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Fraud with plastic cards

The Russian people always loved "freebie". Can therefore in our country fraud prospered and prospers. Today will tell you how not to fall into a trap "flimflammers" and to save the money when using of ATMs and terminals. I will begin with vital history...
Мошенничество с пластиковыми картами (банковскими), кардинг The Russian people always loved "freebie". Can therefore in our country fraud prospered and prospers. Today will tell you how not to fall into a trap "flimflammers" and to save the money when using of ATMs and terminals.
I will begin with vital history. Two years ago I worked in department of provision of pensions. Once the granny came to reception, old very much. The request was very simple and was reduced to that we transferred it payment of pensions from bank on post office. It, of course, is convenient to the granny, do not go anywhere, home the mail carrier carries pension. It appeared is not present, not everything is so simple. In the 79th woman could not acquire use of the ATM in any way. Therefore the granddaughter asked 22-year-old to descend to receive pension. The grandson descended, but returned without money. It hurried and instead of withdrawing funds, transferred granny's pension "to charity". Mixed buttons. Well here, tell, why to us swindlers – we and money will give.
This story was told with the purpose to induce you, dear readers of, to attentiveness. Especially in cases, so far as concerns your money! And now, actually, we will talk about the real frauds and ways to avoid them.
For the last 5-7 years we so got used to ATMs and electronic payments via terminals that now it is difficult to remember, and that was to them. And there is no wish to remember – after all to hold money on the card so conveniently! But, with growth of number of ATMs, the number of those people who wish to be enriched illegally with their help grows. And if it seemed earlier that such frauds happen only at cinema, today they became real to pain.

The truth about skimmers

Perhaps, you for the first time hear this word. Though banks are at war with this device here 8 years. The skimmer is a special laid on device for the ATM which reads out number of your cash card.
Скиммер – это специальное накладное устройство для банкомата, которое считывает номер вашей банковской карты
The size this device about a pack of cigarettes, and is imposed directly on a kartrider into which you insert the card. Here so the skimmer on the ATM looks.
Вот так выглядит скиммер на банкомате
Вот так выглядит скиммер на банкомате
Вот так выглядит скиммер на банкомате
Вот так выглядит скиммер на банкомате
The scheme of fraud to pain is simple. You make any operation with the help of the ATM and, suspecting nothing, leave on the affairs. While swindlers by means of the skimmer considered all information on your card, at any time will make its duplicate and will nullify your bank account.
From where they learn a PIN code? There are some options. The most elementary – the person standing for you in a queue simply will spot a PIN code because of your back. But, swindlers thought up some more ways. They can spray special spray on which the keys pressed by you will be accurately visible on the keyboard. Or will install the microcamera on the ATM, and you will not notice it because it will be hidden behind a pack of advertizing leaflets.
Мошенники могут установить на банкомат микрокамеру, и вы её не заметите, потому что спрятана она будет за пачкой рекламных буклетов
Мошенники могут установить на банкомат микрокамеру, и вы её не заметите, потому что спрятана она будет за пачкой рекламных буклетов
There are even laid on keyboards which almost differ in nothing from the keyboard of the ATM.
Есть накладные клавиатуры, которые почти ничем не отличаются от самой клавиатуры банкомата
Есть накладные клавиатуры, которые почти ничем не отличаются от самой клавиатуры банкомата
Есть накладные клавиатуры, которые почти ничем не отличаются от самой клавиатуры банкомата
Such keyboard dexterously considers a PIN code of your plastic card.
Такая клавиатура ловко считает пин-код вашей пластиковой карты
Такая клавиатура ловко считает пин-код вашей пластиковой карты
But, and there is more to come! There are whole laid on panels which are imposed at once on all surface of the ATM, and at the same time read out both a PIN code, and number of the cash card. Here is how such panels look.
Существуют целые накладные панели, которые накладываются сразу на всю поверхность банкомата, и одновременно считывают и пин-код, и номер банковской карты
As understand, to distinguish them it is almost unreal, but it is possible!
    Council from Before using the ATM, attentively examine it. In an ideal on the ATM there should not be acting parts, especially, differing on color. Near the screen of the ATM there should not be supports with booklets. Also pay attention, whether there are no curious people in turn and if those are available, be not too lazy – use other ATM. At detection of the skimmer, call on the phone number specified on your card and report about it.
It is necessary to tell that skimmers freely are on sale on the Internet. If attentively to look, it is possible to find ten announcements. There are they from 200 dollars, both chambers, and overlays for the keyboard are included in the package. And some sellers suggest even to train for a certain payment in technology of production of skimmers.
Cкиммеры свободно продаются в интернете
The set of "pure" plastic cards of which duplicates will be made, is on sale at the price of 30 dollars for 500 pieces. After simple calculations it becomes clear that such here swindler's set nearly after first "client" will pay off. Of course, the probability of loss of the equipment is great, but is visible, the game is worth the candle. Especially as install skimmers at some o'clock, most often at night when vigilance of citizens becomes dull.
Is almost unreal to return the money stolen in this way therefore it is necessary to be extremely attentive not to get on tricks of swindlers.
And banks sound alarm. If earlier similar devices found only in the countries of Europe, now they appeared and in the CIS. Many banks started conducting video surveillance behind ATMs, to use the special touch alarm system. There was an attempt to pass to use of plastic cards with microchips which cannot almost be forged. But new cards cost very much and did not sustain the competition.
One more option – installation of anti-skimmers – special slips on a kartrider which do impossible installation of the skimmer. They look approximately so.
Recently such here adaptations started establishing on ATMs of Sberbank of Russia. Clients of bank started addressing in large quantities with complaints to skimmers. People thought what exactly and looks this device. Therefore under a kartrider on ATMs soon pasted a special sign – a photo of how the ATM in an ideal has to look.
Антискиммеры бывают разных цветов – красного, синего, зеленого
In the countries of Europe some years ATMs are equipped with anti-skimmers. They happen different flowers – red, blue, green. And on the screen of the ATM the photo of the keyboard and a kartrider in a "normal" state is highlighted. But it is better to be reinsured and, in order to avoid troubles, to cash money in well protected ATMs or cash desks of bank.

