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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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As becomes tyubazh in house conditions The other
Как делается тюбаж в домашних условияхIn our heavy time when an ecological situation awful, and food irregular and not house, the liver and a gall bladder most of all suffer. To help this body filter, it is necessary to carry out several times a year tyubazh. This procedure is usually appointed by the doctor and is carried out in the conditions of a hospital, but at observance of a number of simple rules, it can be carried out and in house conditions.
Treatment of cystitis at pregnancy Gynecology
Лечение цистита при беременностиCystitis – a serious urological disease which face both children, and adults. Most often the women staying in "interesting situation" suffer from this illness. Cystitis not only saddens the pleasant period in the woman's life, but also can significantly do much harm to health to future child.
Lytic mix for children Drugs
Литическая смесь для детейWhen at the child body temperature strongly rises, most of parents tries to solve a problem as soon as possible. As a rule, various candles, tablets and syrups help to consult with great feeling. But what to do if any of similar preparations does not yield result, and stem of thermometer continues to creep promptly up? In this case the effective remedy – lytic mix will come to the rescue.
Treatment of the increased acidity of a stomach The other
Лечение повышенной кислотности желудкаIt would seem, what can be dangerous in the increased acidity of a stomach, except unpleasant feelings? But actually such state is not so harmless as can seem at first sight. Excessive production of hydrochloric acid is capable to provoke a number of dangerous diseases: or gastroduodenit gastritis, stomach ulcer.
Treatment of the milkwoman at men Diseases
Лечение молочницы у мужчинThe milkwoman is the general name of the infections caused by sort Candida fungi. In medical terminology this disease is called candidiasis. It is considered to be that this problem is widespread among the female population of the planet, however and men periodically suffer from a similar illness.
The dryness reasons in a mouth The other
Причины сухости во ртуDryness in a mouth – quite widespread phenomenon which at least once in life practically each person faced. This problem even has the medical name – a kserostomiya. At first sight can seem that in such state there is nothing terrible, but sometimes dryness in a mouth testifies to existence of certain diseases.
Treatment of a disgidroz Diseases
Лечение дисгидрозаDisgidroz - a skin disease which affects channels of sweat glands, corking them. As a result on brushes and soles of feet there are itching reddenings and hypostases with small transparent bubbles. The science christened this kind of eczema recurrent ekzematozny dermatitis.
That it is possible to eat after six Hygiene of food
Что можно есть после шестиAlready quite long time dietitians claim that the opinion that it is impossible to eat after 6 o'clock in the evening not only mistakenly, but also can be pernicious for your health. As well as in any other business, it is important to adhere to a measure and some special rules here, but it is impossible to starve by no means.
How to apply mustard plasters The other
Как ставить горчичникиMustard plasters are familiar to all of us since the childhood. They possess the irritating, soothing and anti-inflammatory action and migraines, a miozita and even sleeplessnesses are effective in treatment not only cough in its different manifestations, but also. Today we will talk how it is correct to be treated by means of mustard plasters.
Menu of an alkaline diet Hygiene of food
Меню щелочной диетыThe alkaline diet is generally directed on clarification of an organism, but with its help it is possible to dump enough extra kilos. Its essence consists in the use of fruit and vegetables, to minimizing of quantity of products of an animal origin.
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