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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Terzhinan at pregnancy Gynecology
Тержинан при беременностиPregnancy is not only nine months of thrill of anticipation of the child, but also the period of treatment of different diseases which arose against the weakened immunity. During this period it is especially terrible to woman to take any medicine, she worries, whether they will do much harm to health of the kid. But doctors appoint only reliable tools, such as Terzhinan.
Treatment of a hypothalamic syndrome Diseases
Лечение гипоталамического синдромаThe hypothalamic syndrome is not an independent disease. It starts developing because of extensive defeat of a gipotalamus. Thus this pathology is followed by violations of work of an internal and a metabolism in all organism. This illness can become aggravated at any age, but most often it becomes one of symptoms of emergence of the main disease.
Treatment of myocarditis Diseases
Лечение миокардитаUnder the term "myocarditis" the inflammation of a cardiac muscle owing to what the main functions assigned to "the main motor" of the person – excitability, conductivity and a sokratimost are broken disappears.
Treatment of endometriosis Gynecology
Лечение эндометриозаIn modern medical practice such gynecologic disease as endometriosis very often meets. Its timely identification and treatment will help to avoid many complications therefore it is extremely important to women to know, what symptoms characterize this illness and why it arises. We will try to answer the questions posed in this article.
The weakness reasons in feet The other
Причины слабости в ногахPain and weakness in extremities is, perhaps, the most familiar feelings for those who passed 35 summer boundary. Actually there is a lot of reasons of emergence of muscular symptoms. It can be consequences of the endured injuries or pathological processes in an organism. Let's consider the main factors of emergence of sudden weakness in feet.
What is the fertile days Gynecology
Что такое фертильные дниTo avoid undesirable pregnancy – or, on the contrary, to get long-awaited posterity, it is necessary to possess information on opportunities of the body and a condition of an organism. Many women know about a calendar method of planning of pregnancy though not all are familiar with the term "fertile days".
What is the functional food Hygiene of food
Что такое функциональное питаниеFunctional food helps with cases when the person has no opportunity to watch the mode and to play sports. Mean existence in a diet of valuable and rare elements which positively influence immunity of an organism by this concept, prevent development of some diseases and strengthen the general emotional and physical background of the person.
Advantage of hematogen Drugs
Польза гематогенаThis tasty delicacy is familiar to us since the childhood. As soon as we crossed a drugstore threshold, at once asked mother to buy a hematogen tile. None of children also did not guess its advantage, and parents rejoiced because thus the organism received useful substance for development – iron.
Treatment of an adenoz Diseases
Лечение аденозаMany mistakenly consider a breast cancer as the most widespread illness which touches a female breast. Actually, for health of women most often constitute danger of a tumor of good-quality character, such, as, for example, adenoz a mammary gland.
Treatment of laktozny insufficiency The other
Лечение лактозной недостаточностиMilk is the first food which is tried by the baby, having hardly been born. This product contains in the structure all necessary substances for the normal growth and development of a small organism. But there are cases when milk for various reasons is acquired not completely – the similar problem is called laktozny insufficiency.
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