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How to get rid of worms

Helminths - in life call them the unpleasant word "worms" - are very hazardous to health of the person. Helminths live in the person, animals and plants.

Statistically, every third person in only one year catches helminths. And such people becomes more and more. Why? Give together with we will understand this question and the most important – we will lead a healthy lifestyle and we will know how to get rid of worms.

Doctors are sure that many diseases arose because of infection with the person with parasites. It is a real problem against which it is necessary to fight. And though many are afraid to tell about it supposedly "me it will not concern" or "me will carry by", it is necessary to know about this problem as much as possible.

That represent helminths

Worms are helminths, the word "parasitic" means the following - when one organism (parasites) uses other organism (people, animal) as the environment for dwelling.

It is revealed more by the 300th species of worms which live in a human body. Fortunately, many do not meet often, and we will tell you about the most widespread.

Round helminths

Pinworms (length of 5-10 mm) often meet at children. Live in intestines. Females are very active, in a quiet condition of an organism (night) they move ahead to back pass and leave it. They postpone a large number of eggs. Then females perish. Eggs very quickly, ripen (the period of maturing of eggs from 4 to 6 hours) in the morning eggs constitute big danger as become infectious. Active eggs get on bed linen, shorts, soft toys. Eggs are very steady and keep the activity within 6 months. That is, getting on a soft toy egg does not perish, and remains live. Also eggs of pinworms through dust can get on a face, hands, to a nose and to a mouth. Very much zhizneustoychiva to diseases, the person can not know about their existence and be ill decades.

If one family member is infected by pinworms - the probability is great, as other family members too are infected.

The female postpones incredibly huge number of eggs – until 15 thousand per day!

It is possible to find presence of uninvited guests on certain symptoms: an itch in the field of back pass, most often – at night.

Ascarids eat blood serum. About 100 million people get sick with this type of helminths on the earth in only one year! Infection occurs in the oral and fecal way, that is, the person "eats" eggs of ascarids together with dirty vegetables and fruit, and also other food, taking it dirty hands. Also eggs help to extend flies.

This species of worms quite long – from 20 to 40 cm. The female also postpones eggs every day, until 200 000 eggs!!! These eggs also get to the soil together with excrements of the person and remain viable within 1-3 years.

From eggs which get to an organism, larvae which with current of blood get to various bodies ripen: liver, lungs, eyes, brain and other bodies. When they migrate from one body in another, the person suffers from causeless allergic reactions, vomiting, headaches and even hallucinations are possible.

Find by a diagnostic method by delivery a calla on the analysis. Larvae it is possible to diagnose on blood test.

Toksokara lives in a stomach of dogs. Are ill to 80% of puppies and 20% of adult dogs. In length about 25-30 cm. On appearance are similar to ascarids. The female postpones eggs every day, to 200 000. Together with excrements of a dog allocate a huge number of eggs which together with sand, the earth are attached to footwear in environment and get home to us. Are very viable. Special danger is constituted for children who so like to play in sand! Through dirty hands get to a mouth and pose strong threat for health of the person. Affect heart, leads to such diseases as allergic bronchitis, temperature increase, increase in lymph nodes, cause spasms and frustration of mentality.

Reveal only in the laboratory way, it is necessary to make blood test and soskob from skin. To diagnose this look very difficult.

Other species of worms – an ankilostom, a nekator, a trikhinella, an intestinal ugritsa meet seldom. If you do not drink from a pool, do not eat crude meat – most likely you never catch these species of worms. Be on the alert, traveling to the distant countries, unknown exotic parasites great variety there.

Two species of worms are rather widespread in Russia – ascarids and pinworms. Most of all children as they actively learn the world catch them, investigating it literally "on knees barehanded".

It is dangerous

All types of helminths poison our organism, and eating, allocate in our organism a large amount of toxins. Parasites take away from our organism the most valuable – vitamins, minerals, leukocytes – owing to what the anemia can develop. There are cases when to the patient it is very bad, and doctors cannot make the exact diagnosis for years.

Larvae of ascarids can become the asthma reason at small children. Pinworms cause sexually transmitted infections in girls. The nervous system of the patient is subject to stresses as the organism is in constant intoxication.

Infection symptoms

  • lack of appetite or on the contrary, sharp desire to eat is as much as possible food, thus the person sharply grows thin;
  • the stomach hurts, locks or ponosa torment;
  • apathy, torments sleeplessness at night, concern;
  • your skin pale, is shelled on hands and feet;
  • dry cough disturbs;
  • dark circles under eyes;
  • continuous allergic reactions, rashes;
  • itch in back pass.

How to treat

To visit the doctor and to make necessary tests. If the situation is absolutely critical, the doctor will appoint to you drug treatment. It is necessary to remember that any protivogelmintny preparations, relieving you of parasites, cause strong intoxication of an organism. In parallel with medicines it is possible to carry out treatment by folk remedies.

People who are included into group of risk, need to carry out preventive actions – in time to give to the domestic pet an antivermicular tablet, to wash towels and bed linen more often and to observe strict personal hygiene.


During treatment it is necessary to remember three simple rules: to follow rules of hygiene, to keep to a diet, to carry out disinfection of the room.

It is possible to get rid of worms folk remedies, but this way will be longer, but less aggressive.

The universal remedy from any kinds of widespread parasites is a garlic. Who eats a large number of garlic – that will never catch worms.

  1. Take a glass of boiled water and cut small a head of garlic and one bulb. Leave the received mix for the night, and drink infusion on an empty stomach in the morning. Accept five days.
  2. Tincture of flowers of an immortelle will help to get rid of tape-worms. On two glasses of boiled water take 2 tablespoons of a dry grass, make, insist night, apply three times a day in 30 minutes prior to food. It is possible to replace with a valerian grass.
  3. Castor oil and cognac in proportions 1:1. To drink the infusion heated to temperature of 36 degrees - 80 grams before going to bed, it is impossible to wash down!
  4. To fill in a wormwood grass tablespoon with 2 glasses of boiled water. To filter. To accept cooled 3 times a day before food on a tablespoon.
  5. To crush a horse-radish and garlic in equal quantities. On 50 g of ready gruel to take 500 g of vodka. To insist in a dark place 2-3 days. To filter and accept 2-3 times a day on a tablespoon.
  6. Onions tincture – powerful medicine for worms. To crush, fill in one bulb with vodka and to insist in heat of 10-15 days. To accept before food on 2 tablespoons (no more than 3 times a day).
  7. Pumpkin sunflower seeds. To accept one-two glasses in day – a universal cleaner of intestines! To accept as a prophylactic.

Recipes for children

  1. To mix 100 g of seeds of carrots from 500 g of honey. To accept on a teaspoon 3 times a day.
  2. Eat a fresh sorrel every day.
  3. To crush a peel of pomegranate and to weld it in 200 ml of water. Drink on an empty stomach, in 1,5 hours in three steps.
  4. To eat blueberry berries.

Good luck!

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