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The maintenance of an iguana in house conditions

In spite of the fact that the maintenance of an iguana in house conditions is considered occupation exotic, more and more people choose this animal to themselves in pets. Care of them demands some efforts, but you will get to yourself the unusual friend for many years.

Species of iguanas for the maintenance of the house

There are three species of iguanas who are kept usually in quality of domestic pets:

  1. Green iguana. The most widespread species of a lizard, eats plants. Grows to 1,5-2 m in length. Despite such impressive sizes, they are pleasant to owners for short temper and beautiful green coloring.
  2. Madagascar iguana. Has the sizes smaller, than green. In length they usually reach 40 cm. Males of this look differ in a beautiful crest on the head. Color they have from gray to brown, on a body there are specks and strips.
  3. Osheynikovy iguana. A small lizard, only 35 cm in length. Love it not only for the small sizes, but also for appearance: it has a barrel-shaped body, short legs and a long tail, on the wide head highly put eyes. Males look brighter than females.

Choice of an iguana

If you decided to get an iguana, first of all address to local nurseries for reptiles, whether ask there are lizards whom former owners refused. You can adopt an animal (this procedure and is called – adoption) and then you will practically get it for nothing. The matter is that very many fans of reptiles, buying a lizard, simply do not represent, in what are got involved. Sellers, wishing to sell rather goods, paint a lizard as an unpretentious animal, as a result, having taken some time, they hand over them in nursery. Also the thrown lizards most often share the fate with tiger pythons who too were not to the taste as pets.

If you did not find an iguana who pleased you in a shelter, it is possible to buy simply her in pet-shop.

Pay attention that hatch from eggs of an iguana in May-June. Therefore if you need a young small animal, it is necessary to look for him in shop in August. If in January offer you a two-month lizard, know that you are deceived simply.

To buy a healthy iguana, pay attention to such signs:

  1. It has to be quiet.
  2. It should not be slowed down.
  3. Should not be afraid of hands.
  4. Eyes it pure, has no allocations and not sunk down.
  5. Tail thick.
  6. Clean skin.
  7. Red language.

Unfair sellers can deceive you and at a choice of a sex of a lizard. Remember that it is impossible to define a sex at a young iguana, good experts can define it in 7-8 months, and usually it is possible to tell what floor with an accuracy only during puberty.

As it is correct to examine an iguana:

  1. Open for her a mouth, for this purpose hold an iguana with the right hand and fingers left delay edge of a throat fold. You have to see a mouth of light-pink color with red language. If color light or gray, so at a lizard is not enough calcium, it is not really terrible, and here if the mouth has other shade, so that the animal got sick, you should not take it.
  2. Look at paws and fingers. On them there should not be hypostases, claws equal. If claws are not present, it is not too dangerous, at the correct leaving they will grow.
  3. Examine attentively a skin of an animal, whether there is no fungus on it. This most dangerous disease of iguanas and if you noticed points or spots on a skin, do not buy at all.
  4. The crest and tip of a tail should not be dry and dark. Though these signs can be corrected good leaving and healthy nutrition.
  5. When you bring a reptile home, carry kcal on the analysis to check, whether there are no helminths in it. Thus you not only will secure an animal, but also yourself too.

Arrangement of a terrarium

The terrarium can be bought, ordered on own taste or to make most. The most important is to adhere to all norms as from that, the maintenance of an iguana in bondage is how correct, her life depends.

Conditions of dwelling have to be most approached to the natural. And first of all it concerns temperature and humidity. recommends to buy the thermometer and to place it in a terrarium, so you will always know, what air temperature at a reptile. The most comfortable temperature – 30-35 °C under a lamp, and in a far corner - is not less than 25 °C.

If your lamp with power more than 40 W, on it it is necessary to dress a special grid that the animal did not get burns. It is possible to use also usual day lamps, but it is best of all to buy special lamps with an ultraviolet.

Humidity in a terrarium has to be high – not less than 80%, and than above, that to an iguana is more comfortable. That to achieve it, it is necessary to put small capacities with water, sprayers. Pools have to occupy no more than a half of a floor, and water in capacities has to be above 25 °C. This water needs to be changed often.

Except temperature and humidity, inflow of fresh air is very important for a reptile, for this purpose in a terrarium it is necessary to make some openings for ventilation and to cover them with a grid. Besides, it is very important for the level of humidity and inflow of fresh air. Create some air vents in a terrarium, having covered them with grids.

Terrarium sizes

Choose a terrarium vertical and surely spacious. It will be correct to buy two terrariums, one for a whitebait – small, and the second for an adult iguana. If you bought a green iguana, be ready to acquisition of a big terrarium which length is 1,5 times more than length of the animal.

The small terrarium, of course, can and be not bought. But his zoologists recommend in order that the whitebait of an iguana had no stress at adaptation to the house. The less dwelling sizes in the first days, rather he will feel in safety and comfort. The terrarium has to stand separately from other animals, too it is desirable not to admit and limit children at first close loud sounds. When the reptile gets used to the new house, it will be possible to take it on hands.

Place in a branch terrarium from an aspen, an oak or a maple, snags and wooden shelves, so the iguana will feel in the environment. It is not necessary to put on a floor any fillers, it is best of all to put a rubber rug. So the floor will easily clean.

Feeding of an iguana

There are some rules to which it is necessary to adhere in feeding of an iguana:

  1. The adult iguana is fed once a day, small – twice.
  2. The menu of the pet has to be various.
  3. Offer a new product several times, iguanas very much watchfully treat new food.
  4. For half an hour before and after food the iguana has to get warm, at this time it cannot be distracted.
  5. It is necessary to feed an animal not later, than in 2 hours prior to a dream.

The menu of an iguana has to be various:

  1. Sheet greens have to make a half of all diet. It is cabbage, leaves of a dandelion, a clover, and also parsley, mint, cilantro, mustard, carrots. Also leaves of beet, spinach, broccoli will approach.
  2. Vegetables: peas and beans, sweet pepper, potatoes.
  3. Grass: a lucerne, it is sold in the form of granules which need to be soaked, and then to give to an animal.
  4. Fruit gives seldom and a little. It is possible to give sometimes a fig, a melon, apple, strawberry, a kiwi and banana.
  5. Vitamin supplements need to be given to an iguana. Attentively read the instruction as also their overdose can be not less dangerous, than a shortcoming.

To let out an iguana it is necessary "to take a walk" in the apartment only under supervision of owners, differently the lizard can pogryzt furniture or leave to neighbors. It is necessary to take on hands an animal too accurately. Do not bring it to the person. Remember that it is almost impossible to tame a wild animal even if it looks kind and quiet.

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