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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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How to establish and adjust Jimm Mobile and cell phones
Как установить и настроить JimmThis time we will try to help you to establish on the mobile ICQ client of Jimm. will try to capture as much as possible important questions connected with installation and the Jimm'a control, to prompt all possible solutions of the problems arising thus.
How to choose a PDA, other characteristics PDA
Как выбрать КПК, прочие характеристикиUnder the previous articles "We Choose a PDA, the Importance of the Screen" and "PDA Choice, Processor and Accumulator", you for certain already decided on what productivity want to receive from a PDA. Now business approached other characteristics of the pocket computer as far as they are useful and necessary to each certain user.
PDA choice, processor and accumulator PDA
Выбор КПК, процессор и аккумуляторThe PDA choice, even, despite rather small choice, is not so easy as it would seem. It is enough disputes between already present users. We saw it, having begun only with the importance of the screen at a PDA choice. And after all still there is also a mass of other important characteristics which needs also to be considered.
We choose a PDA, the importance of the screen PDA
Выбираем КПК, значимость экранаFor those who stopped the choice on purchase of a PDA, and this material is planned. Let's try to focus attention on the most interesting models of the developed market of pocket computers, and to allocate highlights necessary at a choice.
How to choose the scanner Computers
Как выбрать сканерPassed those times when the printing text (we will assume from the magazine) to transfer it to an electronic format (the Vordovsky document), sat for hours (if not in the for days, depending on text volume) and manually gathered. The scanner, as well as almost any electronics today, became available.
How to choose the LCD monitor Computers
Как выбрать ЖК-мониторLiquid crystal monitors succeeded already habitual ELT-monitors. With what it is connected? First, with availability. The prices fell to impossibility today. And that there was chic, now a norm of a complete set of computer park of the enterprises earlier.
Possibilities of Windows Vista Programs
Возможности Windows VistaIn the previous article about Windows Vista we learned that the new operating system represents. In the second part there was a wish to tell about other most useful and interesting opportunities of OS. And of course, we will raise all the exciting question of the price of the Windows Vista installation.
Windows Vista - the first steps Programs
Windows Vista - первые шагиAfter several years of work of Microsoft put on the market the new Windows Vista operating system. Whether the purpose of this article to help to understand it is worth installing a new operating system, what advantages it gives and what requirements to hardware are minimum necessary.
Review of ASUS P525 Mobile and cell phones
Обзор ASUS P525So, to me the device under the name ASUS P525 got to pads. I will try to tell that in it was pleasant to me and that is not present.
In total about Palm OS PDA
Всё о Palm OSEarlier we considered two operating systems for mobile Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, there were two more Palm and Linux. Today I suggest to talk about Palm OS.
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