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Malfunctions of the computer and ways of their elimination

In the material which is specially prepared for, we will tell what to do if the computer ceased to turn on and whether it is possible to avoid it? Let's examine the most frequent malfunctions of the computer, the reasons of their emergence and prevention of such "diseases".
In the material which is specially prepared for, we will tell what to do if the computer ceased to turn on and whether it is possible to avoid it?
Present, you arrived from university, came from school or from work, sat down at the computer, but for any reason that did not want you to obey? It simply does not react to the inclusion button, or starts hooting terribly and plaintively to peep? It broke...
Do not worry, such sometimes it happens the cause is there can be simply production defect, or your wrong attitude towards yours to "the iron friend". Let's examine the most frequent malfunctions of the computer, the reasons of their emergence and prevention of such "diseases".

We decide on malfunction

For a start let's define, from what sort malfunction we deal. After all breakage of the computer can be as program (when the software ceases to work), and an equipment room (some detail fails). Let's start.
First of all we check correctness of connection of the personal computer – beginning from the cords of food inserted into a network 220 V and finishing with the interface cord of the monitor, keyboard and a mouse. If everything is connected truly, we go further – we check tension in sockets (simply just in case, there is a miscellaneous). After we were convinced that tension is, we turn on the computer.

After pressing of the button of inclusion we look at the forward panel of our system unit – if the bulb of indication of the power supply network (usually green) burns, fans turn and the habitual rumble is audible, but the image on the monitor does not appear, do not hurry to sin on the monitor. Often such happens because of hardware malfunction of the computer. Most likely, you should address to the service center, however, if for any reason it is impossible, try to make the following:
  • open a forward cover of the case;
  • get random access memory and the videocard;
  • accurately clean slots a brush and the vacuum cleaner;
    Аккуратно прочистите слоты кисточкой
  • wipe contacts of memory and the videocard from dust,
    протрите контакты памяти и видеокарты от пыли
    for pushchy effect wipe them an eraser;
    для пущего эффекта протрите устроства ластиком
  • place accessories back and check operability of the computer.
In case the computer turned on, malfunction is revealed and removed – dust! Often slots of the motherboard get littered with dust, thereby one of accessories does not contact to the slot. It is possible to avoid it the only way, periodically to do prevention to your personal computer. It can be made in the service center, or to clean the computer most, having accurately cleaned everything a soft brush and the vacuum cleaner.
    Council from! Prevention of the personal computer should be done 1-2 times in half a year, depending on a dust content of the room in which it is. Never neglect it and do not allow excessive pollution of the system unit since it can result in not operability of accessories of your personal computer.
Не допускайте излишнего загрязнения системного блока

If "cleaning" did not help, the only exit – the service center, there experts will be able to test accessories on the special equipment, and to replace them in case of malfunction or a production defect.

One more widespread malfunction – when pressing the Power button, the computer does not react, indicators do not shine and fans also do not show life signs. Most likely and less dangerously – failure of the power unit. In house conditions to check malfunction of the power unit quite difficult, especially if not to have sufficient experience in work with electric devices. Most logical to address besides to the service center. However, if you have experience of assembly of the personal computer, know where and how to connect all sockets of the power unit, there is an option to borrow this detail at the friend for dough. So you will be able to save precious time and, in case of malfunction of the block, to get it in any of computer salons.

You, probably, already managed to notice a short sound signal which publishes your system unit at each inclusion. Do not consider it useless! It only the notification about normal operability of the personal computer. However not always the computer can make this cheerful sound. Sometimes it happens that at inclusion it starts peeping or alternating terribly and continuously long and short signals. All this also narrates to us about what detail of the computer ceased to function.
Reveals defect and reports you about it BIOS – the system utility of the motherboard. BIOS happens different (depending on the producer of your "materinka") therefore combinations of sound signals of malfunctions of the computer differ from each other.
First, we will define the producer of your BIOS'a. The first that reports your personal computer when loading – the name BIOS'a. If you do not manage to read it, press Del or F2 is will bring you into CMOS SETUP in which information necessary to us will be given. However this way is possible to learn and remember firm of this useful utility only at the working computer therefore we advise you initially. If you after all are not sure, read documentation to the motherboard, there such information is always provided.
1 short signal regardless of the BIOS'a model designates normal operation of the computer. And frequent short signals during the normal work – were worked by protection of safety against an overheat, often happens from malfunction of the fan on the processor. Now will give the most widespread sound signals of malfunctions of several BIOS'OV:
  • Award Bios
    1 long, 3 short – the videocard is not found or faulty.
    The repeating long signals – random access memory is not found or faulty.
  • AMI Bios (American Megatrends, Inc)
    2, 3 or 4 short signals – malfunction of random access memory.
    5 short – the processor is faulty.
    1 long, 3 short – also, as well as in the previous example, the videocard is not found or faulty.
  • Phoenix Bios
    3 very short, 4 short – the videocard is faulty.
    2 short, 1 long – memory is faulty.
Now, knowing on what our sistemnik "peeps", can make cleaning of the necessary detail as it was described in the first point. If it did not help to eliminate malfunction of your computer, bear it in the service center and surely tell about a sound signal is will help to remove defect as fast as possible.

The most widespread and simplest problem – the software. Symptoms: the computer turns on, the image on the monitor is, however the habitual operating system for some reason does not appear, "hangs" when loading, or simply gives out a mistake.
Often on the screen there is an inscription of DISK BOOT FAILURE – INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.
Зачастую на экране появляется надпись DISK BOOT FAILURE – INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.
It says that the data storage device with an operating system is not found. First of all check, whether the diskette is inserted into the disk drive since if in BIOS'e loading with FDD is exposed, and in the disk drive there is not a loading diskette is will lead to such inscription.
Further check correctness of connection of the hard drive if everything is right – "operatsionka" failed. Be not frightened! Anything terrible in it is not present (of course, there is a probability of a hardware mistake and here, however it is rather small). This malfunction of your computer, is generally caused by a consequence of action of a virus, installation of any suspicious program, or incorrect switching off of the personal computer. Such problem quickly and without serious consequences – reinstallation (in certain cases restoration) an operating system is solved. Concerning installation of the most widespread Microsoft Windows OS – this question was already considered on the site ("The instruction to the Windows XP installation"). The main thing, having faced this problem not to panic – anything terrible did not happen, get it together, take in them an adjusting disk and forward!

Here we also considered the main malfunctions of the computer and ways of their decision. We hope that this article will help you to support the electronic assistant in good health and to keep him for many years.
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