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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Conducting advertizing in system of Yandex. Direkt Business and finance
Ведение рекламы в системе Яндекс.ДиректIt is considered to be that advertizing is capable to influence process of sales, and in some cases and to operate it. Actively also Internet advertizing behaves, gradually suppressing such carriers as: radio, print media and television. Today we will mention subject of a contextual advertizing and we will understand expediency of its inclusion in your advertizing campaign.
As quickly and favourably to sell the apartment Real estate
Как быстро и выгодно продать квартируA month ago I sold the one-room apartment in the dormitory area of the provincial town. When I told its price to friends, nobody believed that someone will buy this housing – so much in our area there are two-room apartments. The transaction was successful, the apartment was sold within a week. I want to share the small secrets with readers.
Whether it is possible to earn on Forex Currency market
Можно ли зарабатывать на форексеThis article can be interesting and that who else is going to open the real account, and that who already opened it and, quite perhaps, managed to lose. Trade on Forex is a highly intellectual hard labor. But whether means it, what on Forex it is impossible to earn? Of course, no! It is possible to earn on Forex!
Registration of the trademark Business and finance
Регистрация товарного знакаThe trademark (or in a different way, commodity brand) is the main means of an individualization of goods, service or the organization. It represents the graphic, sound, verbal or combined designation (symbol) which is urged to make goods or service recognized among a wide range of consumers, to distinguish from competitors.
Independent protection in court Legal issues
Самостоятельная защита в судеSo, you are subpoenaed as the respondent. It is possible to wave, of course, a hand and not to go anywhere. Many and do. Whether it is necessary to speak, what even the most objective and most honest judge deprived of opportunity to see a problem from all directions can make the decision not in your advantage? Nevertheless it is better to be protected independently, than not to be protected absolutely.
Preparation and carrying out business negotiations Business and finance
Подготовка и проведение деловых переговоровBusiness negotiations are a way of creation of relationship with people by method of creation of effective communication. Rigid, without defeats, difficult, inefficient, ineffectual – all these concepts perfectly approach to describe an essence of this process. To lead negotiations to any outcome, it is necessary to pass some stages.
Patent order of registration Legal issues
Порядок регистрации патентаEach person who created something unique, has the right to take out the patent for the creation. It can be the invention, useful model, an industrial sample. For obtaining the patent it is necessary to submit the application to Rospatent with desire to register the rights and to prove that before anything similar it was created by nobody.
How to hold a business meeting with the client Business and finance
Как провести деловую встречу с клиентомThe essence of holding a business meeting consists in creation of constructive conversation of two or more persons. For carrying out productive negotiations it is necessary to be prepared for conversation: to decide on clothes style, to set goals, to collect the most detailed information on the client, to decide on style of behavior etc.
Check of safety on object: fire alarm Business and finance
Проверка безопасности на объекте: пожарная тревогаIn order that the industrial facility began work, previously it undergoes a number of testing. As a rule, in most cases the main attention is paid to fire safety, that is level of preparation of object for potentially possible fire, and also level of protection of object against uncontrollable ignition.
Energy audit and economical use of resources Business and finance
Энергоаудит и экономное использование ресурсовAny production consumption of energy resources – the electric power is the cornerstone, of solid or liquid fuel. Economically to use them on production without damage to quality and speed of work, it is necessary to address to experts who will expertize to that, how many it is consumed energy resources, will offer ways of their rational economy.
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