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To the motorist

Useful tips, both for the beginning motorists, and for skilled drivers. Articles of the section will help upon purchase of auto accessories, will tell about driving of a car, how to watch it and so forth things.
To the motorist: all articles
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How not to fall asleep at a wheel
Как не уснуть за рулемThe car is a convenience and mobility. But except advantages there are also shortcomings – opportunity to fall asleep at a wheel, to lose vigilance and to get into road accident. will tell about the simple receptions allowing to cheer up to the tired driver.
Limitation periods on penalties of traffic police
Сроки давности по штрафам ГИБДДEach driver has to know about the rights concerning payment of penalties of traffic police, and also responsibility for their failure to pay. According to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences it is provided a number of cases when penalties can not be paid. Besides, all penalties which are written out to you it is possible to see online for today. Even if you try to go by rules, this information can be for you useful.
Car seats for children. How to distinguish a fake?
Автокресла для детей. Как отличить подделку?The fixing device for children, according to the existing rules, is the necessary equipment for transportation of little passengers. Respectively, demand for such products grows every day that leads to emergence in shops of the low-quality fakes which are given out for firm goods. Our councils can protect you and your child from serious danger.
Insurance policies of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE – the thought-over approach to insurance
Страховые полисы КАСКО – продуманный подход к страхованиюIn the Russian market there is an impressive choice of offers on insurance in the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE format, thus insurance conditions in the different companies strongly differ from each other. Often only the skilled insurance broker in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation can help to sign really favorable insurance contract with the company having faultless professional reputation.
How to learn to drive the car in the city
Как научиться водить машину в городеIf started reading this article, so at least, are interested to drive the car in the near future. The vehicle, the driver's license is, skills of driving are not present – a situation classical. For the beginning driver the short and intelligible explanation of the main nuances matters. We now will also be engaged in it. There can be the sure city driver everyone.
Operation of the car with akpp
Эксплуатация автомобиля с акппIt is no secret that to operate the car equipped with AKPP it is much simpler, than "mechanics". However, those who the first time took the wheel of such car, steadily met certain difficulties. The automatic transmission – the most difficult element of the car, and leaving it demands the corresponding.
Removable toning by the hands
Съемная тонировка своими рукамиQuite recently there was a law which forbids to tint car windshields. But there is no need to be upset as there is a way out. Some handymen thought up removable toning, to make which in house conditions does not make big work! It is the simple sheet of thin, transparent plastic on which the tonirovochny film is glued.
Diagnostics of the engine
Диагностика двигателяWhether diagnostics and if yes, that for what it is carried out is necessary in general? The engine is a difficult mechanism which can long and smoothly work only at appropriate leaving. To be sure of its working order, as well as for the purpose of prevention, it is necessary through certain periods or run of the car to carry out diagnostics of the engine.
We choose a children's automobile chair
Выбираем детское автомобильное креслоToday already there is no need to prove to parents that for safety the child in the car has to sit in a children's car seat. But its purchase is interfaced to a choice from the numerous brands and models considerably differing at the price, quality and appearance. Let's try understand, what parameters are really important at a choice of an automobile chair.
Policy of OSGPO and cancellation of checkup
Полис ОСГПО и отмена техосмотраIn the middle of August change in the law of Ukraine on traffic which cancels obligatory passing of checkup comes into force. Drivers breathe sigh of relief: after all the middle end of summer – traditional time of passing of checkup to previous years. Together with it in car insurance are coming some other changes about which it is useful to know.
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