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How to fight against spam

I do not know as to you, our dear readers, and to me nearly daily come various letters with promises of multimillion earnings, or offers to buy some nonsense to an electronic box. In what way if not to get rid, then considerably to reduce spam stream in your electronic life? tried to understand.
Как бороться со спамом, спам защита I do not know as to you, our dear readers, and to me nearly daily come various letters with promises of multimillion earnings, or offers to buy some nonsense to an electronic box. Not only that most often these offers are deception though it is not so terrible if not to be conducted on their offers, but still they take away real money, after all a traffic not free. In what way if not to get rid, then considerably to reduce spam stream in your electronic life? tried to understand.

Types of spam

Electronic spam can meet us everywhere. Annoying e-mails, messages in ICQ, at forums and chats. But the greatest evil represents electronic spam. After all it is possible to include an antispam of a boat which will eliminate all the robots trying to send advertizing in ICQ. As well at a forum it is possible to establish quite effective protection against spam. But here how to protect the electronic box?
First, in order that spam your electronic box came to your box, the address has to get to special spam lists. When you leave the address somewhere – better to write down it thus ivanov (dog) of or ivan @ If it settings allow, at a forum it is better to do in general the box hidden.
But, unfortunately, presently some unfair holders of the sites, and that are even more awful, also hosters of e-mail who open the bases of addresses to spammers meet.

When spam still is not present

Как бороться со спамом, спам защита Fight against spam begins directly with creation of a mailbox. Has to be more exact than them a little. The first box for personal or business correspondence of recommends to get on a paid hosting. Thus, you practically exclude opportunity information "plum" the stranger.
In what advantage of a paid box? First, the representative bears responsibility for work of a box, loss of information and gives if something happens sufficient technical support. Secondly, will provide you much more favorable conditions and settings for use of a box. Thirdly, most likely your address will not get to spammers if, of course, you kindly do not provide it.
The second box needs to be got for receiving various newsletters to which you subscribed. But in it, as well as in the first case, you need to pick up a name correctly. As to make it read further. To use a paid or free box for mailings – to choose to you. Reliability is not so important here and spare cash will not always be. Here already business especially your personal taste.
You get the third box for registration at various forums, the sites (registration on which does not represent special importance). You can give it to everyone and write anywhere. But I recommend to be fond not really. Happens that it is necessary to recover any password or the important letter will come to this address, and there is so much stuff … Therefore to distribute to the right and on the left even this box is not necessary.
As it is correctly to choose a name for a box. It is desirable that the name contained enough symbols (more than eight), and also was not standard as If you are called Natalia, it is better to choose a box approximately by such In this case the name of your box will not contain a standard name, and also will be quite difficult for selection.
Effectively special post programs will help to control a large number of boxes to you.

When spam already goes a continuous stream

Спам защита Yes, it would be good to make everything that is written above, earlier, when you only got a box. But what to do if megabytes of network garbage come to already existing electronic basket to you, and to change it there is no opportunity?
It is not necessary to be upset and panic. To start recommends to you to divide nevertheless a controlled flow of letters (mailing, personal mail) on other boxes.
Further it is necessary to install the post program if you did not have it earlier. Then it is necessary to establish in it any antispam the filter. It depends already on what post program you use. Look on the forums devoted to the program read responses and will choose to yourself the high-quality filter. Usually after a while you will manage to train your e-mail client of a filtration of the majority of spam, alternately specifying what of letters is spam and what is not present. But it will not solve a problem with a traffic, after all you all the same should load spam letters, but you simply will not see them.
There is also a way of a filtration on headings of letters. If your post hoster provided you the POP3 protocol, you have mail filtration opportunity on the e-mail server. At such filtration headings of the messages which arrived to you are looked through on the e-mail server of your provider and those from them which do not correspond to settings of your filter are erased or you delete mail manually.
To receive letter heading, using post programs it is necessary:
  1. Outlook Express:
    • Right-click on the message and select the Properties item (Properties) and in the opened window to choose a bookmark "In detail". There you will see full heading of the letter. In this window it is possible to click on the lower button ("The initial message") and to receive the full text of the letter, including full heading, copy it.
  2. The Bat!:
    • Choose the message and press Ctrl + Shift + K (or F9)
    • (or - the menu-> Specials-> View source)
    • (or - the menu-> Special-> the Source text of the letter)
    • You can adjust the filter differently. For example, if you specify that in a subject of the letter the words "work" and "earnings" should not meet - that all letters with these words in a subject will be removed on the server. But possibilities of setup of filters are not limited.

Control anti-spam of the filter

We give a control example a filter antispam for the The Bat program!
We come into "Box" – then "Control of the sorter of letters"
Настройка сортировщика писем
In the appeared window we choose the File – "The New Rule"
Выбираем Файл – «Новое Правило»
We fill fields in this way. We expose a name of the filter to any (1). Further in a condition we choose "A source text of the letter" (it means that the filter will select words from a source text) (2). It is also possible to choose instead of a source text to select on a subject and on the sender, and also in many various parameters. By other rule watch an example of creation of the filter further.
And the field "contains" SPAM ***" is filled "*** (3) where instead of *** SPAM ***, we enter that word or the phrase which, in your opinion, will correspond to the text of the spam message. Let's assume if you chose selection on a source text, the phrase, for example, "Such you did not see yet", and will convict the spammer. And if you made selection on a subject that, for example, in the field "contains" it is possible to specify the word "earn" distributed in spam letters. Then we press to add action (4)
Заполняем поля
In a window of "Action" we select the item "move the letter" in the spam folder (see a screenshot below). Such folder is created by default in the The Bat program! But if, suddenly, it is not present, you can create it. It is also possible to choose action "to remove the letter", but can happen so that spam the filter will remove the important letter in which, unfortunately, the author inadvertently could leave the text which will get under operation of the filter. And from the folder spam you can always return it.
В окошке «Действия» выбираем пункт «переместить письмо» в папку «спам»
We press OK. In total filter, is ready, you needed to start it.
The filter you can add that quantity of conditions which you will count necessary for your safety to spam.
Here example of addition of one more condition. Let's take, suppose, the addressee point. Very often spammers, dispatching spam, in the field of the addressee place someone's others address, and insert yours into the copy. The ordinary sender or mailing in the field "addressee" enters a name of your box. Therefore we press the button "add a condition", we choose "addressee", then "does not correspond" to your address (we see drawing below)
Добавление условия

But would like to emphasize: it is better to make the filter slightly more weakly that it passed a little more spam, but did not remove any important letter, than on the contrary.
Radical measures of fight against spam
There is a possibility of creation of black and white lists. Black lists are not really effective against spammers as they constantly change addresses. And here creation of white lists will allow not to pass any letter from the address which is not entering this "the happy list". But nevertheless I recommend to use the present possibility carefully, after all it is possible by accident and to remove the important letter.
The problem of spam is very sharp. But from it the stream of spam does not decrease. In some states spammers receive very decent terms for similar activity. But you can make a feasible contribution to fight against spam.
Never click links in spam letters and do not respond to their offers. If you do it, first, your address will mark as effective for spam, and, secondly, you will give profit to the spammer that he and initially achieves.
In cases if any project or goods is advertized, you can write the angry letter to administration of the project or calculate real ip-adress of the spammer and write to the provider providing it the Internet. It is possible to file a lawsuit if laws of your country it allow or any other ways "sweeten" life to this person. The main thing that there was a desire, and will always be enough the imagination. sincerely hopes that the above described ways will help to facilitate life to your mailbox and you. Good luck less spam!
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