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How to receive SNILS on the child

Today in many establishments and the organizations you are asked to show to SNILS or as still call it – a green plastic card. And if earlier such document was issued only at achievement of majority or employment, today SNILS is made out even on children, and any age.

In this regard many mothers and fathers had a set of questions: for what the child when and how to receive it etc. helps you to understand all subtleties of obtaining "the green document" needs SNILS.

We understand concept SNILS

The first time about SNILS Russians heard thanks to introduction of the Federal law 17 years ago. Literally it is deciphered as "insurance number of individual personal account" and is the document on registration of the citizen in system of pension insurance – is appropriated to each person and is unique. Such document was issued initially only to full age citizens and at employment. Today it is available in receiving and to the child.Whether

and "the green document" is so necessary for the child?

This question is asked to themselves by many mothers and fathers. It is clear that the question of existence of the insurance document at adults is not even discussed – it is available for all working citizens and pensioners or has to be appropriated without fail. But whether here the child needs it? Let's try to understand.

Initially insurance number was assigned to control insurance payments – the pension size depends on them. However over time SNILS assumed a big scale and began to be applied and in other purposes.

As we know, insurance number is appointed to the person once in life and does not change any more. Even if it will replace a name or a surname. And further, proceeding from a tendency of application of SNILS in practice, this document will replace also all other identifiers of the personality. SNILS will be able to be used instead of the passport and even an identification code.

Functions which are carried out today by insurance number

  1. In Fund of medical insurance insurance number can be applied at identification of the person during rendering medical aid. Having SNILS, it is much simpler to receive money for treatment of the child, free medicines to children till 3 years, to needy families etc. SNILS considerably will facilitate a task to parents who put the child in turn for rendering hi-tech medical aid.
  2. Insurance number is also used at the certain questions connected with a social security of citizens. In particular, the state help to disabled children - medical preparations, permits etc. That to receive it, it is necessary to be registered in the Federal register of persons. The first point in this list - SNILS of your child. However, It is necessary to tell that such category of children has to have an insurance document in an obligatory case as without it will not grant pension.
  3. Insurance number is applied and as the identifier when receiving an electronic card. The computerization and various technologies strongly entered our life therefore such cards are used practically in all spheres. And SNILS has to be an obligatory external requisite of a card.
  4. SNILS can be used and at various electronic operations. Today the majority of services is provided in electronic form. If you need to replace the international passport, to receive an extract from the state registry on real estate etc., it it is possible to carry out even houses behind the computer. It is only necessary to be registered on a specialized portal and to fill in the questionnaire. One of the first and its obligatory points – existence of SNILS.
  5. An insurance policy should be taken out at least because practically all kindergartens and schools demand from parents to report insurance number of the child. At the legislative level such requirement has under itself no basis. However it is worth knowing that today on all children grants for food, purchase of textbooks etc. are provided in preschool institutions SNILS of the child helps to resolve quicker all financial issues as is the convenient and exact identifier of the identity of the child.

We follow the insurance document in PF

Pension Fund is engaged in purpose of SNILS today. Here it will be appropriated in several ways:

  1. You personally address for assignment of number in a place of your registration. If it is not present - in the place of residence.
  2. You can personally not address in PF. In kindergartens collecting documents for assignment of SNILS to the child is carried out and transferred to office of a pension fund.
  3. If you processed an electronic card, the insurance document is appropriated automatically.
  4. It is possible to issue the insurance policy and in the multipurpose center (MFTs). Thus the residence does not matter.
  5. Insurance number during the first employment if it started working at fourteen-year age can be assigned to the child.

We make out SNILS

Assignment of insurance number to the child is carried out only by means of parents. Thus its presence is optional. Necessary list of documents:

  • passport;
  • the completed questionnaire (ADV-1 form);
  • birth certificate of the child.

At achievement of fourteen years the child receives the passport therefore he is engaged in registration of SNILS independently. Thus it has to provide:

  • the document proving the identity;
  • the completed questionnaire (ADV-1 form).

How many it is required to time for receiving SNILSA

Insurance number is assigned to the person instantly at the address. And here on issue of the document time will be required, and terms depend on a type of submission of the document:

  • through a pension fund. The document it is necessary to wait for about three weeks. At its loss you will need its duplicate, delivery will take month. Upon also longer terms are possible. If in office of a pension fund there is no special equipment, your documents will bring to the regional center;
  • through the multipurpose center. Expectation term also makes three weeks. But time of transfer to a pension fund will tighten this procedure for some days;
  • through the employer. It is necessary to wait for about two months. Procedure occupies some stages. At first the employer transfers documents to PF (for 2 weeks from the moment of registration of the labor relations with the worker). After that opening of personal account will take about three weeks from PF. As much it is required to time for a document transfer to the employer. Only then it will be able to give out SNILS to the subordinate.

Without leaving the house

It is possible to receive SNILS on the child and by means of the Internet. In the shortest possible time it can be made on the state portal. The insurance document is processed in online the mode, the way of its delivery is also discussed. However this way of assignment SNILSA there are also difficulties – not everyone will be able to understand electronic registration of the insurance document. It is in that case better to address to the service center or to call consultants of a portal.

As we see, to issue SNILS today is not difficult business. And taking into account all its advantages, experts recommend not to tighten and file documents on assignment of insurance number and obtaining the document as soon as possible.

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