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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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In total about Windows Mobile Mobile and cell phones
Всё о Windows MobileWindows Mobile — very compact operating system for mobile devices created on the basis of Microsoft Win32 API. Under supervision of this operating system the following devices work: Pocket PC, smartphones, communicators. Having heard Windows Mobile, many speak is that? That? Which at me in a computer?!
In total about Symbian OS Mobile and cell phones
Всё о Symbian OSOnce very long time ago, in age-old times there were Psion computers (someone, perhaps, remembers them, and someone and worked for them). They were created in the Psion company and worked to the Epoc operating system. This company in the commonwealth with Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola also developed the EPOC 32 operating system (Symbian OS).
That it is better to buy the smartphone (communicator) or Kpk+telefon PDA
Что лучше купить смартфон (коммуникатор) или КПК+телефонNow in increasing frequency when breaks, the little mobile friend that is phone bothers or is lost, people have a hard choice. More and more the mobile companies release smartphones and communicators, along with ordinary phones, even more often phones carry out many various functions.
Repair of monitors in the service centers Computers
Ремонт мониторов в сервисных центрахThe monitor – one of main compound the computer. And as any equipment at any time can break, then you should handle the monitor in repair. Independently to try to adjust its work it is not recommended, in particular, if the monitor is on a guarantee.
How to choose the smartphone Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать смартфонUntil recently the pocket portable computer (PPC) which is built in the mobile phone was associated with the huge, massive device inconvenient in use. But recently with the advent of new technologies there were much more gracefully, more conveniently and more clearly devices which received the nice name – the smartphone.
As it is correct to choose the best laptop Computers
Как правильно выбрать лучший ноутбукTo buy the laptop – a task not from simple, and it is necessary to approach the solution of this question not less seriously, than acquisition of any other equipment. As well as in case of purchase of the desktop computer in many respects at a choice the attention to technical characteristics of the laptop is paid.
How to choose mobile (cellular) phone Mobile and cell phones
Как выбрать мобильный (сотовый) телефонDemand for mobile phones steadily grows. And therefore producers even more often let out new models that gives the chance to choose from the simply and cheap to expensive image mobile phone stuffed with various functions and additional opportunities.
Printer choice according to characteristics Computers
Выбор принтера по характеристикамThe choice of the printer does not come to an end on type of the used technologies of the press. After all the same type of the printer even at one producer is presented by a wide number of models. Each model in turn gives various opportunities on the speed and quality of the press, a color rendition and other characteristics that, of course, is reflected in the printer price.
Printer choice Computers
Выбор принтераAt a choice of the printer there is a question which to choose. After all producers offer the models possessing various quality and speed of the press with a different volume of the built-in memory. And also at a choice it is important to consider compatibility of the printer with your computer (possibility of connection) and a necessary operating system.
How to choose the monitor Computers
Как выбрать мониторBuying the computer, it is worth taking care and of as what to choose the monitor. As a rule, its cost makes one third of all price, and thus it will serve not one year. Therefore consults at once to choose the good monitor corresponding to your requirements even having saved part of money on the system unit.
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