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Hypoallergenic breeds of dog

Allergy – quite unpleasant phenomenon, which to familiarly many people. To live, in something limiting itself, quite difficult. Especially, if it concerns pets. It should be noted at once that theoretically, in the world there are no dogs who do not cause an allergy at all. But there is such concept as hypoallergenic breeds of dog – communication with these animals is conditionally found possible.

Dogs for allergic persons

The human body is so unique and individual that the medicine provides sometimes amazing supervision – for example, dogs of one breed can influence differently on manifestation of allergic reactions. For example, one dog will cause an allergy, and the second – no, one dog will provoke sneezing, and the second – a skin itch. Thus to learn in advance, what animal and as will influence an organism, is impossible. Only personal contact can establish this or that opportunity. By the way, except wool the saliva of dogs is capable to cause an allergy.

The people having an allergy need to follow such advice:

  1. To reduce amount of allergens which are provoked by dogs, it is necessary to bathe to a thicket the animal – at least 1 time a week. There is an opinion that such preventive measures will minimize manifestation of an allergy or in general liquidate attacks.
  2. The more the dog, the is more on her than allergens, after all the little dog of wool has less, than at her large colleague.
  3. Dogs who bark - more allergens as they extend a lot of saliva much. For this reason allergic persons should get the quiet dogs not inclined to frequent and causeless bark.
  4. As often as possible clean the house – damp cleaning is capable to remove all allergens which gather there. Do not forget to vacuum furniture and carpets on walls. By the way, many owners accustom the dogs to "processing" by the vacuum cleaner.

List of hypoallergenic breeds of dog

Silky Terrier (the second name of breed – a drag-net terriers). These doggies resemble Yorkshire terriers superficially, but they larger also have no such rich wool though they have it also long and silky to the touch. Drag-net terriers compact and short-legged doggies, very active and vigorous. For these animals special leaving is necessary – brilliant wool needs to be combed out daily and often to wash and as it at a drag-net terrier quickly grows, wool needs to be cut at least once in a month. These doggies were brought as various rodents and snakes hunters therefore doggies possess fearlessness and bravery. They very much love games in the fresh air and long walks with the owner.

American naked terrier. A small doggie who is deprived of wool at all. Unlike all other bald breeds of dog has good health and a complete set of teeth. Very faithful and devoted pet who loves active games and walks. The naked terrier, despite the defenseless appearance, can quite fight back the uninvited guest.

The affenpinscher (the second name - a monkey pinscher). A small amusing doggie which is called often "dog toy". These animals are very curious and active. Affenpinschers love all family members therefore both the lonely elderly person, and a young pair which is going to get kids can get this dog.

Bedlington terrier. Dogs with very effective appearance, for what got the nickname "dogs lamb". Bedlingtona quiet and balanced animals, they very kind, true and attentive to the owner. Can sometimes show obstinacy.

Bichon frieze. One of the most popular breeds. Admirers note that amusing appearance of a doggie and that fact that it does not fade at all, the bichon frieze of one of the best dogs for the room contents does. These are very cheerful kind doggies which are madly devoted to the owner.

Bolognese. One of kinds of lap dogs. These doggies perfectly give in to training therefore often act in circus. Thanks to a compact constitution, charm and friendliness, the bolognese can be supported with other animals in a big close-knit family.

Border-teryer. A small doggie who possesses true character of a terrier. Bordera can be stubborn, but they never show aggression in relation to people, generally it is quiet and balanced dogs, good partners as for childish sports, and slow walks with the elderly person.

Welsh Terrier. The reduced copy of the king of terriers – an airdale. Velsh – a compact small dog with rigid wool which does not fade – it is necessary to get rid of it manually by means of trimming. Before dogs of this breed used only for hunting, but today these animals generally are excellent partners for children and adults as velsh are active and playful. Do not forget that physical activities and a course of obedience are necessary for dogs of this breed. Welsh Terriers are very devoted to the family and love children.

Havana bichon. Rather large lap dog, very curious and kind. The dog is perfectly trained, loves children and communication with people. A faithful and devoted dog who does not need physical activities. And here the watchman from the Havana bichon obviously will not turn out.

Dendi-dinmont-teryer. The dog of the stretched format with effective appearance – on the head of a dandy-dinmont-terrier is cut off an amusing hat cop, and besides dogs have magnificent moustaches. Representatives of this breed courageous and cheerful, they can drive away the uninvited guest from the apartment basisty bark. Dendi-dinmont-teryery are very affectionate to the owner, like to play with children, and even with very small they are gentle and attentive.

Irish water spaniel. A curly-headed dog who almost does not fade. This dog of the average size is the excellent hunter and the watchman. The Irish water spaniel in itself is not aggressive, he adores children and games, and still – this dog the tireless satellite for the active owner.

