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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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How to take bazalny temperature The other
Как измерить базальную температуруMeasurement of the bazalny temperature (BT) is considered an easy way to define an ovulation. Thus the schedule of bazalny temperature covers in itself information on the processes happening in a female organism, its possible violations and diseases. It is considered that this method is an indicator of that, how seriously the woman treats the health.
Vibrotsil, instruction on application Drugs
Виброцил, инструкция по применениюIt is possible to call rainy and slushy fall and snow, frosty winter seasons for which the greatest number of catarrhal diseases and the slipping noses is characteristic. Many believe that there is no need to spend finance for cold medicines – say, in a week it and itself will pass.
Application of candles Natalsid Drugs
Применение свечей НатальсидEight people from ten for years of the life by all means face hemorrhoids symptoms. At this widespread disease there is an expansion, an inflammation of gemorroidalny veins of a rectum which is usually followed by an exit outside of internal venous knots, discomfort, painful feelings, and sometimes and bleeding.
Kavinton's application Drugs
Применение КавинтонаThe number of patients in whom violations of brain blood circulation are found, increases every year. Therefore scientists constantly look for the means capable to help similar patients. Here decades one of the leading places in medicamentous therapy of the diseases connected with problems of blood supply of a brain occupies a preparation Kavinton.
Semaks, instruction on application Drugs
Семакс, инструкция по применениюThe unique, original domestic preparation of Semaks is made in the form of intranazalny drops. After introduction to the nasal courses already in a few minutes it is transported directly to brain tissues which need it.
Lespeflan's application Drugs
Применение ЛеспефланаWhen kidneys of the person partially (or completely) lose ability to form (or to remove) I wet, this pathology is called as a renal failure. It is followed by development of serious violations of an acid-base, water-salt, osmotic homeostasis of an organism. All this is fraught with secondary damages of many systems of an organism. In similar cases often appoint Lespeflan.
Sand in kidneys, treatment and prevention Diseases
Песок в почках, лечение и профилактикаAt violation in an organism of a water-salt exchange, the person has a predisposition to an urolithic illness (MKB). And there is it irrespective of age, sex or the social status. Stones in kidneys is a dangerous and serious illness which is simpler for preventing, than to treat.
How to accept Kardiomagnil Drugs
Как принимать КардиомагнилOn television channels now actively there is an advertizing of tablets Kardiomagnil. They are used for the prevention and treatment of pathologies of heart and vessels. So comprise these stylized "hearts" how they can help people? There are data that Kardiomagnil in small doses can reduce probability of emergence and development of diseases of cardiovascular system by 25%.
Gedeliks's application Drugs
Применение ГеделиксаPharmaceutical industry makes many medicines which action is directed mainly on fight against cough and other symptoms of infections of respiratory organs. Among them there are natural, semi-synthetic and completely synthetic preparations. And if you give preference to natural drugs, it is worth paying attention to Gedeliks.
Kogitum's application Drugs
Применение КогитумаThe loving parents always want that their children were talented, studied well, and in the future received a prestigious profession and took a worthy place in society. Therefore they involuntarily compare skills and achievements of the child and the contemporaries surrounding it. But how to help the son or the daughter if noticed, what on these or those indicators they lag behind other children?
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