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Useful tips on sale, purchase and repair of new and second-hand cars. Info about technical characteristics, the device, tuning, painting and spare parts on different models.
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How not to fall asleep at a wheel To the motorist
Как не уснуть за рулемThe car is a convenience and mobility. But except advantages there are also shortcomings – opportunity to fall asleep at a wheel, to lose vigilance and to get into road accident. will tell about the simple receptions allowing to cheer up to the tired driver.
Female cars Sale and purchase of a car
Женские автомобилиIt earlier the concept "woman" and "car" were perceived by society as something extraordinary. Today the modern woman it is obligatory for the autolady who is able to dump heels in time surely to press on gas.
"Drowned woman" on wheels – how to define Sale and purchase of a car
«Утопленница» на колесах – как определитьNow all to a bowl on car markets where cars with run are offered, there are so-called "drowned women". Unfair owners offer the car which earlier, in view of certain circumstances, was under water.
How to choose disks a remark and in what their feature? Spare parts and accessories
Как выбрать диски реплика и в чем их особенности?The question of change of disks or tires is particularly acute for any motorist. On the one hand change of tires depending on a season and their wear is a guarantee of safety and comfortable driving. Change of disks – opportunity to allocate the car and to give to originality to appearance. On the other hand, both that, and another considerably beats under the budget.
The tire calculator and other cunnings upon rubber purchase Spare parts and accessories
Шинный калькулятор и другие хитрости при покупке резиныOn the Internet there are hundreds of articles on a right choice of wheels and accessories for cars today. But despite it, each motorist on border of a winter or summer season faces a problem of a pereobuvaniye of the iron favourite.
Transmission choice for a car Spare parts and accessories
Выбор коробки передач для автоThe number of cars on streets grows before the eyes. No wonder that at a choice of "an iron horse" there is a mass of various questions. A transmission in a car – one of the most discussed points. It would seem, everything is simple – it is necessary to work at mechanics as hands and feet, and on the machine gun it is enough to move the selector in the mode D and quietly to go.
How to buy tires and not to regret? Spare parts and accessories
Как купить шины и не пожалеть? Automobile tires can be compared to footwear. They and function carry out similar, and characteristics to them are shown the corresponding. In a case if automobile tires are picked up incorrectly, it will be reflected and in comfort of a driving, and in its safety.
Limitation periods on penalties of traffic police To the motorist
Сроки давности по штрафам ГИБДДEach driver has to know about the rights concerning payment of penalties of traffic police, and also responsibility for their failure to pay. According to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences it is provided a number of cases when penalties can not be paid. Besides, all penalties which are written out to you it is possible to see online for today. Even if you try to go by rules, this information can be for you useful.
Car seats for children. How to distinguish a fake? To the motorist
Автокресла для детей. Как отличить подделку?The fixing device for children, according to the existing rules, is the necessary equipment for transportation of little passengers. Respectively, demand for such products grows every day that leads to emergence in shops of the low-quality fakes which are given out for firm goods. Our councils can protect you and your child from serious danger.
How to buy Rio KIA or other car "by rules" Sale and purchase of a car
Как купить Киа Рио или другое авто «по правилам»Purchase of a car — this sign event for each motorist, and is unimportant, whether there will be it the first in life car or next "change of horses", whether is decided to buy the newcomer Rio KIA or the car "with the biography". But today we will talk about subtleties and nuances which should be remembered, receiving the car in car showroom.
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