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Preparation of yogurt in house conditions

House fermented milk products not only tasty, but also very useful. The complex bifido-and lactobacilli who are so necessary for the correct work of an organism, normalization of a metabolism enters them. And are only necessary for preparation of tasty and useful house yogurt – ferment, milk and the yogurt maker (or a thermos).
Most of people very much love dairy products. After all it is so useful and is tasty! Choosing from a big variety in supermarkets, of course, want to buy also to the family the most useful and the best. But whether store kefirs and yogurts actually are so useful?
For the first time I became interested in this question when to my child came to enter time into a diet fermented milk products. So there was no wish to give these yogurts where labels dazzle with any additives of E and unknown to us ingredients. Expiration dates of store yogurts about two weeks, and after all live bacteria live actually no more than 5 days. Here also imagine, how many there add chemistry.
Are only necessary for preparation of tasty and useful house yogurt – ferment, milk and the yogurt maker (or a thermos). It is also possible to prepare also house cottage cheese. House fermented milk products not only tasty, but also very useful. The complex bifido-and lactobacilli who are so necessary for the correct work of an organism, normalization of a metabolism enters them. House yogurts restore intestinal microflora in parallel with reception of antibiotics, hormones, promote weight reduction and its maintenance within norm. And also they are simply necessary for pregnant women and nursing.

Where it is possible to get ferment

To yogurt makers it is specified in the instruction where it is possible to get ferments. In some models of ferment go in a set. In the instruction it is described that as ferment it is possible to use ready store yogurt. I tried, but milk did not even turn sour.
If you in the city have a milk plant, ferment can be got there. But I somehow trust the ferments acquired in drugstores more. At us in the city of ferment are on sale in drugstores of the Pharmacy network. Perhaps in the large cities wider network of drugstores which cooperates with producers. Drugstores offer ferments for yogurt TM "Good Food", producers are Bulgaria and Italy, and also ferments for VIVO yogurt of the Kiev Institute of Milk and Meat. Each producer offers some types of ferments, they differ in the contents lakto-and bifidobacteria. You will be able to examine it in advertizing which is given in a drugstore together with the instruction on preparation.
Приготовление йогурта в домашних условиях

Of what milk it is better to do yogurts?

Everything depends on the one who will eat them – adults or children. Market milk very fat and yogurt turns out too fat, as sour cream. It on the fan. Such milk is not recommended to children since composition of milk at a cow always different, everything depends on that the cow ate and in what conditions she lives. If you have acquaintances who hold a cow, and you as milk are sure, it changes business. And store milk it always a certain fat content and passed pasteurization process. Milk of long storage passes in tetra paks still big extent of pasteurization therefore it can and be not boiled, and it is simple to warm up up to the necessary temperature.

Yogurt preparation

Preparation in the yogurt maker. In total process of preparation takes 8-10 hours, but your personal time no more than 5 minutes are required – to add ferment to milk, to pour on jars and to turn on the button on the yogurt maker. We need to zakipyatit and cool 1 liter of milk up to the temperature of 37-40 degrees (high temperature is pernicious for bacteria). To fill a small bottle with ferment on 2/3 milk or water, properly to vzboltat that powder was dissolved, to pour in milk and to stir. Now it was necessary only to pour on jars and to put them in the yogurt maker.
Приготовление йогурта в домашних условиях
Upon termination of time of a skvashivaniye of a jar close and place in the refrigerator. In an hour the tasty and useful product is ready to the use. On a consistence house yogurt turns out much more densely store.
Preparation in a thermos. The technology of preparation of yogurts in a thermos differs in nothing from the yogurt maker. Simply we fill in the received milk not in jars, and in a thermos. We close it, properly we muffle up and we put in a warm place. Temperature and a preparation time have to be observed the same. Then it is possible to pour on jars a la carte (I want to pay attention of readers of that well jars from under baby food for this purpose approach). After also we send it to the refrigerator.
Ready yogurts are stored no more than 5 days!
    Cottage cheese preparation. Principle of a skvashivaniye of milk the same. Only it is more convenient to do it in a stewpan, but not in jars since then the same stewpan is rearranged in a bowl (pan) with water and we warm up on a water bath to 60-65 degrees (I check temperature a finger – if it is very much hot, it is time to switch off). We leave, without sorting a bath, on half an hour. Then we change a hot bath on cold and we cool too from a half-hour. We shift a product in a gauze and we suspend that serum, to the necessary consistence flew down. It is possible to store ready cottage cheese in the refrigerator 2-3 days.
House yogurts can also be perezakvashivat. For this purpose it is necessary to add 2-3 tablespoons (about 30 ml) of yogurt to 1 liter of milk and properly to stir.
    At cottage cheese preparation also do not forget to leave skvashenny milk for referment.
It is possible to Perezakvashit in the terms specified on storage – 5 days! So house yogurts not only are useful, but it also is economical.
In order that house yogurt turned out from times in time, it is just necessary to use pure capacities (a pan in which will boil milk, and yogurt maker jars), and also pure spoons with a ladle.
It is possible to add everything to a ready-made product that our soul will wish – muesli, nuts, fruit, jam, corn flakes, etc. And still it is possible to replace with yogurts mayonnaise and to fill with them salads.

Yogurt maker choice

Live bacteria have to breed at a certain temperature, as the yogurt maker provides. It maintains constant certain temperature. The yogurt maker – equipment the simple, only one On/off button. There are no modes, as in food processors or the microwave oven. And I decided that you should not overpay excess 300-400 UAH for so simple equipment, this money can be spent for something important.
At a choice of the yogurt maker it is also necessary to pay attention to jars and their quantity in a set. Volume fluctuates from 100 to 200 ml, and quantity – 6-8 pieces. Jars happen glass and from food plastic. I consider, whatever plastic was, and it is more reliable to store products in glass. If the plastic ware is scratched, it cannot already use. Also it will be quite good if on a lid there is an opportunity to expose date. I, for example, always expose date to which it is necessary to use.
Приготовление йогурта в домашних условиях
Some producers offer models with the electronic timer which sense is that in certain time the yogurt maker itself will be switched-off. That's all, more it gives nothing. Not to forget the main thing, having counted upon equipment, to clean yogurt in the refrigerator. And than more long yogurt costs in heat, especially it develops a sour taste.

Master, dear readers of, technology of preparation of house fermented milk products – and your family surely will estimate it, and the organism will tell "Thanks!".
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