramistin.
Treatment of an inguinal epidermofitiya Diseases
Лечение паховой эпидермофитииEpidermofitiya is the illness caused by fungi and affecting, as a rule, big folds of skin. Manifestations of this illness can be met in axillary areas, between fingers of hands and feet, on feet and under nails, and also in a groin. We will also talk about an inguinal epidermofitiya in this article.
Menu of a detoks-diet Hygiene of food
Меню детокс-диетыOur organism is equipped with powerful "filter" which is capable to bring all toxins and slags getting to it together with low-quality food, the alcohol polluted by air, caffeine out of an organism. But the bad ecology, genetically modified products, constant stresses promote that this mechanism often glitches. And here detoks-diets popular around the world come to the rescue.
First aid at anaphylactic shock Diseases
Первая помощь при анафилактическом шокеAnaphylactic shock call roughly expressed allergic reaction which lightning current comes to an end for the victim with a deadly outcome. To the person on your eyes it became bad – suddenly it is an anaphylaxis? How "to calculate" a dangerous state and to give first aid?
Inflammation of a facial nerve Diseases
Воспаление лицевого нерваIt happens so that as a result of stay on draft and overcoolings, after the postponed trauma or as a result of complication of a viral disease, the person overtakes an inflammation (or neuritis) a facial nerve. The disease is capable to cause serious discomfort in view of the fact that this nerve is responsible for a mimicry and such actions, as chewing, a sosaniye, sneezing, the movements a century and lips.
Treatment of polyarthritis Diseases
Лечение полиартритаQuality of life considerably decreases if the person is hurt by joints. The statistics shows that approximately every third inhabitant of the world in a varying degree suffers from polyarthritis. How not to pass the beginning of a disease, to prevent its progressing and further deformation of joints?
Vobenzim's application Drugs
Применение ВобэнзимаToday wants to present to the readers a preparation Vobenzim who can help with fight against different illnesses. It is appointed often to patients by gynecologists, urologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, traumatologists and even pediatricians. Let's understand, what for structure at a preparation how he acts and how it is applied?
Use of boric acid The other
Применение борной кислотыBoric acid often is used today both in traditional, and in traditional medicine, and also – on a personal plot. The main advantage of this means – the low price at the maximum positive effect from application.
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