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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of cold at pregnancy Gynecology
Лечение простуды при беременностиCold, dampness, differences of temperatures – all this conducts to developing of a SARS or as it is called in the people, – colds. This disease especially is dangerous to pregnant women which organism is so weakened. Therefore it is necessary to know preventive measures and methods of treatment not to do harm to the child.
Treatment of a contracture of Dyupyuitren Diseases
Лечение контрактуры ДюпюитренаDyupyuitren's contracture is a disease which is characterized by emergence of cicatricial fabric under skin in a palm. Because of what there is a change of a fastion. Hems cover some sinews providing hvatatelny functions of all fingers on hands. Over time educations can progress and be thickened. Quite often in the struck zones there are dimples.
Treatment of a jamming of a nerve The other
Лечение защемления нерваSometimes, that at the awkward or sharp movement there is a severe pain in a backbone, areas of a neck or some other places. These feelings are familiar to much - thus, there can be a nerve jamming. It will be required to start elimination of this problem as soon as possible.
Application of a neyromultivit Drugs
Применение нейромультивитаFor maintenance of an organism during the autumn and winter period, and also for complex treatment of diseases of neuralgic character, good results are rendered by an available preparation with a complex of vitamins of group B.
Omission of a kidney, symptoms and treatment Diseases
Опущение почки, симптомы и лечениеOne of the most often found diseases which reveal at ultrasonic research at urological patients is the pathological mobility of kidneys conducting to omission of kidneys (nefroptoz). Most often this problem meet at women aged till 40 years.
What is the lyuteinovy phase Gynecology
Что такое лютеиновая фазаPractically each healthy woman of reproductive age in an organism has monthly hormonal reorganizations which it is accepted to call a menstrual cycle. Periodic changes in activity of sexual system divide into three main phases, each of which plays an important role in creation of possibility of conception of new life.
What is the shunting of heart The other
Что такое шунтирование сердцаMillions of people suffer from pathological narrowing of coronary vessels, that is the diagnosis "coronary heart disease" is made to them (in abbreviated form IBS). For many years therapists and cardiologists appointed to such patients the medicines possessing ability to expand coronary arteries. Now doctors resort to an effective surgical way of treatment of IBS – to aortocoronary shunting.
Hypertensive crisis, reasons and treatment Diseases
Гипертонический криз, причины и лечениеAt many people, especially at elderly people, problems with a blood pressure are often observed. Violations in work of cardiovascular system can lead to such dangerous state as hypertensive crisis. This disease is expressed in sharp increase of arterial pressure therefore there is a risk of development of a set of serious consequences.
Kurantil's application at pregnancy Gynecology
Применение Курантила при беременностиPregnancy planning – very responsible period in lives of future mother, and all possible problems doctors try to warn in advance. For example, often to the woman appoint not only a course of hormonal therapy and vitamins, but also Kurantil, a preparation for decrease in risk of formation of blood clots.
The analysis of urine across Nechiporenko The other
Анализ мочи по НечипоренкоTo receive exhaustive information on a state and operability of kidneys and urinary tract, in medical practice successfully use research of urine on Nechiporenko. It is the laboratory analysis as a result of which the doctor obtains detailed data on that, how many leukocytes, erythrocytes and cylinders contain in 1 ml of urine.
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