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How to choose the videocard under the motherboard

What is the videocard? For certain, all who has a computer or the laptop heard about it. This special device which is responsible for graphics which is brought to the monitor. All videocards are subdivided into two look – discrete and integrated. As for the integrated videocards, they are, as a rule, built in a chipset of the motherboard or the central processor.

If to speak about discrete options, they have an appearance of separate details (accessories) and are inserted into the special socket which is on the motherboard. Besides, all discrete videocards can be divided into three main types:

  • the multimedia;
  • the professional;
  • the game.

Professional videocards have very high cost, but they have very narrow appointment and the same specialization. Usually such videocard is used by professionals who work in the field of 3D - modeling and know, each function is necessary for what purpose.

As for multimedia models, in this case it is possible to tell that it is the budgetary option of the videocard. Their task very simple as they simply bring the image to the monitor, using high resolution of Full HD.

In multimedia videocards surely there has to be a HDMI socket by means of which it is connected to the monitor, and also such videocard will need to have 1 Gb DDR5 of video memory.

And here game videocards are one of the most powerful models as also the motherboard with the processor more powerful are necessary for them. According to the name "game", it becomes clear that this videocard is intended completely to play on such computers games.

Types of slots

These sockets (slots) also happen various: PCI-E or AGP. Earlier only AGP sockets were used, but now motherboards with such slots consider outdated and them do not use any more. Of course, it is possible to find some old motherboards with such sockets, but it is a big rarity. PCI-Express sockets are often used. Besides, such sockets are also subdivided into some types. Treat them:

  • PCI-E 1x;
  • PCI-E 16x;
  • PCI-E 4x.

To define, which socket is necessary for the videocard, it is possible to look at characteristics of the videocard or to examine the motherboard visually. Anyway, but the slot of PCI-E x16 which will be suitable for the modern personal computer therefore the videocard with such slot will be able to provide the optimum productivity of system and speed of work will be the most optimum option. But, in order that it is correct to pick up the videocard, it is necessary to consider all parameters of the computer in general. Let's try understand, on what it is necessary to pay attention to make a right choice of the videocard.

What right choice?

At first it is necessary to pay surely attention to for what the videocard will be used. It can be simple office programs or the ordinary personal computer which is used for homework, use of the Internet or banal viewing of videos. In that case any videocard will be ideal option, even the integrated will approach. But here it is necessary to consider one moment that any discrete videocard will be much better the best integrated. It allows to clean from the processor and random access memory processing of graphics which assigns completely to itself.

Of course, if the computer is planned to use for various computer games then not to do without discrete videocard. Today's Windows 7 operating systems above, work very quickly, but their full work requires existence of more operational videocard in order that all visual effects were displayed.

In modern models of computers it is possible to use very powerful videocards which allow to reproduce quality video – Blu-Ray. For simple reproduction of video, in the computer the central processor is used, but for it it is very essential loading. If to speak about the videocard in this case, it can cope with a task much better, than the processor.

Producers of videocards (selection of the videocard for the producer)

Producers of videocards are the two well-known companies which let out the goods under the brands ATI (Radeon) or NVidia (GeForce). Undoubtedly, in the market it is also possible to meet and other producers less well-known. But, at all this they, releasing videocards under the trademark, use components of the best-known – NVidia or ATI.

Every day these two well-known companies constantly march in step a foot in the IT market of technologies and cause many disputes among programmers. Very few people can give the intelligible answer to a question of what company is better and to make what choice. All the matter is that these two companies almost identical and quality of production always at height. But, here business is perfect in other – who to what got used or who with what began.

NVidia and ATI every time seek to overtake each other in release of this or that novelty, to show the creativity and creativity in production of the new, more improved models of videocards. Proceeding from it, nobody is guided by the principle, what company is better - proceed only from criteria.

Definition of problems of the computer on the basis of which the videocard is selected

In this case everything is banal and it is very simple. And all because if the person selects to himself "car" to play by it games (not simply usual games, and the most modern), naturally, the videocard has to answer all to modern inquiries of founders of new actions.

In other case, some people simply do not have need to get the professional videocard at the mad cost if they are not going "to exploit from it", playing games. For usual standard programs, viewing online of video and simple office work, will approach easier videocard, perhaps, even the discrete.

Besides, upon purchase of the videocard it is necessary to pay attention to what in it there are video outputs (sockets): S-Video, DVI, VGA or HDMI. It needs to be known if the person is going to connect to the computer a projector, a video camera, the TV or any other equipment. In the absence of this or that socket, connection of new equipment to the computer will be impossible.

It is necessary to consider that choosing the good and full-fledged computer to play modern and Top games, it is not necessary to save on the motherboard, the videocard and the processor.

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