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How to choose the yogurt maker

In Soviet period heard about yogurt of very few people, but now without it it is difficult to present the life. But here quality of the dairy products which are let out presently and presented on shelves of supermarkets and shops leaves much to be desired and for this reason many people gradually pass to production of dairy products in house conditions.

It is impossible to refuse yogurt absolutely, of course, first of all, because in it a lot of calcium and useful bacteria which are necessary for normal functioning of a digestive tract, but producers add various preservatives and dyes which are extremely not useful to health therefore by means of such yogurt it is possible to do harm to an organism only to store products.

Fortunately, it is absolutely easy to prepare yogurt and other dairy products in house conditions especially as ingredients, that is ferments, are on sale in any shop, it is possible to prepare yogurt in a thermos or in bank but where it will be more convenient if to do it in the special device - the yogurt maker.

How to choose the yogurt maker

In fact, yogurt makers all identical in spite of the fact that are issued different producers and significantly differ at the price. The ordinary yogurt maker looks in the form of a set from 8, sometimes 7 jars. Jars too happen different volume, as a rule, these are 125-150 ml. Material of which they are made - plastic or glass. If the price for you has no special value, it is better to give preference to glass jars, in this case you receive 100% a natural and useful product because when heating without which process of production of yogurt is impossible, from glass, unlike plastic, it is not allocated any harmful substances. Jars in the yogurt maker it is obligatory with covers and are placed in the special container round or squared, the container too with a cover. Is in a design of the container heating elements which work from the simplest power supply network.

The yogurt maker also happens to one one-liter jar. If you have a family not small, it is better to choose option with separate jars. It seems to me that it is so much more convenient - everyone eats the portion of yogurt, but does not play for all the time from the refrigerator this liter container. But to choose, of course, to you and you know that for you it is better.

Yogurt makers happen to the timer and without it. The timer is necessary in order that you could choose a preparation time of dairy products independently and to exercise a constant control behind process. As for the price which should be "laid out" for existence in the timer device: keep in mind that device cost with it will increase several times though actually the timer is only capable to switch off the device after preparation, he is not able to cool yogurt therefore process of preparation will proceed, and at you pretty unhealthy dairy product with a large number of bacteria will turn out. Therefore it is better to switch-off nevertheless independently the device and to count a preparation time.

Manual adjustment of temperature of the yogurt maker is of pretty great importance, it is connected by that there is a certain group of bacteria and microorganisms which perish at concrete temperatures. It turns out that if you use such ferments for preparation of the yogurt, thanks to an option of manual adjustment will be able to establish lower temperature, thus, existence of this function will allow you to expand the dairy menu of the family.

Except above-mentioned features, some manufacturing firms prepared as a pleasant surprise such bonuses as possibility of marking of jars with yogurt, it is quite possible to do without this function, but nevertheless it does yogurt preparation process more convenient, date of preparation of a dairy product is always visible, so, you will eat only the freshest product. Consider that natural yogurts should not be used after 48 hours from the moment of their preparation so the similar option will be very actual, especially if you are going to feed with the child's yogurt.

I already said that yogurt makers are issued various producers. Yogurt makers of the following firms Tefal, Moulinex, Braun, Scarlet, Severin are the most known in Russia. They differ among themselves only in design, and also quantity of jars for preparation of dairy products. As for power, at the majority of models it identical – 12-18 W. The exception is made only by the Tefal yogurt maker, its power really impresses – the whole 120 W.

The next moment which distinguishes yogurt makers from each other, the brand, and only it is. The price increases in direct ratio from popularity of firm of the producer.

I think that you perfectly understand that will check the device shop of household appliances nobody therefore in advance learn about guarantee maintenance and ask, whether it is possible to exchange goods in case of marriage. As a rule, the guarantee makes about two years, but some manufacturing firms give a guarantee on the goods only for half a year.

Pleasant bonus will become that except classical yogurt this a miracle of the technician can cook also sour cream and kefir. Considering that it will be for 100% a natural product which you know from what it is prepared, it will positively be reflected in a state of health of your family!

Whether the yogurt maker is necessary to you

Very often happens that you acquire goods which seem to us vital, and then they simply take a place in our kitchen and we use them extremely seldom. But the yogurt maker will be to you really useful if you have in a family small children and you do not want to feed them with store dairy products which contain preservatives, starch and other harmful substances. It is useful also in case you seek to use only natural products and carefully read that write on labels of products. And, besides, to prepare yogurt in the yogurt maker very simply, conveniently and occupies it a minimum of your precious time!

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