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How to choose a massage tray for feet

Several years ago the tray for feet only appeared in beauty shops, as the assistant by preparation of legs for a pedicure. Now it is quite available device which not only gives pleasant feelings, but also it is useful to health.

You dream of the weakening bathtub jacuzzi long ago? Your feet by the evening are poured by lead, and patches coarsened and burst? Came it is time to minimize discomfort, and we will be helped with it by a hydromassage tray for feet. It can be presented to herself, to mother, the grandmother or the girlfriend, the husband and even the chief — all will appreciate such gift. The main thing - to spend on a choice it is a little time, to read responses in online stores and to choose really useful tray. That the prices of these devices vary from 30 to 170 dollars, as they say, on any purse pleases. Only the more expensive the model, the is more in it than useful functions which we also will try to understand.

Functions of hydromassage bathtubs

  1. Hydromassage. Actually, exactly for this purpose the device also reflected. Water vikhreobrazno moves to procedure time, relaxes feet and takes off fatigue. In many models it is quite difficult "to feel" this option - water simply waves. Therefore often it is united with vibromassage.
  2. Vibromassage. The bottom of massage trays can be smooth, relief and mobile. In the first two cases the tray simply vibrates, transferring vibration to water and feet. And here in models where the mobile rubberized rollers are built in a bottom, the maximum massage effect is felt. Force of vibration needs to be tested even upon purchase, in many models it rather powerful and not everything is pleasant, and the regulator, as a rule, is not present. Plus in this mode noticeable — goes dot impact on acupuncture points of foot that carries noticeable improving effect for all organism.
  3. Jacuzzi mode. Or it is all about the magic bubbles. This mode not simply weakens, and immerses in the world of pleasure. The effect is stronger, the bathtub rustles more.
  4. Infrared radiation. This pleasant red illumination actually strengthens a blood-groove and expands blood vessels. You even feel easy heat which completely warms up a foot.
  5. Magnet. Some models are equipped with several small magnets. Such to itself magnetic therapy which quickly removes feeling of weight in feet, strengthens blood circulation.
  6. In many models the modes in a "pure" look do not meet, they are combined variously and are called according to the declared effect (toning, weakening). On power the modes can be various intensity — a turbo, a relax etc.
  7. Mode of heating of water. Agree, no massage in cold water of pleasure will deliver. You, of course, can save and at once pour hot water in capacity, but it will quickly cool down. The heating mode is also developed for your comfort — water temperature is maintained in the region of 40 degrees Celsius.
  8. Dry massage. Such mode also meets in expensive models. Usual waterless massage of feet — does not suit people who are afraid of a tickling. And not such pleasant, as water.
  9. Timer and panel. Meet in expensive models. In usual management is made by means of the rotary switch. But that to it not to bend, it is possible to get model with the panel. The timer is useful to those who can fall asleep during a session.
  10. In each tray there are massage nozzles for a pedicure — pumice, brushes, etc. And so it is more convenient to use them, if they not built-in, but removable. In a set on average 2-3 nozzles and a cover mudguard.

    The biggest lack of trays is laziness of their hostesses. Be not surprised, after all producers thought over everything — from the weakening illumination before remote control. And we often simply are lazy simply to get the device from a case, to fill with water and to arrange ourselves "paradise pleasure".

Choosing a tray, consider that they have different dimensions. Yes, it is good when the device is small and easily "hides" in a case. However in that case a foot of the 46th size can simply not enter a tray. And believe, with the advent of this device all members of your family will want to try a hydromassage.

Indications and contraindications

The massage tray not only allows to take off quickly fatigue of feet after day of work. She is especially recommended to those who as obliges the whole day standing. The fifteen-minute session improves blood circulation, gives pleasant feeling of relaxation and softens skin. After water massage the pedicure (remember that pumice too injures skin therefore buy special grinding nail files and use them before acceptance of a bathtub, grinding a dry surface of feet), a cuticle quickly is easier to do and without serious consequences departs. There are bathtubs with effect of a contrast shower — in them cool and warm water alternates. Such procedure improves blood circulation in feet. Infrared radiation warms up joints and besides pleasant heat, favorably influences problem joints.

    Do not think that the tray will solve problems of the coarsened heels! It will only allow to soften considerably dry skin, will humidify it. And the subsequent leaving (gels, cream) nobody cancelled.

The hydromassage is shown also to those who suffers from sleeplessness. It perfectly calms, intensifies blood circulation and weakens. Some happy owners of trays fall asleep simply during procedure.

In contraindications for use of this device rather serious diseases of cardiovascular system, excessive puffiness, the increased body temperature and a varicosity are specified. And so at different stages all women have the last disease practically. But for whom early stages of varicosity are diagnosed, massage will do exclusively good. Use of hydromassage trays is forbidden to people with trophic ulcers of extremities and tendency to thrombophlebitis.

We hope that after our publication you understood how it is simple and to arrange not expensively SPA salon at home.

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