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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Kandibiotik's application Drugs
Применение КандибиотикаProbably, not to find such person who never felt in itch ears. Many reasons are capable to cause such discomfortable feeling. The combined ear drops under the name "Kandibiotik" can sometimes help with similar cases.
"Doctor Megohm", instruction on application Drugs
«Доктор Мом», инструкция по применениюIn a drugstore it is possible to meet some preparations of the Doctor Megohm trademark. These preparations are made for Russia in India. In this country for a long time actively use forces of nature for treatment of different diseases. As a part of these means you will see many curative extracts and oils from herbs.
Dyufalak's application Drugs
Применение ДюфалакаWhen it is necessary to release "softly" intestines, people often resort to a depletive of a different origin. Someone remembers national methods, and someone prefers to apply the checked laxative drugs. Dyufalak treats such preparations.
Treatment of neurotouch relative deafness Diseases
Лечение нейросенсорной тугоухостиNow the hearing at the population of the planet worsens not only at advanced age, ENT specialists state decrease in its sharpness already and at young age. From all forms of relative deafness of 74% of cases it is the share of neurotouch relative deafness.
Geksoral's application Drugs
Применение ГексоралаGeksoral – one of the modern preparations helping to facilitate the unpleasant feelings arising at an inflammation in a throat. Many people already checked its medical action on themselves. will acquaint readers with structure, indications to application, ways of use and contraindications for this medicine.
Why the jaw clicks The other
Почему щелкает челюстьFrom time to time each person regardless of age can notice a jaw clicking during food. In most cases it does not bring special discomfort and occurs imperceptibly. But the clicking can sometimes be quite painful and unpleasant. In this case this symptom does not bear anything good and it can appear a signal of a mandibular disease.
Myasthenia symptoms Diseases
Симптомы миастенииConstant feelings of fatigue, weakness are familiar to much of us. Such it happens when vanity, fussing days, a modern rhythm of life do not allow the person to have a rest normally that the organism could restore the forces. However these symptoms can indicate not only a syndrome of chronic fatigue, but also more serious disease – a myasthenia.
Inoculation to children from flu The other
Прививка детям от гриппа With approach of fall before an office of seasonal immunization the whole turns are built. Every year becomes more increasing than persons interested to take root from flu. Whether it is necessary to impart children? Perhaps, the doctor will not be able to respond to this answer even. The inoculation – business voluntary therefore to solve, impart the child from flu or not, is necessary most.
Viprosal's application Drugs
Применение ВипросалаMost of people with fear and fear concern to snakes who are associated at them only with deadly stings. But poison of snakes is capable not only to kill, but also to treat some diseases. After long studying of snake poison pharmacologists created some preparations on its basis. One of them – ointment Viprosal.
Tenoten's application Drugs
Применение ТенотенаThe homeopathic medicine Tenoten is intended for treatment of neurosises, he provides with oxygen a brain and improves work of the central nervous system, fights against uneasiness, fears. It is appointed both to adults, and children.
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