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Useful tips on medicine. And also information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases, medicine, a drugstore and all necessary for your health
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Sclerotherapy, treatment of varicosity and hemorrhoids The other
Склеротерапия, лечение варикоза и геморрояAbout 50% of the population of our planet are subject to varicosity. Today in many clinics use the painless and atravmatichny method allowing to struggle with the varicose illness affecting the lower extremities, and also hemorrhoids, called by sclerotherapy. suggests to understand: in what an essence of such manipulations as they are carried out, whether contraindications and side effects have.
To Normaza, instruction on application Drugs
Нормазе, инструкция по применениюResearches of the scientific different countries and their supervision show that health of a body, life expectancy, appearance of the person, freshness of his face depend on good work of a large intestine. Clean intestines are capable to relieve "owner" not only of gastrointestinal illnesses, but also of allergies, skin diseases (eczema, a furunkulyoz, eels), depressions, sleeplessnesses, migraines, new growths …
Contraceptive spiral as contraception method Gynecology
Противозачаточная спираль как метод контрацепцииAn increasing number of women resort to a modern method of contraception – to introduction of an intrauterine spiral. Unlike temporary contraceptives the spiral has longer effect and protects from undesirable pregnancy for 5-10 years.
Treatment of a syndrome of uneasy feet The other
Лечение синдрома беспокойных ногSyndrome of uneasy feet call violation of nervous system which is characterized by discomfort in feet in the form of burning, goosebumps, "twisting", an itch, feeling of a raspiraniye or squeezing. Because of what the person has a desire constantly to set them in motion. Recently this frustration began to meet quite often.
Monural, instruction on application Drugs
Монурал, инструкция по применениюMany people dream of that it was possible to drink once any medicine and to forget about the illness. Moreover that this preparation was pleasant on taste … Today just will also tell the readers about similar modern means under the name "Monural". It is the effective antibiotic having a set of advantages capable quickly to relieve of cystitis or an uretrit.
Application of salt bandages The other
Применение солевых повязокWithout this ingredient it is impossible to present any first and second course. Guessed? It will be a question of salt. It is widely used not only in cookery, but also in medicine. Its curative properties are long since known. By means of only two components – salts and waters, it is possible to get rid of pain and to cure many diseases.
Antistaks's application Drugs
Применение АнтистаксаAbout 40% of the population of Russia suffer from a varicosity. In the developed countries of the world statistics is as follows: signs of problems with veins of the lower extremities are found in 89% of women and 66% of men. Treatment of these diseases should be carried out in due time and in a complex. One of the means capable to improve a condition of feet, the phytopreparation of Antistaks is.
How to do the test for pregnancy Gynecology
Как делать тест на беременностьNow an increasing number of women prefers to define independently pregnancy existence, or to be convinced of its absence by means of so-called express tests for pregnancy. Simply to carry out similar fast diagnostics, for this purpose it is not required special medical knowledge.
Description of a preparation Aertal Drugs
Описание препарата АэрталHappens that the active, cheerful person who did not get used to do nothing or lie in front of the TV on a sofa is suddenly compelled to reduce the physical activity because of pain. And pain can be the companion of many illnesses. Let's get acquainted with modern sedative which is often used now in orthopedics, neurology. The preparation is called Aertal.
Treatment of a rheumatic polimialgiya Diseases
Лечение ревматической полимиалгииThere are such diseases which to distinguish much more difficultly, than then to treat. Physicians carry to that also a rheumatic polimialgiya. At this illness of the person the pains of rheumatic character arising at once in various muscles start tormenting. In what insidiousness of this illness how it can be distinguished and cured?
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