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The councils and articles solving choice problems upon purchase of the computer and accessories (printers, monitors, videocards, processors, maternal and sound cards). And there is a lot of other useful information.
Computers: all articles
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How to choose the videocard under the motherboard
Как выбрать видеокарту под материнскую платуWhat is the videocard? For certain, all who has a computer or the laptop heard about it. This special device which is responsible for graphics which is brought to the monitor. All videocards are subdivided into two look – discrete and integrated. As for the integrated videocards, they are, as a rule, built in a chipset of the motherboard or the central processor.
The SNPCh installation on the printer
Установка СНПЧ на принтерWhat does this mysterious abbreviation of SNPCh mean? Everything is simple – system of continuous supply of ink. The continuity is that blackened much more, than in regular cartridges and it is necessary to fill system where is more rare. The SNPCh installation will demand from you some time and abilities. Also it is possible to go in two ways here.
That the netbook or the tablet is better
Что лучше нетбук или планшетOn open spaces of various technical forums the interesting tendency is observed: people even more often ask a question "What to buy: tablet or netbook?". The dilemma between the laptop and the tablet meets even. The tablet and the netbook is such devices which partially duplicate functions of each other. I will try most well to help doubting to choose one or the other devices.
Repair of the computer: where it is better to address?
Ремонт компьютера: куда лучше обращаться?Any computer breaks, sellers as if did not convince of the return. So it turned out that by the nature of service I just also am engaged in repair of computers and accessories. Therefore I can judge this system from within. The personal computer can have malfunctions two types: software and hardware. Now let's understand as similar malfunctions are eliminated.
Optical disks in storage and use
Оптические диски в хранении и пользованииDisks. This word means to the person familiar with the computer much. Different types of disks take a place of honor in racks and boxes of users. For us it is important to understand all that variety of optical disks which exists in the market, to get acquainted with their versions, features and the reasons of emergence.
Check and treatment of beaten pixels
Проверка и лечение битых пикселейLiquid crystal displays replace technologies of electron beam tubes. Having bought the new monitor you begin its testing. And suddenly you notice a black or color point right in the middle of the screen. It, misters, his majesty Beaten pixel. So, we will understand that such "beaten" pixel and pixel in general as to fight against it and as to find it.
Service regulations and malfunctions of printers
Правила эксплуатации и неисправности принтеровThere is a lot of reasons of emergence of malfunctions in printers, but, nevertheless, it is possible to tell with confidence that two thirds of breakages it is possible to avoid, having in due time studied the instruction delivered by the producer, and also following elementary rules of technology of operation of the device. Also will tell about this to you in this article.
Check and testing of the computer upon purchase
Проверка и тестирование компьютера при покупкеThis time it will be a question how to check the computer for lack of defects and defects of collectors. It is impossible to check process of the assembly of the personal computer therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to operability of your purchase then when you take away it from computer salon.
Malfunctions of the computer and ways of their elimination
Неисправности компьютера и способы их устраненияIn the material which is specially prepared for, we will tell what to do if the computer ceased to turn on and whether it is possible to avoid it? Let's examine the most frequent malfunctions of the computer, the reasons of their emergence and prevention of such "diseases".
Independent assembly of the computer
Самостоятельная сборка компьютераSo, before you all necessary accessories of your future system unit lie. With what to begin? First of all, it is necessary to clear working space. The place of assembly of the computer has to be, first of all, spacious that details did not lie the friend on the friend, were "near at hand" and incidentally did not fall from a table.
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