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Councils for a business management and finance. Everything, as for money and operations with them (the credits, a currency exchange). And also useful information about the markets of services, real estate, securities and so forth.
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Fraud of realtors with real estate Real estate
Мошенничество риэлторов с недвижимостьюOperations with real estate, especially transactions of purchase and sale, very much a titbit for unfair realtors. For the buyer or the seller on a game there is a considerable sum of money which does not want to be lost at all.
Tax at sale of the apartment Real estate
Налог при продаже квартирыEach person is obliged to pay taxes on the got profit, the income from sale of residential real estate also concerns to that. The tax size, as well as in any other situation with payment of the personal income tax, makes 13% of the sum earned at sale of the apartment. But there are situations in which the tax can be not paid or reduced, and also to receive a tax deduction for purchase of the apartment.
Credit dependence Business and finance
Кредитная зависимостьThe credit as the phenomenon, takes roots in our life more and more. But if in the West are familiar with this concept for a long time, at us many people due to the lack of a "certain" experience make many mistakes at a credit capture. In this article it will not be described how it is correct to take the credit. I on the example will show to readers how not to get to credit dependence.
Technology of effective sales Business and finance
Техника эффективных продажEffective sales are a pledge of prosperity of any organization. Even if the company realizes the goods, best in the world, at the prices, best in the world, without good sales managers it will not be able to develop. You want to get a job the sales manager, but do not even represent how it is correct to sell? Let's try understand model of sales.
Development of the name for the company Business and finance
Разработка названия для компании The modern market relations generate more and more new firms, small, average and large. For anybody not a secret that at creation of own business not to do without financial investments. Why success of business depends and how to avoid vain monetary losses at its creation? For today it is proved that 90% of success of the enterprise depend on its name.
Ideas for business without big investments Business and finance
Идеи для бизнеса без больших вложенийFor the people wishing to open own business there came very favorable times. Already there is a huge number of examples when almost without starting expenses successful business was created. Let's understand what the business options which are not demanding big investments are. We will take the sum of 50 thousand rubles for starting "ceiling", this sum at desire will be found by everyone.
Communication with clients by phone (councils to managers) Business and finance
Общение с клиентами по телефону (советы менеджерам)One of the most perspective and highly paid professions is a profession of the sales manager now. However one sales managers can make a miracle by phone, and others for any reason do not consult, giving potentially successful contracts to more successful competitors. In what the reason?
As it is correct to issue a deposit upon purchase of real estate Real estate
Как правильно оформить задаток при покупке недвижимостиBefore purchase of real estate the only desire arising at the buyer, thirst of confidence in tomorrow. On a game considerable funds. Whether it happens so, what purchase will break? The unfair seller can not only refuse the transaction, but also not return your advance payment. In this regard recently there was popular a conclusion of the contract of a deposit.
Intra corporate PR Business and finance
Внутрикорпоративный PR Art of PR is borrowed from the West where experts in the 70th created large-scale PR campaigns. Intra corporate PR – the blend of PR methods, advertizing technologies and ways of psychological influence directed on the staff of the company. He assumes development of a corporate style, special standards of behavior, scenarios of action in conflict situations.
How to make the announcement of sale of housing Real estate
Как составить объявление о продаже жильяAfter small repair, release of the apartment from the things encumbering it, it is necessary to pass to a stage of submission of the announcement. Favourably to sell real estate, it is necessary to make the announcement so that to attract as much as possible buyers. In this article I will tell as correctly to make the announcement of sale of the apartment what obligatory to specify and what and tactfully to hold back.
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