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Forward drive or back

Like to argue in our people, do not feed with bread – let's express. Here and question: "What cars it is better, with the forward drive or with back?" – too very hot. Generally, decided to get here and to clear up. Having analysed all pluses and minuses, I think, everyone will be able to choose to himself the car, considering the financial opportunities and requirements.
Like to argue in our people, do not feed with bread – let's express. Here and question: "What cars it is better, with the forward drive or with back?" – too very hot. Generally, decided to get here and to clear up.

About the forward and back drive

Передний привод или задний привод Most of drivers, especially fine half, know in the car only an arrangement of pedals, a wheel, and from what party to be the tank mouth, though the last not always. Such people treat the car as to the vehicle and they are not interested in technical features of the car. "Goes to itself, well and let goes, there would be a gasoline …" - so thinks and will tell practically any of them if you ask: "What drive at you?".
It in a root is wrong. According to, it is necessary to know by what you go, and it is not simple to know, but also to understand. Not casually in the majority of foreign driving schools the technical course of training of drivers occupies two stages – the first: training in control of the front-wheel car, and the second: control of the rear-wheel car. It is made for this purpose that the concept of management of such cars in critical and avariynoopasny situations the completely various.
At the beginning all cars were with the back drive. The engine in such cars stood in front is longitudinal, then there was GSB (gear shifting box), further the driveshaft, and, at last, the back bridge. Zadny Bridge in such cars is called as the leader. On it the turning moment from the engine via the driveshaft moves. In the same place there is a case, it is such box with oil in which there is a set of the "cunning" gears which are called as differential. The differential divides the turning moment and transmits it through half shafts on wheels, thereby rotating them and setting your car in motion. The second type, so to speak – unusual, also differs in that the engine is installed behind where at ordinary cars a luggage carrier.
Схема дифференциала Here all lived, did not grieve, drove rear-wheel cars, and there are cars with the forward drive in which there is no half of details from above listed. The torque is transferred to forward wheels, and behind there is a usual axis, a such metal round beam which connects both back wheels. The first car was constructed by three Austrians: brothers Karl, Heinrich and Franz Grefomi in 1898. But it was exclusively experimental car. The serial car was released in Germany by Auto Union firm under the name of "DKW" and started descending from the conveyor in 1931. Whether it is possible to consider this step as progress in the car a structure? Yes – it is possible. First of all, it is the answer of automotive industry to an increasing demand and requirement of cars. With transition to the forward drive, the car in general became simpler in assembly and is cheaper, and for conveyor production it is huge plus. Though plus and huge, however, not all automobile companies decided to use it, and completely to pass to such production, thereby having left to the consumer an option. And the choice turns into a problem when definitely you do not know what exactly is necessary for you. Once asked one leading engineer of the BMW company: "What drive is better?", and it smiling answered: "Back … Only back". Let's understand those, what pluses and minuses for us, consumers, were behind his smile.

Back drive. Pluses:

Схема устройства заднеприводного автомобиля
  • The first, on what you pay attention when you get to salon of the rear-wheel car are vibrations of a body from the working engine. They are practically not present thanks to the longitudinal arrangement of the engine established on the softening elements. Especially if it is the new car of a representative class, such as BWM of the 5th version or Mercedes E-class, sitting in such car on back sitting it is difficult to understand, the engine works or not.
  • Shorter the handle course – at the expense of a longitudinal arrangement of the engine and lack of the kulisny mechanism. Transfers switch easier and more comfortably.
  • Smaller radius of a turn. Forward wheels do not pull the car forward but only set the direction while all effort is transferred to back wheels, they push the car. For this reason on the back drive it is easier to enter turn (on condition of good road conditions).
  • By pressing gas, dispersal the weight of the car is transferred back, thereby pressing back wheels and unloading lobbies. As a result all car has the best coupling with a paving.
  • Drift on the rear-wheel car is more predictable and is easily eliminated with dropping gas and turn of a wheel towards drift. considers that it is more convenient from that point of view that the ordinary person has a normal reflex – to throw gas, but not to press. On forward, on the contrary, for an exit from drift it is necessary to add effort to a gas pedal, and dropping will lead to even bigger loss in controllability. Naturally it demands from the driver of the corresponding skills. I.e. the back drive unambiguously more safely, threw gas – was leveled.

Back drive. Minuses:

  • More expensive prime cost, and as a result – the total price will be higher. For this reason of 98% of all modern cars of middle class are issued with the forward drive.
  • The cardan tunnel in salon of the car reduces a useful area. In my opinion, only powerful minus. But if you are not going to carry on back sitting of 3 people, you should not take it into account.
  • It is considered that at the rear-wheel car passability is worse. But this statement-part case, than true statement. It is possible to get into a mud mess on the forward drive, and it will dig you so that the tractor will be required that from there to get you. It is possible to slip this pool on the back drive, but it is possible and not to slip. Result: the same tractor will help you. From himself there is a wish to add that neither the forward, nor back drive is not suitable for a driving on off road terrain. For this purpose there is a separate class of cars – SUVs. All of them are equipped with the full drive, "AWD" – All Wheels Drive – all driving wheels.
Wants to pay special attention of on BMW X5, the four-wheel drive vehicle with a suspension bracket X-Drive. The essence of its work consists that the processor watches quality of a paving and itself defines, on what covering there is a car. If you go on off road terrain – you have a full drive, once you come out to the good German autobahn – the processor will disconnect the forward bridge, having left to leaders only back.

Forward drive. Pluses:

Схема устройства переднего привода
  • Cheaper in production. To the producer to assemble the car is simpler and cheaper, and as a result consumer price too is lower.
  • The driveshaft is not present therefore there is no tunnel, as a result there is more than place in salon.
  • It is possible to extend the car practically under any slippery hill turn of a wheel and addition by effort to a gas pedal, after all bulk of the car on the leading forward wheels in the winter. On the back drive at such maneuvers the car can develop on a place. Therefore recommends to the beginning motorists first winter to spend on the front-wheel car.
  • Unfortunately, I did not find more merits in the forward drive for myself.

Forward drive. Minuses:

Передний привод
  • Vibrations of the engine are very notable in salon. To me opportunity few weeks dropped out to drive on new "bearded" Volkswagen Passat. Despite the forward drive, the car not bad enters turns at great speed that could not be expected from cars with the forward drive. Rather it strongly with it is helped by electronics. But here vibrations of operation of the engine are very notable, besides it was the diesel engine.
  • By pressing gas and acceleration of the car, a wheel jet efforts are transferred. The wheel starts shivering if you have no GURA (Power steering), it is better to hold it more strong.
  • Bigger radius of a turn as the CV JOINT is combined with the steering mechanism. About it it is always necessary to remember and not to press on gas at completely unscrewed wheels. If to forget about it, hinges will fail, and you fly on expensive repair.
Having analysed all pluses and minuses, I think, everyone will be able to choose to himself the car, considering the financial opportunities and requirements. Two of my acquaintances who rode BMW 525 and E230 Mercedes of release of the end of the 80th earlier, decided to update the cars, having changed on that, on what money was enough. And they were enough for Audi A4, Volkswagen Bora. Having driven about half a year decided to sell and take again the back drive. Habit force affected, the answer was one – "Not that …".
I tried to tell all this without special addictions. Finally a question for most of our people finance is decisive. Therefore if you do not go on roads more than 90-120 km/h, drive the car regularly from work for work, during snow, during a rain, thus are the person family, - you that should not chase the back drive. It is simpler to buy a reliable front-wheel drive vehicle and in heading of article to answer a question silently, with a smile. :)
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