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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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How to open private kindergarten Business and finance
Как открыть частный детский садIn modern Russian conditions people stand in queues and wait for years to arrange the child in kindergarten. Besides, in many cities very few good kindergartens or the centers for children. To develop this business it can appear very effective enterprise as demand for services of kindergartens remains steadily high.
Rules of production of investigative actions Legal issues
Правила производства следственных действийInvestigative actions are carried out without fail at investigation of the committed crime. Experts are engaged in it, it is necessary to carry out actions in strict accordance with standards of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. There nuances are registered, the contents of procedural documents – protocols, references, etc. are described.
How to recover a debt through court Legal issues
Как взыскать долг через судIf the arisen disagreements cannot be solved amicably, business often reaches judicial proceedings. However it is simple to assert in court the rights insufficiently, important also to achieve execution of a judgment in practice. It is carried out on the basis of the special document – the court order issued to the execution creditor.
The Russian car loan – realities and prospects Business and finance
Российский автокредит – реалии и перспективыSince 2009 demand for a preferential car loan in Russia exceeded the most courageous expectations. And today the Russian car loans also are on rise. Invariable growth of interest of ordinary citizens in acquisition of the car by installments allows to do the most optimistical forecasts about further successful advance of it like the credit relations.
How to calculate pension Business and finance
Как рассчитать пенсиюThe pension is paid every month and is urged to provide citizens with the income because they reached a retirement age and do not receive a salary. There are different types of pension: on an old age, disability, loss of the supporter. Often there is a question: "How independently to calculate the pension sum?". We suggest to understand subtleties of calculation of an old-age pension.
Payment of the personal income tax Business and finance
Уплата НДФЛThe income is an economic benefit. In any form: monetary or natural value but only when its size can be estimated by rules of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The personal income tax is a tax on income of the citizen gained during some reporting period. His all citizens (residents) of the country and nonresidents – foreigners who gained income in our country pay.
Special order of judicial proceedings Legal issues
Особый порядок судебного разбирательстваRecognition of fault is not an axiom for modern criminal law. The person can not agree with the charge brought to him and defend such position before adjudgement of court. And maybe completely to admit deeds act and to choose the reduced order of consideration of criminal case.
Settlement agreement Legal issues
Мировое соглашениеOne of the procedural documents having special value at any stage of process is the settlement agreement. This document turns out to be consequence of reconciliation of the parties on mutually advantageous conditions. The legislation provided an order of its acceptance, consideration and signing. It is remarkable that it is possible to conclude the settlement agreement at any stage of process.
Right of the general property Legal issues
Право общей собственностиEach of us has a property: car, apartment and many other things. If to speak about the property right, usually we understand as it the right to do with these things anything: to sell, give, change. Most often such decisions are made by the owner of a thing individually. But nevertheless there is a number of exceptions of this rule. It is about so-called general property.
Agricultural appointment purchase of land in Ukraine Business and finance
Покупка земли сельхозназначения в УкраинеThe Ukrainian lands agricultural appointments have reputation of the best in the world. And here that thus they give to production far not so much, how many could, there is a variety of reasons among which call also lack of opportunity freely to sell and buy agricultural grounds. Introduction of the transparent market of lands has to change a lot of things in the existing situation.
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