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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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When tourist sim cards are favorable Mobile and cell phones
Когда выгодны туристические сим-картыYou decided to spend holidays abroad, or the business trip is necessary to you? Since mobile communication rushed into everyday life and stopped being luxury goods, many people already simply cannot do without constant. is ready to tell how it is possible to be constant and economical in touch for the budget at trips abroad.
The instruction to the Windows XP installation Programs
Инструкция к установке Windows XPWindows XP is one of the most popular operating systems. It is installed as on the new personal computers bought in shop and on the personal computers assembled by own hands. As a rule, in case of store assembly, operating systems are installed by collectors and testers. How to establish Windows XP on the computer which is just assembled by you!?
We choose the computer, end Computers
Выбираем компьютер, завершениеEarlier, telling about a choice of the computer, already managed to consider its internal components (the processor, the motherboard, the videocard and so forth), as well influence of each of them on productivity of system. But these all elements are usually hidden from eyes. And that the ordinary user sees during the work behind the computer is a system unit (case) and the monitor. Also we will talk about them this time.
Computer choice, part 2 Computers
Выбор компьютера, часть 2This time we will dwell upon a question of a choice of the videocard, winchester and optical drive. Generally, when requirements to the chosen computer, so to say, are low, these components are not so important. But took the direction on a choice of more or less productive computer at which both to work, and it is possible to play without any stutters.
We choose the computer, part 1 Computers
Выбираем компьютер, часть 1The choice of the computer is a task on which decision depends: first, saving of money, and secondly, reliable and long-term work of the electronic friend. Therefore will give general information about opportunities of the personal computer in a cycle of the articles and a number of a practical advice which will allow you to make a right choice upon its purchase.
Control the Internet on two computers Internet and networks
Настройка Интернет на два компьютераLet's assume that you possess 2 computers, and you need to communicate quickly between them, to use the general resources, such as the printer, the scanner, etc., and, of course, to have the general Internet access. The local network is capable to solve all these and many other problems.
Review of PlayStation 3 Computers
Обзор PlayStation 3Play Station 3 – new "breath" in the world of consoles. The prefix was announced in May, 2005 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo exhibition. For the first time PS 3 was available to testing for TGS 2006. will try to tell about those opportunities which are given by PlayStation 3 from Sony.
Outlook Express control Programs
Настройка Outlook ExpressToday the most popular e-mail client is MS Outlook Express that is not surprising as this program is included into the standard Windows set. The only difficulty which follows ways of the ordinary user is a setting up the program.
The best mobile phones of 2007 Mobile and cell phones
Лучшие мобильные телефоны 2007 годаChoice of the mobile phone – a difficult task. Different producers offer different functions of phones which sometimes it is difficult to inhabitant to understand. Price range – too is rather wide. And when you reflect on acquisition of new phone, it is necessary to weigh the mass of factors before the choice falls on this or that model.
The most expensive mobile phones Mobile and cell phones
Самые дорогие мобильные телефоныNow any can find the mobile phone model suitable it, both on functionality, and at cost. Range of the prices of mobile phones is rather wide: from several ten dollars and to astronomical figures. In this article will tell about the most expensive mobile phones.
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