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Councils and useful information from what it is better to download programs for your computer, a PDA or mobile. Read reviews of interesting software for work with video, music, the Internet in this section.
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Installation and start of Ubuntu by means of Live-CD
Установка и запуск Ubuntu с помощью Live-CDKind day, dear readers! We continue the cycle of articles devoted to free operating systems on Linux kernel namely about Ubuntu! Today I will tell you how to start Ubuntu without installation on the hard drive. Well, and about installation too!
What is Linux
Что такое LinuxIt is no secret that on the majority of computers and laptops the Windows operating system is installed. Many know Mac OS system from the Apple company. And very few people are familiar with free and free Linux system (Linux is said). And if it is familiar, only for a moment heard and, as they say, did not hold in hand.
WhatsApp – excellent mix SMS and ICQ
WhatsApp – отличная смесь СМС и ICQLiterally five years ago all used so-called "ICQ". Even instead of phone number asked UIN. But already a little who will have friends and acquaintances who communicate with the help of ICQ. It was succeeded by new services. For example, WhatsApp.
How to make a collage in a photoshop
Как сделать коллаж в фотошопеTo learn to work in the Photoshop program not so difficult, each reader of can do it. The main thing - to understand how the basic principle of imposing of layers works. Give vent to the imagination. Present that you want to collect scrapbooking from the photos, colourful pictures from magazines, paper clips, pugovichek, tapes etc.
That Linux or Windows is better
Что лучше Linux или WindowsWindows of different versions occupies more than 90% of desktop personal computers, whereas the operating systems based on Linux — only about 3%, and it at perfect free of charge the majority of programs! Such impressive difference is caused by very low oznakomlennost of people with the world of OS. If in brief, Linux demands very more extensive knowledge of work with the device, than Windows.
Editing tags by means of Mp3tag
Редактирование тегов с помощью Mp3tagMp3tag – the simple program in use for editing tags of popular audio of formats. Tags – information on data, i.e. the characteristic of files (a name, the version, date of creation, etc.). The Mp3tag program also has many other functions which you can examine in the course of use. It is possible to download the program free of charge from the site of the producer.
How to put the password on the computer
Как поставить пароль на компьютер Many of us prefer to hide personal information from others eyes, especially now when by means of the personal computer it is possible to learn a lot of things about his owner. Safety of your personal data depends not only on a method of their protection, but also on the password established on the computer. In this article I will tell as as it is possible to cipher on the personal computer.
Modern anti-virus decisions
Современные антивирусные решенияPresently the high-speed Internet even more often there is a question of safety of the data. Malefactors do not doze, creating new sophisticated types of viruses and trojans which are capable to steal passwords to important services. Therefore it is extremely necessary to install the anti-virus program and a firewall for prevention of similar attacks to the computer.
Review of programs for viewing of DVD and Blu-ray of disks
Обзор программ для просмотра DVD и Blu-ray дисковToday already to surprise nobody with the movies of a high definition allowing to take pleasure in 3D technologies directly at your place. The computer with the drive supporting Blu-ray disks, and the corresponding software is for this purpose necessary. The most popular and functional programs for viewing of DVD and Blu-ray of disks are presented in this review.
Review of programs and services translators
Обзор программ и сервисов-переводчиковOne of realities of modern society is that it is possible to face need to translate any text easily. During a pre-computer era the only assistant in this situation was the foreign dictionary. Today we can use online services on the translation of the text and translation programs which there is a great variety.
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