ATM phantom

It, undoubtedly, the most expensive type of fraud. Criminals started using counterfeit ATMs. They look as the most ordinary ATMs with the indication of real bank information. Only in fact is the simply empty box equipped with the skimmer. You enter a pin, try to withdraw funds, and on the screen the message on technical malfunctions or that there is no hard cash is displayed. Minute put and swindlers have all necessary data of your cash card. The ATM returns a plastic card, and you, suspecting nothing, go to look for other ATM. While swindlers nullify your account.
    Council from Not only well examine the ATM, but also try to shift it. As a rule, ATMs phantoms are badly fixed and are easily displaced. Besides, try to use the same ATM, we will tell near the house or office. So you and the skimmer will see in case of its emergence, and will not run into the counterfeit ATM. Do not risk and do not cash money in the suspicious ATMs installed in poorly populated places in again installed ATMs.

"The Lebanese loop"

One more cunning trick. The purpose of this fraud is mastering your cash card. And if last ways swindlers needed to have special devices, in this case only the usual film is necessary. Though there are also handymen who constructed more "graceful" device.
Ливанская петля
Мошенник изготавливает из фотопленки специальный карман, который помещает в картридер. Концы кармана незаметно закрепляет снаружи картридера.
Situation. The swindler makes a special pocket which places in a kartrider of a film. Imperceptibly fixes the ends of a pocket outside of a kartrider. You decided to withdraw money, inserted the card into the ATM, entered a PIN code, and perhaps even cashed some sum. Only the ATM did not begin to return the card to you. You in a panic. The "kind" person from turn volunteers to help you, motivating with that such too happened to him. He presses some buttons, calms you, and, in fact, in a minute - two you involuntarily tell him a PIN code. It is impossible to take the card in any way, and you (on the advice of the same "the kind person") run to bank at top speed to understand. Or call, but say to you that will take the card only at the end of day at collection. You leave away and wait for a call from bank. At that time the swindler takes a loop and takes away your cash card. Understand, anything it does not need to copy – it has an original of the card and your pin. Can consider that money on your account is not present more.
    Council from In this situation you will be rescued by only own vigilance. Usually on perimeter of a kartrider it is a little considerably edge of "the Lebanese loop". Try to run a finger at the edges of a kartrider, to the touch too it is possible to feel the wrong. And still. Never, under no circumstances do not tell a PIN code of your cash card to ANYBODY.

Other types of frauds with cash cards

Unfortunately, there are also other tricks with the purpose to take control of our money. Lose blood you can and in shop, restaurant, the Internet.
    Once, my acquaintance got to very unpleasant situation. It paid off in shop with the salary card. Because it very much hurried, did not begin to check the check, and on a habit enclosed it together with delivery in a purse. And only through a couple of hours suspected the wrong. And that only after was received on mobile by SMS notice from bank about a sjema of means. The sum which appeared in SMS, appeared twice more, than that which was paid. As it became clear, the cashier carried out the card on a kartrider twice. It was hard to say it is accident or the deliberate act. As a result of ardent indignation and long clarification of details with administration of a supermarket, money after all returned to the inattentive customer
The same can occur and at restaurant if you pay with the card. The waiter can register imperceptibly repeatedly payment or at all be removed and make the copy of the cash card by means of the pocket skimmer.
Many cases of loss of means occur and at fee through terminal installations. The sums paid for the credit or a rent are simply lost. The matter is that the notice on payment which gives out the terminal, is not the check, according to it it is not enough for filing of application in court on the owner of the terminal.
    One my acquaintance more than a month waited for money which via the terminal transferred into the account in WebMoney. Owners of terminals answered all claims that the client simply incorrectly entered the account to which transferred money. But after long "siege" money after all was.
On the Internet of hunters to someone else's money a dime a dozen. You simply pay purchase, and unfair owners of shop, having seized data of your card, will easily make its copy.
    Council from Under no circumstances do not issue the cash card from a look. And if noticed something wrong, pay off with cash better. Carefully check all checks, and for a constant control connect to mobile service of SMS banking. Do not use the suspicious online stores new or with the soiled reputation. Besides, anybody did not cancel cash payment on delivery the courier yet.
And, please, be extremely attentive! My employee removed a salary once in the new ATM over which even the sign was not. She fondly believed that only ATMs of its native bank of green-gray color, for as paid with decent commission charges which are provided at withdrawal of funds via ATMs of others (not what issued the card) banks.
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