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Biorhythms of the person

Time is so rapid that sometimes we are simply lost in its circulation. Minute is replaced hour, day – week, and month – year. After winter there comes the spring, and after a night-time dawn surely begins to dawn.

Biological rhythms very strictly and responsibly watch that everything that occurs in the world, was cyclic and had accurate sides of change. The human body gives in to these regulatory processes – all too thanks to biorhythms. That is remarkable, the female organism is more sensitive to this concept as women can be not reminded of cycles and recurrence. will open all subtleties of biorhythms of the person.

Biological rhythms – what is it?

Each person has a working capacity – he can perform this or that work, but ability to this action is very limited (after all not the robot, but a live organism). Most often these changes which happen periodically, submit to biorhythms.

At each person the set of various biological rhythms – at someone them more, and at someone – is combined less. There are three most widespread biorhythms of the person is physical, intellectual and emotional.

Biological rhythms appear at the time of the birth of the person, from this point they grow and develop, then brake and start decreasing. Then again grow and again decrease – all this occurs cyclically.

These changes happen from time to time and, for all biorhythms. Rates and the periods at them absolutely different. Most often the cycle lasts about 30 days – thus the physical biorhythm repeats approximately each 23 days, and here emotional – approximately in 28 days. As for intellectual, the period takes 33 days from this biorhythm.

Depending on where there is a biorhythm – at peak or in decline, at the person ability to performance of that work which is closer to a certain type of a biorhythm changes.

If to study the biorhythms, the person can quickly define time, favorable and adverse for work performance.

That the Moon will prompt

All natural rhythms are connected with such celestial bodies as the Moon, the Sun, and also planets of Solar system and their movement. For this reason the annual rhythm is the movement of Earth round this star which lasts exactly 12 months. And here the monthly rhythm is connected with lunar phases. It is considered that the shortest rhythm is a daily allowance – it is connected besides with the movement of the planet Earth, but already round its pivot-center.

First, apparently, that all this: the movements, rotations, the Moon and the Sun cannot influence the person in any way. But it is enough to remember from a course of initial geography that in the world there are such phenomena as inflow and otliva – in the same way as the Moon, the eternal satellite of the earth, influences the water movements, in the same way it influences and each person.

In ancient times there was a concept that the doctor which does not know, "what the Moon today", will not be able to cure the person. That is remarkable, the modern medicine does not refute this theory, and on the contrary, confirms, after all during the periods of a new moon and full moon at doctors considerably increases works. It is also worth noting that in a new moon at blood coagulability increases, but at pneumonia and flu courses of diseases worsen. But in a full moon bleeding amplifies therefore at this time it is better to refuse difficult operations.

Why there are recessions and rises?

Our far ancestors lived in full harmony with the nature and, certainly, were guided only on the biorhythms. Got up early it – as soon as dawned and went to bed not late – as soon as the sun sat down and there came the darkness. But the civilization destroyed this fragile idyll and vital rhythms are subject to modern equipment, electronics and nanotechnologies.

Nevertheless, to learn itself and to find out the abilities and opportunities, it is necessary to address to a lunar calendar, after all inside each person has own hours which "know" about us all is and there are internal clocks.

The theory about that the human body is subject to three cycles (physical, emotional, intellectual), appeared more than hundred years ago. She received the true confirmation then as one of the largest airlines began to put it into practice and, having calculated biorhythms of each person separately, the company in certain days began to reduce physical, emotional or intellectual activity. The result surpassed all expectations – soon enough the percent of injuries and accidents which happened earlier only because of the personnel sharply fell.

All this is besides connected with that since birth all these three cycles (physical, emotional and intellectual) start developing until reach apogee, and then again recession begins.

Biorhythms: an image for own forecast

Each person has an own day regimen – it is connected with work, study or family tenor of life. All of us noticed how during the day there can be a cheerfulness, and drowsiness and melancholy can roll. It is also "failure" of biorhythms which during these periods were adjusted on indicators "+" or on indicators "-". If state not all that well: there is a wish to sleep, the fingers are all thumbs, there is an irritability and nervousness, we most often grab coffee – the known drink giving to cheerfulness. But you should not forget that from a surplus of caffeine problems with vessels and heart can begin.

Whether it is possible to learn "to be on friendly terms" with the biorhythms? Certainly, after all only this way there will be an opportunity to improve nervous system and the appearance. It is only enough to study a daily routine and, being guided by it, it will be possible to receive result which is necessary.

Most often regime of the person looks as follows:

  1. 05:00 – in spite of the fact that at this time sound sleep, an organism is already ready to rise as all internal starts working.
  2. 06:00 – increase in emission of adrenaline for this reason at this time many wake up.
  3. 07:00-08:00 – activity of a stomach therefore by this time it is already desirable to have breakfast, time when it is useful to put cosmetic cream begins – procedures will bring desirable effect.
  4. 09:00 – activity recession therefore at this time at work pulls "to drink coffee", as a last resort, try to be engaged in very easy affairs.
  5. 10:00-11:00 – "rise" in working capacity – good time for physical and mental work.
  6. 12:00 – the first fatigue, it is possible to have a rest and drink coffee or tea a few.
  7. 13:00 – time of a lunch and that says it all, during this period is developed a large amount of gastric juice.
  8. 14:00 – the most great demand as at this time working capacity as much as possible increases.
  9. 15:00 – the greatest activity for an internal, especially for a bladder (it is possible to drink the clearing teas).
  10. 16:00 – one more rise in activity – this time physical, and here intellectual activity declines – it is desirable to walk or make charging and to relax a little.
  11. 17:00 – "favourite" time for kidneys as at this moment they work as much as possible and recycle the liquid which came to an organism.
  12. 18:00 – peak of nervousness and a conflictness as at this time the blood pressure raises.
  13. 19:00 – a phase of restoration and physical activity (it is possible to do physical exercises).
  14. 20:00 – active work of a brain.
  15. 21:00-22:00 – the organism is adjusted on rest.
  16. 23:00 – it is considered ideal time for withdrawal to a dream, but at the same time appetite therefore it is better to go nevertheless to sleep wakes up, than to check that lies in the refrigerator.
  17. 24:00-04:00 – this time needs to be devoted to a dream as there is a cell renewal and restoration of the destroyed structures therefore it is better to spend these hours at rest.
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