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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Treatment of a paraproktit Diseases
Лечение парапроктитаPerhaps, from all proktologichesky diseases it is possible to allocate four the most widespread is hemorrhoids, anal cracks, colitis and pararectal abscess (paraproktit). offers readers material about a paraproktita. You learn from article that occurs at this illness why it develops, what measures should be taken if its symptoms have an effect.
Treatment of a bronkhoektatichesky illness Diseases
Лечение бронхоэктатической болезниPathology of respiratory organs at which there is an irreversible expansion of bronchial tubes, their deformation, it is accepted to call a bronkhoektatichesky illness. Because of these changes bronchial tubes badly carry out the function. In a bronchial tree (especially in the lower part) the pyoinflammatory processes accepting chronic character of a current develop.
Treatment of an anal crack Diseases
Лечение анальной трещиныThis problem brings to many people strong discomfort, but it is not accepted to speak about it aloud. The majority of adult population tries to get rid of unpleasant feelings independently because it is a shame to them to address to the expert. What to do in case of an anal crack and as to get rid of it, we also will talk.
Physiotherapy exercises The other
Лечебная физкультураIn certain cases the physiotherapy exercises are not less effective remedy of therapy of certain diseases, than medicines. The similar complex of physical exercises for brevity called by LFK is used for restoration of operation of the musculoskeletal device, the central nervous system, and also some internal.
Stenting of vessels of heart Diseases
Стентирование сосудов сердцаAt many people recently cardiologists reveal narrowing of arteries thanks to which food of a myocardium, providing it is carried out by oxygen. Because of it there is a stenocardia, IBS, a myocardial infarction. One of modern methods of elimination of this pathology is stenting. It allows to increase and keep for a long time in the affected artery a gleam, necessary for blood current.
Useful properties of bee pollen The other
Полезные свойства пчелиной пыльцыPyltsa-obnozhka is a unique product which gathers a bee from various plants and possesses uncommon medicinal properties. The use in food of flower pollen allows to eliminate many diseases, to restore forces, and also to keep youth and longevity.
How to consider a cycle of the monthly Gynecology
Как считать цикл месячныхThe woman – the beginning of all Universe, after all the nature allocated it with invaluable ability to give life. This surprising feature often brings to a fine half of mankind a certain discomfort in the form of periods, pregnancy and childbirth. But women learned to transfer quietly all "surprises" of physiology, having thoroughly studied secrets and secrets of the organism.
Amaril's application Drugs
Применение АмарилаWHO predicts that the number having diabetes on all planet by 2025 will exceed three hundred million people. And, 90% from them the diagnosis "diabetes of the second type" will be made. For such people pharmacologists created the preparations capable to reduce concentration of sugar in blood. Amaryl also treats this group of the preparations called by hypoglycemic means.
Use of Interferon Drugs
Применение ИнтерферонаInterferon is quite popular means which is used widely in prevention and treatment of various infectious diseases, and also some types of tumors. This preparation is capable not only to cope with reproduction of viruses in an organism, but also to render salutary effect on immune system of the person.
Treatment of eczema folk remedies Diseases
Лечение экземы народными средствамиEczema is a chronic allergic reaction which is shown in the form of rash from small bubbles. If in time not to diagnose an illness and not to take the appropriate measures, bubbles will be succeeded by gnoynichka, and on skin there will be scars. How to avoid deplorable consequences and to keep smooth healthy skin?
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