Spanish water dog. Having the small sizes, good-natured temper and amusing appearance, these doggies are popular as pets in Spain, Italy and the USA. Earlier these clever creations were shepherds and assistants to fishermen, love to water and to all living beings from here. But, despite toy appearance, early socialization, active lifestyle, physical activities is necessary for these Spanish water dogs and that is important, the owner should complete an obedience course with the pet.

Yorkshire terrier. A small doggie, which today at peak of the popularity. At a Yorkshire terrier long, thin and soft wool which on the structure is similar to a human hair. Dogs of this breed very active, mobile and cheerful. Yorkshire terriers madly love the owner, can sit for hours at him on hands, being thrilled with caress. Despite the growth, the Yorkshire terrier is capable to fight back the stranger who too close will approach his owner, besides these animals perfectly cope with a role of the hunter on rats and mice. Despite toy appearance, not the best option as the personal pet for the child. Do not love familiarity, as at Yorkshire terriers quite strong and strong-willed character (as at a terrier, but not as at a lap dog).

Zwergspitz (the second name – a Pomeranian spitz-dog). A little fluffy doggie who likes to sit on hands and it is amusing "to smile" - such association at people with this breed of dog. Partly it is the truth as wild oranges do not love loneliness and are ready to accompany the owner always and everywhere. The benefit that these tiny doggies are unpretentious and do not cause many problems, except, certainly, care of their magnificent wool. You should not limit a Pomeranian spitz-dog in the movement – they very active and, among other things, are perfectly trained.

Cairn Terrier. Small shaggy dog, very cheerful and fervent, clever and courageous. Cairn Terriers were brought as rats hunters, therefore they very hardy and fearless, always ready "to fight": if not to hunting, to games it is exact. Such dogs need education and training from early age as this breed is famous for the obstinacy. Cores perfectly get on with children and with pleasure will divide all their pranks.

Kerry Blue Terrier (second name Irish blue terrier). A dog of average height, the active and tender, great nurse for children and the partner for adults. Kerry Blue Terriers were brought as rodents, badgers and foxes hunters. Today it is an excellent family dog: tender and attentive which is capable to stand at the right time for the members of household. Needs physical activities and training.

Chinese hokhlaty dog. Treats bald breeds of dog. Chinese very tender and cheerful doggies. During a heat and in cold they need special leaving. From the sun skin should be greased with cream, and in a winter season it is obligatory to dress heat of the pet. The benefit, a choice of clothes it is now huge. The Chinese hokhlaty dog likes to play in the fresh air and can give a vote if suddenly she does not like an extraneous noise about a door.

Coton de Tulear. Very rare breed of dog. Its advantage – soft, as if cotton wool, wool. The Coton de Tulear does not fade at all – the doggie needs to be combed daily, and from time to time to shear the grown wool. Very kind and appeasable dog, well feels both in a big family, and at the lonely elderly person.

Ksoloittskuintli (the second name – a xoloitzcuintle). Dogs of this very ancient breed have three versions (small, average and standard) therefore everyone can choose to himself the chetverony friend by the size. Distinctive feature – lack of wool. Sometimes in a dung also "woolen" puppies are born – they are covered with short wool. Ksolo are very clever, dexterous and courageous. They can be great hunters, watchmen and just friends. For these dogs training and early socialization is obligatory.

Lhasa apso. Small doggies with long wool which needs permanent labor-consuming care: washing, combing and hairstyle. These in appearance peaceful doggies can be good watchmen as they are mistrustful to strangers. That is remarkable, they are quiet and judicious – attacks of hysterical bark are not peculiar to them. Lhasa apso very active and mobile dogs, perfectly give in to training.

To Malteza (the second name – a maltese). Snow-white small doggies with the long falling wool which, besides, does not fade. This is the ideal partner in a family without small children or as the friend for the elderly person. Because to a malteza do not love concern and vanity (they are very sensitive to disturbing states), can irritably conduct with children and with strangers.

Papilyon (the second name – a dog butterfly). These more decoratively than a doggie are similar to the recovered toys. They have gentle silk wool and ears with magnificent tows. Papilyona are very clever and bright, they like to communicate with people and actively to spend the leisure-time. Representatives of this breed perfectly give in to various training – even can participate in dog agility.

The Peruvian naked dog (the second name – the Peruvian orchid of Inca). Dogs of the average size, elegant and harmonous, at all deprived of wool. The Peruvian naked dogs are madly devoted to the owner, extraordinary tender, but do not suffer loneliness at all. They love active games, and also can be quite good watchmen. Specific care of skin is necessary.

