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How to treat fistula in a gum

Fistula in a gum is a peculiar protective reaction of an organism when near a place of localization of the inflammatory center in fabric the opening through which pus is outside removed is formed.

When the inflammation develops from above a molar, the removing channel, as a rule, appears in the field of a fang projection. The official medicine defines this phenomenon as a desenny fistula. This started periodontitis form hard will respond to treatment therefore drastic measures need to be undertaken at once after formation of fistula.

Reasons of formation of fistula

Fistula no other than result of defeat of soft fabrics of a mouth or bone tissue abscess. In the niche formed owing to an inflammation accumulates it is purulent - blood mix which will exude through the channel in a gum subsequently.

The factors provoking emergence of fistula, a little:

  1. Unfair or insufficient treatment of caries or pulpitis.
  2. The inflamed cyst.
  3. The started granulating periodontitis.
  4. The complicated growth or prorezyvaniye of a wisdom tooth.
  5. Low-quality tooth filling.
  6. Perforation (opening) of a fang.
  7. Hard proceeding infectious diseases.
  8. Chronic overfatigue and decrease in the general immunity.
  9. Sharp temperature drops of a body as a result of an overheat or overcooling.

In the absence of treatment caries becomes complicated to a pulpitis (inflammatory defeat of nervous tissue of tooth). This pathology is resulted by dying off of a nerve, and the infection extends further, occupying a fang top. Exactly here the purulent center of an inflammation called by periodontitis is localized.

Emergence of a cyst is, as a rule, not interfaced to pain and discomfort, and it is easier for person to close eyes to a problem, than to eliminate it. However when weakening protective forces of an organism or at an exacerbation of a chronic illness pus continues to collect, corroding healthy cells of a soft and bone tissue. Eventually purulent infiltrate breaks outside through fistula.

Symptomatic picture of pathology

Formation of the channel in tissue of a gum is followed by the following symptoms:

  • shortly before discovery of fistula of the patient tolerant or severe pain around the affected tooth torments;
  • in certain cases the painful tooth starts being unsteady;
  • there is a visible hypostasis on a gum;
  • pain right there disappears as soon as fistula opens, and pus comes to light;
  • the painful discomfort appears from a touch or a nadkusyvaniye;
  • body temperature reaches a point of 37,5 degrees and above.

Diagnosis of a disease

To understand that happens to the patient, the doctor does not need any special methods of inspection – in most cases it is possible to manage visual survey. The painful tooth is determined by percussion by it by the metal tool (the affected tooth is mobile, and the patient feels pain).

To estimate extent of damage of a gum, to the patient appoint radiological research. Thanks to this procedure establish as the gum is deeply affected, the purulent cavity is how great and whether there is an inflammation about a periosteum.

Treatment of fistula in a gum

The opening in a gum is not a disease, but its consequence. Therefore treat, first of all, a painful tooth which served as incentive for distribution of inflammatory process deep into of soft fabrics and formation of fistula.

Task for the stomatologist – scrupulously to clean all channels of affected tooth, to remove the purulent weight and deposits of a carious origin. The tooth cleared of various sources of an infection is disinfected special solution and sealed up.

Affairs of the patient are much worse if fistula arose because of poor sealed up tooth: for treatment tooth channels are subject to cleaning of sealing material. Not to provoke still a bigger inflammation, to the cleared canals put resolvents on long time. When the doctor makes sure that from an infection did not remain also a trace, tooth seal up repeatedly.

If at the sealed-up tooth there is a crown or a pin, removal of sealing weight so becomes complicated that becomes possible only by means of a surgery during which delete a fang top.

The rehabilitation course will help to get rid of fistula finally. The damaged site of a gum is irradiated with ultrasound or processed by means of the laser. In certain cases fistula is cauterized diametrichesky current. The inflammation is suppressed antibacterial preparations, and the oral cavity is rinsed several times a day wound healing solutions and do salt trays.

If there is a need, to the patient in addition appoint antiallergic preparations (Tavegil or Suprastin). Perhaps, the doctor will recommend to the patient to get special toothpastes and gels which application will exclude repeated infection.

If complication did not manage to be avoided, and the inflammation went further, for example, to a periosteum, fistula eliminate only by operating. Surgical intervention can be not allowed if to address to the doctor right after emergence of disturbing symptoms of a disease.

Treatment of pathology in the national ways

Mirsovetov hurries to note that centuries-old experience of traditional medicine not in forces to cure fistula or tooth which became the reason of injury of a gum, but recipes of our great-grandmothers will help to accelerate recovery process.

  1. Equal parts of flowers of a marigold, grass of a yarrow and the tributary, inflorescences of a tansy, roots of a dandelion and garden sorrel will be necessary for you. Mix curative raw materials and overwind it in the meat grinder. To the turned-out fragrant mix add a little ikhtiolovy oil and oil of a calendula – take them so much that not too liquid grass weight turned out. Diligently mix mix and apply it on the affected gum. Means effectively suppresses an inflammation.
  2. At such problem it is a high time to remember a camomile. Fill in 1 tablespoon of flowers of a plant of 400 ml of abrupt boiled water and leave for 2 hours to be drawn, then filter. The received infusion wash out the field of education of fistula of 5-6 times a day. At will the camomile will be successfully replaced by a calendula. Also plants for preparation of infusion can be used at the same time in a proportion 1 to 1.
  3. Crush a bulb to a condition of gruel and mix it with the mummy tablets (8–10 pieces) ground in powder, then add to this mix of 1 tablespoon of olive oil and thoroughly mix everything. Put "medicine" on the sterile gauze put in some layers and put to a sore point for 5–7 minutes. Repeat procedure a little in day.
  4. Let's remember the curative force of plants which quite often grew at our grandmothers on a window sill. It will be necessary for you on 3 leaves of a century plant and a kalanchoe. Overwind them in the meat grinder and mix. Wrap "medicine" in some layers of a gauze and apply for 10 minutes to the inflamed gum. It is necessary to repeat procedure 3 times a day.

There is a national opinion as if fistula can be cured by means of vodka compresses. We hurry to warn you: in spite of the fact that means it is rather effective in treatment of otitis or cough, it categorically is not suitable for elimination of such problem, as fistula. On the contrary, incorrectly imposed compress can provoke a burn and will only strengthen an inflammation.

Prevention of formation of fistulas

We think, ways of treatment of fistula did not cause in you feeling of delight therefore it is fair to believe that it is necessary in every way to try to keep the teeth healthy as it is possible more long.

Emergence of fistula, want or not, points to your negligent attitude to own health. An opening in a gum – the final stage of a disease which was preceded caries, a pulpitis and a periodontal disease, and the person all this time stayed idle. Remember that the problems connected with teeth need to be solved at once after their emergence. Besides, it is possible to note also such preventive measures:

  • twice per day diligently brush teeth not less than 5 minutes;
  • even if disturbs nothing you, 1 time in half a year visit the stomatologist;
  • by all means refuse smoking;
  • eat healthy and healthy food;
  • at the slightest discomfort connected with gums or teeth as soon as possible address to the expert.

The forecast of treatment of fistula very favorable if in due time to solve a problem. However at conscious ignoring of pathological process, there is a risk to lose tooth, though in this case it is possible to count on an absolute recovery.

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