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Fibonacci's indicator

My harmful passion to researches, relieved me not of one deposit. Why I do it? To learn to trade so that to be in the market not every day, and less than 3 hours in day. It is desirable minutes 15-20. And to have profit trading in exclusively postponed warrants, as much as possible. Possibility of profitable trade provides Fibonacci's indicator.
Индикатор Фибоначчи
My harmful passion to researches, relieved me not of one deposit. Why I do it? To learn to trade so that to be in the market not every day, and less than 3 hours in day. It is desirable minutes 15-20. And to have profit trading in exclusively postponed warrants, as much as possible. It is possible. I know precisely.
Is also pleasant that fact that today it is possible even without having to earn the big deposit by the knowledge, selling to an infinite great number of buyers results of the intellectual work. How? Very simply. Today there is such service as "ForexCopy system from InstaForex". A service essence that you for a money will allow to copy your transactions that who is interested in it. And it is unimportant that your deposit will be tiny. If your transactions profitable – are ready to pay for opportunity to copy them. Such to itself analogy of school spisyvaniye. Very conveniently by all. All parties are happy. But for this purpose it is necessary to trade profitably.
Possibility of profitable trade provides Fibonacci's indicator. The fine tool in hands of the skilled trader. Already how many centuries the mankind successfully uses properties of a numerical row, without being tired to be surprised and open with its help new opportunities. And how many still it is necessary to open!!! Who knows, maybe, you will make the next discovery (and will favourably sell it) in any of fields of knowledge, leaning on a numerical number of Fibonacci. It is quite possible that this opening will concern trade in the currency market of Forex. But before to open, well to know what it is necessary to face on the way to new fulfillments.
Than this article is interesting to you? That all examples are given directly from the account on which transactions are made here and now. Even if with a demo account. But not from pictures of manuals on which drawing is applied. And as material not the schedule of last period, but the live working demo account purposefully open for a material operating time to this article is chosen. Besides article is added with the illustrations step by step reflecting trade in this account. Besides, the detailed report for this short trading session is submitted. You will be able to see results of trade, but not simply "the word takes" and to draw possibility of practical application of all of about what broadcast in the imagination. And that all transactions are closed is still remarkable. It is possible to relax and eat ice cream or something else, without caring of further destiny of the schedule at all.
Fibonacci's indicator contains some tools: Temporary zones of Fibonacci, Fibonacci's Fan, Fibonacci's Arches, Fibonacci's Line, Fibonacci's Expansion and Fibonacci's Channel.
The most surprising properties of the indicator allow to use it on any periods. Equally effectively it acts both on graphics of MN (month), and on the minute schedule. A difference only in forecast duration. It is obvious that using indicators on the minute schedule, it is possible to predict on an interval of time of no more than from 5 to 30 min. 30 minutes can quite be enough these to make decent profit. The forecasts made on graphics of MN are intended for the long periods of trade.
The value of this indicator is strengthened by that if step by step to install it on one period and to continue the auction taking into account all installed indicators, the forecast accuracy, and the indicator as the guide increases, conducts us according to the schedule. If to use Fibonacci's indicator in combination with other indicators, interaction of indicators will only increase efficiency of the auction.

Let's consider the first four indicators

Temporary zones of Fibonacci it is built on two extreme points. Find on graphics (for example on H1) the period per day two acting to the maximum and on a minimum of a point and install the indicator from the first point to the second. If your schedule is submitted by Japanese candles, build the indicator taking into account candle shadows (these are such tails which are at the top of and in the bottom of the body of a candle (column)). The considered shadows allow to reflect data with possibility of the forecast with an accuracy up to 1-2 points!!! Of course, for those who trades on the long periods, it is unimportant and even ridiculous. But for the day trader it matters.
Having connected the indicator Temporary zones of Fibonacci two points, we will see that on graphics there were vertical lines noted by figures and, respectively, further numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 … etc. I.e. a number sequence of Fibonacci. When the schedule comes nearer to these lines, on it to high probability there will be price fluctuations. Not change of the direction of the schedule, and the range of a candle can be much higher or very long shadows of the candle which are traces of these fluctuations. Though changes of the direction of the schedule are not excluded. Be simply vigilant, coming nearer to lines of Temporary zones of Fibonacci.
Fibonacci's fan is established also easily, as well as the previous indicator. Represents levels 38.2, 50, 61.8, but not in horizontal lines, and at an angle. Almost unmistakably predicts further events in the market, i.e. is advancing. If regularly to watch interaction of this indicator with the schedule, it is possible to notice that there are as if scenarios according to which events develop. Them a little but to learn they can be foreseen. Therefore, it is possible to learn to predict and profit.
Fibonacci's arches. This indicator is installed a little differently, than two previous. Feature of installation of this indicator consists that it is built not from the first point to the second, and opposite – from the second to the first. Moreover, this indicator if there is a need to look through it on several schedules, has to be exposed on each schedule separately. It is connected with scaling. If to expose it, for example, on graphics of M1 and to establish in properties display on various schedules, it will work extremely incorrectly, except the schedule of M1. Therefore it is impossible to neglect these rules. Opportunity to display it as an ellipse is provided in properties of the indicator. I use this opportunity. She allows me to see what level will be reached by the schedule, on how many and when deviates.
Fibonacci's lines are established the same as indicators Temporary zones and the Fan. This indicator represents horizontal lines: 0; 23,6; 38,2; 50; 61,8; 100; 161,8 etc. (levels) between which the schedule maneuvres. They reflect all range of the movement of the schedule in the chosen period. In properties of this indicator there is an opportunity to install the indicator as a beam. It means that lines of the indicator will be reflected by the principle of a beam, i.e. is infinite. It makes sense to use this opportunity at installation of the indicator on a long period. Besides, will be not superfluous to display it almost on all schedules. It is desirable for line to make fat that they could notice and be not to confused easily to indicators for other period, respectively, and duration of forecasts.
In order that these indicators could use effectively, it is necessary to consider one trifle about which you will hardly be able to read still somewhere. Namely: it is necessary to observe a certain sequence at installation of these indicators. In this sequence descriptions of indicators are presented in article. If not to observe sequence of installation of indicators, you will not manage to fix them on graphics. In each attempt to displace a mouse the schedule, you risk to mention loose indicators. As a result, they will be displaced and about any forecasts the speech will not be able already to go. The benefit if notice that indicators are displaced. And if is not present, then the incorrect forecast which will lead to losses or loss of the deposit will appear result. From such trifle there can be such serious troubles.
Here so the schedule at the time of opening of the account looked:
Индикатор Фибоначчи
Here so – at the time of closing of all transactions:
Индикатор Фибоначчи
It is the detailed report:
Индикатор Фибоначчи
Certainly that results not the best. Also there are transactions closed with minus. It is not important (exhaustion degree did not allow to trade any more). The main thing that possibility of the profitable trade based on Fibonacci's indicators is visually visible.
Successful to you the auction and Fibonacci in the help!
Analyst of InstaForex
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