Polish low-lying sheep-dog. These dogs have the average size. At them very dense, fluffy, but at the same time rough wool. And, it can be both direct, and wavy on structure. The Polish low-lying sheep-dog was used as a shepherd's dog earlier, but today they perfectly cope with functions of the watchman and partner. Representatives of this breed, as well as all sheep-dogs, are self-assured, have excellent memory, are perfectly trained. To grow up the Polish low-lying sheep-dog correctly, early socialization, physical activities and in general – active lifestyle is necessary for her.

Portuguese water dog. This strong dog of the average size has dense curly wool. The Portuguese water dog very much loves water – it between fingers even has membranes (as at the Newfoundland dog). It is a working breed of dog – it was removed as the assistant to fishermen. But today, thanks to friendliness and charm, the Portuguese water dogs generally serve as partners. These dogs are very clever and independent in spite of the fact that they in own way love all family members, the special place at them is taken by one owner – they are devoted to it selflessly. This breed needs physical activities and active walks. By the way, the Portuguese water dog can be used and in hunting – they quickly learn to give a game from water.

Poodle. This breed of dog has four versions by the size: big (royal), small (average), dwarfish (tiny) and that (toy) therefore everyone can find to itself(himself) the pet to liking and to opportunities. Poodles very clever dogs are also easily trained. Large individuals perfectly cope with delivery of standards of office dog breeding, and small and dwarfish shine in dog agility. Quite often poodles are also stars of circus. At dogs of this breed the dense and curling wool from which it is possible to create various elegant hairstyles. Dogs of this breed are very friendly, they love children and are ready to play with them all day long.

Bullets (the second name – a small Hungarian sheep-dog). These dogs have quite unusual wool – externally it is similar to dreadlocks, besides it does not pass water. Bullets removed as shepherd's dogs, but today is a pleasant partner and the watchman. Dogs of this of breeds are clever and bright, they dexterous and courageous, quickly are guided and dexterously cope with any tasks. It does bullets by beautiful sports dogs. The obstinacy (as well as to many shepherd's breeds) therefore the owner needs to put a lot of effort to bring up an obedient dog is peculiar to this breed.

Wheaten myagkosherstny terrier. Very beautiful dog of the average size. Its golden and wheat wool needs a permanent care and a special hairstyle. "Pshenichnika" are very clever and bright, vigorous and active. Dogs of this breed indifferently to themselves can be aggressive and closed therefore to bring up the pet correctly, early socialization, continuous contact with the owner, physical activities and training will be necessary for you. Myagkosherstny wheaten terriers like to potter with children.

The Samoyed (the second name – a samoyed (laika)). The snow-white dog of the average size, possesses dense fluffy wool. Samoyeds – dogs riding and sentry. Today they perfectly cope with a role of the partner, but only on condition of active walks and big physical activities. Dogs of this breed gregarious animals – they with pleasure will live a big close-knit family which consists of other dogs and people. These dogs friendly and very playful. Samoyeds love children. As the defender it is possible to use the Samoyed hardly, but to give a vote when comes others, these dogs will be able.

Skye Terrier. A small dog of the extended format, with the long falling rigid wool. Earlier with these dogs hunted on badgers and foxes, but today their destiny – to be devoted and faithful partners. Skye Terriers are very clever and hardy, love long slow walks and games with the owner. Best of all feel as the only dog at the lonely person or in a family without children. Tibetan terrier. A dog of the average size with dense and shaggy wool. The Tibetan terriers are clever and bright, are easily trained, can even participate in sports meets. Well get on with children is more senior as can sometimes be jealous and stubborn. Dogs of this breed need physical activities.

Flandrsky Bouvier (the second name – Bouvier flandr). The dog is higher than average height, looks gloomy and terribly because of shaggy wool, a beard and sharply stopped ears. Actually flandrsky Bouvier - very gentle dog, it madly loves the owner and all his family and is ready to give for close people the life. Dogs of this breed good watchmen, they are obedient and are perfectly trained, possess quiet and balanced character.

Shih-tzu. A small doggie with long silky wool which needs regular leaving. Shih-tzu very clever doggies, they cheerful and vigorous, friendly and, at the same time, the independent. Dogs of this breed love society of people, long walks and games in the fresh air.

Schnauzer. Dogs of this breed have three versions on growth: big (rizen), average (mittel), dwarfish (tsverg). Representatives of this breed beautiful guard and sentry dogs. They are clever, bright, self-assured and reliable. Schnauzers perfectly give in to various training and often are stars of sports meets. They perfectly get on with children. Can sometimes show obstinacy and independence therefore training, active games and physical activities is surely necessary for dogs of this breed.

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