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Auto sound

Councils for an auto sound choice. Useful information about what to choose CD/MP3/dvd the autoradio tape recorder and automobile acoustics (amplifiers, subwoofers, columns). And also instructions on installation and connection.
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Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.3 (crossover and amplifier)
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.3 (кроссовер и усилитель)After the quantity of components of autoacoustics and a place of their arrangement is defined, it is necessary to think of their connection to an audiosignal. For this purpose we need two types of devices. One of them the amplifier who serves for strengthening of low level of a signal, and another – the crossover which serves for division of frequencies according to channels of acoustics.
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, ch.2 (subwoofer)
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.2 (сабвуфер) already told about Basic Elements of automobile acoustics. Also, one of important components of high-quality sounding is good reproduction of low frequencies. Such device as a subwoofer also intends for these purposes just. It represents the separate speaker system for reproduction of low frequencies (20-100gts).
Choice and installation of autoacoustics, p.1 (loudspeakers)
Выбор и установка автоакустики, ч.1 (динамики)Before going to car service for autoacoustics installation, it is necessary to have at least small idea of where and that you want to place. It will help fitters to understand that you eventually want from them. The correct installation of loudspeakers will be the decisive link defining quality of all speaker system.
How to choose the autoradio tape recorder
Как выбрать автомагнитолуAny modern car does not do without musical system. On all new cars already in a basic complete set are established the radio tape recorder together with columns. Quality of such system depends, first of all, on car level. Every year producers of automobile audio equipment let out more and more models of autoradio tape recorders, both budgetary, and equipped so to speak "against the stop".
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