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Useful tips from the Hi-Tech area contain articles about the Internet, computers, mobile (cellular) communication, software and it is a lot of other information about the world of modern technologies.
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Programs for communication on the Internet Programs
Программы для общения через ИнтернетIt is very convenient to communicate through messengers (programs for communication on the Internet) as you can carry on dialogue at the same time with many people who can be in every spot on the globe where there is an Internet. There is a great variety of the programs using both the ICQ protocol, and own.
Review of the best browsers Programs
Обзор лучших браузеровToday we will consider programs browsers by means of which travel on a network is carried out. considered the best of options, possible today, and kindly provides them to you. All presented programs yavltsya free and possess the Russian-speaking interface.
How to master a fast keyboard set Programs
Как освоить быстрый клавиатурный наборMany of you, dear readers, saw movies in which the monitor is shown, and the text appears, nearly instantly. Now compare the speed of your set that you saw at cinema. Fantasy? By no means. To master skill such a miracle of a fast set quite on forces to each person.
What is Skype (Skype) and as to use it Programs
Что такое Skype (Скайп) и как им пользоватьсяFor certain, there was a situation when you needed to communicate to the close friend who lives in the neighboring house or other country. It is not simple to communicate, corresponding in a chat or by e-mail, and to see the native person, to hear native intonations. Today we will deal with the magazine that such Skype and as to use it.
The best anti-virus programs and firewalls Programs
Лучшие антивирусные программы и файерволыPresently it is impossible to consider the computer protected even if you fulfilled all safety requirements three times. Various software can give rather big guarantee of security of the computer. In this article I will carry out the short review of the best protective software. You will need only to choose that will please you.
How to protect the computer from attacks of hackers Internet and networks
Как защитить компьютер от атак хакеровMany already also do not represent the life without the Internet. Feature of the Internet is that there is neither militia nor any of other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself. will prompt, in what way it can be made.
How to fight against spam Internet and networks
Как бороться со спамомI do not know as to you, our dear readers, and to me nearly daily come various letters with promises of multimillion earnings, or offers to buy some nonsense to an electronic box. In what way if not to get rid, then considerably to reduce spam stream in your electronic life? tried to understand.
Programs for work on the Internet, part 2 Programs
Программы для работы в Интернете, часть 2In the first article we considered those programs without which work on the Internet as that is impossible – firewalls, browsers and programs for dialing. However the world of the Internet does not come to an end at an open window of the Explorer. It is diverse for this reason will continue about the necessary for work programs on the Internet opening its new sides and opportunities.
Programs for work on the Internet, part 1 Programs
Программы для работы в Интернете, часть 1On the Internet it is necessary for successful and convenient work not only the nobility, "that such the Internet and with what it is eaten" but also to have near at hand the good software for work with it. Of course, in the Windows operating system the browser for work with the Internet is by default built-in – but after all it is only small part of that is really necessary.
We choose a way of connection to the Internet Internet and networks
Выбираем способ подключения к ИнтернетуSooner or later each owner of the home computer reflects on its connection to the Internet. For the sake of communication with other people, downloading of necessary information and so on. At this moment before the user there is a question – what way of connection to the Internet to choose?
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