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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of an abstinence syndrome The other
Лечение абстинентного синдромаThe abstinence syndrome, in fact, is group of symptoms of varying severity and a combination. They usually arise because of complete cessation or decrease in reception in high doses of psychoactive agent.
Treatment of atrophic rhinitis Diseases
Лечение атрофического ринитаAtrophic rhinitis – one of the most frequent the ENT specialist diseases. At children meets much less often, than at adults. It is diagnosed in 2,5% of cases for school students. This disease is chronic and is characterized by an atrophy of a mucous membrane of a nose and its nervous terminations.
Instruction on Kontraktubeks's application Drugs
Инструкция по применению КонтрактубексаIt is possible to call the combined preparation of Kontraktubeks the most sold means used for treatment of hems. Many patients report that after prolonged use of this gel ugly educations on skin became almost imperceptible. Efficiency of this medicine is confirmed a number of clinical trials.
Magnesia at pregnancy Gynecology
Магнезия при беременностиPregnancy not always proceeds easily and without complications. Sometimes the woman should go to hospital to keep life to the child. And there by it almost without fail appoint the Magnesium preparation sulfate (magnesia). Doctors still did not come to a consensus to the account of this medicine that it bears more for an organism: advantage or harm.
How to cease to burr The other
Как перестать картавитьAgree, the adult with the speech having a burr draws attention of people around therefore for many it can become a problem and the reason of development of complexes. Especially this effect becomes obvious when it has negative consequences for normal human life. For example, the kartavost very often is the main argument at refusal about employment or disturbs career growth.
How to lower cholesterol in blood The other
Как понизить холестерин в кровиContrary to widespread judgment that cholesterol is a poison for an organism, the advantage of this component and its vital need is scientifically proved. Nuance only that concentration of cholesterol has to always about six-seven mol/l keep at the certain level, after all its surplus threatens with serious negative consequences for an organism.
Use of sintomitsinovy ointment Drugs
Применение синтомициновой мазиSintomitsinovy ointment – quite popular antibacterial means which helps to struggle with various infectious and inflammatory diseases of integuments. The Liniment of a sintomitsin is considered the budgetary medicine which can be got in any drugstore for quite modest money, but thus effectiveness of a preparation is checked and proved not by one generation.
How to put cups The other
Как ставить банкиMedical banks were quite popular remedy still some 20-30 years ago. But today considerably forgot partially about them, and after all this really effective and safe folk remedy. Let's understand together, when and as they need to be put.
How to lower sugar in blood The other
Как понизить сахар в кровиAt healthy people sugar level in blood keeps at the certain level, usually it is equal 3,5 – 5 mmol/l. Increase of glucose in an organism is fraught with many diseases, the most serious of them - diabetes. Today it is one of the most widespread illnesses. For this reason it is extremely important to know ways of depreciation of sugar in blood.
Fermatron's application Drugs
Применение ФерматронаNow, unfortunately, more and more inhabitants of the world to some extent suffer from diseases of joints. Earlier many defeats connected with aging. But now these pathologies reveal and at young people. What to undertake if pain does not allow to make the movement, to work, lead a habitual life? In some cases experts appoint intra articulate injections of Fermatron.
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