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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Combination of indicators of Fibonacci and Japanese candles Currency market
Комбинирование индикаторов Фибоначчи и Японских свечейIf you already connected the life with off-exchange trade, this article will be interesting to that will find one of options of tactics and strategy of trade in it. Right forecasts allow us to earn on off-exchange trade. And any tools help with it. Fibonacci's indicator and Japanese candles seemed to me the most suitable for these purposes. And in a sparring
Work in network business Business and finance
Работа в сетевом бизнесеSo, you accurately considered everything and decided that work in the network company - chance to change the life. You decide that want to be engaged in network business and to work for itself. It was necessary to choose the company for cooperation. To whom to address? I can recommend a little. But remember that people in our country treat network sales managers (distributors), to put it mildly, irritably.
Strategy of the trader-pipsovika Currency market
Стратегия трейдера-пипсовикаIf you not the beginner, in the market also have not the first year the tactics of trade, hardly to you this article will seem to the interesting. I would like to share experience with those who was only going to be engaged in it or at the initial stage of trading life. There is a strong wish to tell about traders-pipsovikakh who can close positions even with 2-3 points.
Rabbit breeding as business Business and finance
Кролиководство как бизнесThe technology of cultivation of rabbits which are applied by the person, can divide into three main types: retro, techno and akseleratsionny rabbit breeding. From them only akseleratsionny rabbit breeding can be applied as business to any quantity of the invested capital. This business develops, there are new, progressive forms of akseleratsionny rabbit breeding.
Alimentary obligations of family members Legal issues
Алиментные обязательства членов семьиThe duty of parents to provide the minor children is well-known, thus the part of irresponsible citizens evades from payment of the alimony. But it appears, it is possible to become the payer of the alimony, without being the father or mother. And, on the contrary – the contents can be demanded at full age age and not only from the parents.
Production of judicial examination Legal issues
Производство судебной экспертизыIn many cases, at investigation of criminal, civil, arbitration cases, carrying out judicial examination is necessary. It is the requirement of the law if it is necessary to investigate, for example, with involvement of experts, necessary materials, material evidences and another. It is very important to observe an order of carrying out procedure and to provide its legality.
How to hand over the declaration in electronic form Business and finance
Как сдать декларацию в электронном видеElectronic declaring represents the newest way of filling and delivery of the tax reporting, by means of the Internet. It is started for the purpose of optimization of the reporting and aimed at simplification of process of delivery of declarations. Tax services are now an electronic window which provides full confidentiality of correspondences and good security of information.
Wrongful dismissal Legal issues
Незаконное увольнениеWe appreciate the workplace, well we fulfill the labor duties, tactfully we behave with the administration. But suddenly suddenly the employer does not wish to see more you among the employees. What is it? its whim, whim, offense of the worker? In this article we will give a practical advice which you will be able to apply if you were dismissed illegally or want to dismiss.
Opening of the settlement account Business and finance
Открытие расчетного счетаAny enterprise for business and convenience of mutual settlements with partners has to have the settlement account in bank. And if for individual entrepreneurs it has advisory nature, for open company, joint stock company and other organizational forms of legal entities this indispensable condition. Opening of the settlement account demands attention and a conscious choice of bank.
Payment of a tax on sale of the car Business and finance
Уплата налога с продажи автомобиляYour car is sold. What to do is farther not to be in debt before the state? Whether it is necessary to pay income tax for the money obtained from sale of the car? If it is necessary, how many? When to pay and what documents are necessary? There is a set of questions, suggest to deal with them one after another.
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