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From where users get on the page of the site

Actually, it is one of the major questions which has to interest all people who decided to be engaged online in business. After all from that, how many visitors will get on pages of your resource, also that will depend, how many money you will receive from the project.

As well as in a case with usual shops, daily earnings of your resource will be depending on number of visitors the part from which will become buyers. Following analogy to usual shop, it is also possible to tell and that earnings will depend not only on quantity visited the website, but also on that, how many among them will be potentially interested in your goods or services of clients.

There is a set of ways of attraction of target audience. The most interesting – advance of the site in search engines of your country. For a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet it, first of all, Google and Yandex. The purpose of SEO of promotion is extremely prosy – to make so that your site was seen by the user after it sets inquiry in a search engine. And saw then when its inquiries mention subject of your site. The position will have references to a resource on pages of search delivery crucial importance, after all most of users look through only the first two pages of search results, and some in general are limited to the first three-four references.

In spite of the fact that advance in search engines is an effective way of receiving target audience, only on SEO not obligatory to stop. If you are interested in development of online store, as well as in real life, you will need to be enclosed in advertizing. In online space advertizing can be bought in several ways. The first is a contextual advertizing of the same search engines. It represents announcements which are shown along with the untwisted sites on the relevant page with search results. However for each transition, that is you will pay for each user who passed through the advertisement to your site to a search engine money. The price of one user will mainly depend on subject and to fluctuate from several cents to several dollars.

If you decided to buy ready business in the Network which is already advanced in a search engine and has the adjusted flow of visitors by means of advertizing, you should take one fact into account – you should be engaged in promotion, as well as advance constantly. However at due approach all investments will beat off target audience of a resource.

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