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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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How to change a surname Legal issues
Как поменять фамилиюThe most known reason for change of a surname is a wedding. However each citizen has the right established legislatively to change a name and a surname on the discretion unlimited number of times. This process attracts change of part of your documents and takes away certain time, but if there is a desire, change of a surname is quite feasible.
Receiving credit history Business and finance
Получение кредитной историиToday the spotless credit history of the client is one of the major factors promoting receiving the credit by the natural person. Most of creditors even more often for registration of the credit include information on other loans of the potential client in the list of documents. The natural person can receive credit history in several ways.
What is the discount coupons Business and finance
Что такое скидочные купоныAny of us who ever held money in the hand, always hoped to save and buy something at lower price. Unfortunately, the few shops can brag of cheap goods and the ordinary buyer simply has no place to disappear. And how to buy good goods, for example, at a discount of 60%? Similar opportunity to us is given by discount coupons.
How to turn $100 into $1000 or PAMM investment Currency market
Как превратить 100$ в 1000$ или ПАММ инвестированиеProcess "investment of capital – receiving profit" in the market Forex is always much quicker more (in respect of the income). At best the bank charges 10% per annum on a contribution in dollars that equally not to the most profitable investment for only one month in PAMM the account on Forex-Trend. In a year there are 120%! Also it is the net passive income. Except a contribution of anything it is not necessary to do.
Choice of system of the taxation Business and finance
Выбор системы налогообложенияAccording to the Tax code of the Russian Federation there are three types of system of the taxation: the main system of the taxation (MST) simplified (simplified tax system) and a uniform tax on imputed income (ENVD). At a choice of system of the taxation it is necessary to consider a number of factors, among which kind of activity, a ratio of level of the income and expenses, etc.
Invalidity of wills Legal issues
Недействительность завещанийFrom the legal point of view, the will belongs to unilateral transactions. As well as any transaction, the will can be nullified by court in the claim of the person, the rights or which legitimate interests are broken by this will.
Goods of inadequate quality, right of the consumer Legal issues
Товар ненадлежащего качества, права потребителяIf the rejected thing was acquired in firm shop, his employees, as a rule, always meet requirements of the buyer. And here in outlets "more simply" on this soil quite often there are conflict situations. Anyway, never the superfluous will know the legitimate rights as buyer and if necessary to be able to use them.
Risks with participation in share construction Real estate
Риски при участии в долевом строительствеThe decision on participation in share construction initially assumes a certain degree of risk for his future owner, as, however, and any other purchase of the goods existing only at the level of the project. But the prospect of acquisition of the apartment at the price 25-30% lower than its par value sometimes forces forces investors to forget about elementary care.
Quality of service in bank Business and finance
Качество обслуживания в банкеAll of us are connected by this or that measure with a banking system. And it occurs not because the banking system is so attractive but because modern society simply got used to use electronic money. But choosing, in what bank to start being served, it is necessary to know some signs which distinguish "good" bank from "bad".
How to behave during detention Legal issues
Как вести себя при задержанииPractically any, even the most law-abiding citizen can be a detainee for commission of administrative offense or is simply brought to office of police for clarification of the personality. And it means direct communication with law enforcement officers at which it is important to choose an optimum line of conduct and to get out of the situation with the minimum losses.
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