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Councils for a PDA choice. Learn what better to buy the pocket computer, what games, programs it is possible to download (icq, books and other software). And also we will help with the PDA settings for work with the Internet.
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We choose the GPS navigator
Выбираем GPS-навигаторIn our life often there is a situation when it is necessary to reach quickly from one place in another. But thus often it appears that the shortest way on which it is possible to reach without annoying traffic jams, you also do not know! What to do? In such situations the device called the GPS navigator will come to the rescue (further simply "navigator").
Set of necessary programs for a PDA
Набор необходимых программ для КПКThe PDA, as well as the home computer, is useful only in that case when on it necessary programs are installed. The market of such programs for "handhelds" though is not so great as for their senior colleagues, however nevertheless gives the chance to choose. Let's consider the most useful programs for a PDA.
How to choose a PDA, other characteristics
Как выбрать КПК, прочие характеристикиUnder the previous articles "We Choose a PDA, the Importance of the Screen" and "PDA Choice, Processor and Accumulator", you for certain already decided on what productivity want to receive from a PDA. Now business approached other characteristics of the pocket computer as far as they are useful and necessary to each certain user.
PDA choice, processor and accumulator
Выбор КПК, процессор и аккумуляторThe PDA choice, even, despite rather small choice, is not so easy as it would seem. It is enough disputes between already present users. We saw it, having begun only with the importance of the screen at a PDA choice. And after all still there is also a mass of other important characteristics which needs also to be considered.
We choose a PDA, the importance of the screen
Выбираем КПК, значимость экранаFor those who stopped the choice on purchase of a PDA, and this material is planned. Let's try to focus attention on the most interesting models of the developed market of pocket computers, and to allocate highlights necessary at a choice.
In total about Palm OS
Всё о Palm OSEarlier we considered two operating systems for mobile Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, there were two more Palm and Linux. Today I suggest to talk about Palm OS.
That it is better to buy the smartphone (communicator) or Kpk+telefon
Что лучше купить смартфон (коммуникатор) или КПК+телефонNow in increasing frequency when breaks, the little mobile friend that is phone bothers or is lost, people have a hard choice. More and more the mobile companies release smartphones and communicators, along with ordinary phones, even more often phones carry out many various functions.
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