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How to master a fast keyboard set

Many of you, dear readers, saw movies in which the monitor is shown, and the text appears, nearly instantly. Now compare the speed of your set that you saw at cinema. Fantasy? By no means. To master skill such a miracle of a fast set quite on forces to each person.
Many of you, dear readers, saw movies in which the monitor is shown, and the text appears, nearly instantly. And now remember your method of a set. If you sat down to read this article not just for fun, and on business, most likely your technique of a set looks as follows: the look wandering on the keyboard, some fingers of a hand sticking into the found buttons. Then you look at the monitor and check correctness of the gathered. Now compare the speed of your set that you saw at cinema. Fantasy? By no means. To master skill such a miracle of a fast set quite on forces to each person.

Ten-manual method

Of course, the name a miracle a set, sounds gromkovato. The miracle in this technique any is not present. In a varying degree method of a fast ten-manual set a great number of people own. A difference only in elegance of skill, speed and quantity of mistakes at a set.
Speed of a set is measured in words in a minute or in symbols in a minute. Of course, words happen different, compare the word "chair" and the word "car". Therefore when speak about the speed of a set measured by words in a minute, it is necessary to take one floor equal to 5 symbols. That is, if speak to you about the speed of a set of 50 words in a minute, it is necessary to understand it as 250 symbols.
The press record on an English apportion (and records are measured on each apportion separately) is considered the speed of 750 signs in a minute. Not bad, isn't that so?
Secret of this method that participate in a set, not 2, not 3 fingers, and all 10. Naturally, from it typing speed increases. Similar method also suggests to master.

Principle of training in a fast set

The main idea of a blind fast set is that fingers of hands occupy an average number of the keyboard, settle down definitely and after pressing of a certain button come back to a starting position.
Обучение быстрому набору
So, in a starting position fingers of hands have to there are on the keys "A", "S", "D", "F" (fingers of the left hand, a forefinger on the F key) and on "J", "K", "L", ";" (fingers of the right hand, a forefinger on the J key). Especially for that it was possible to find buttons without looking, on them special pimples were made. Here we also received the answer to a question, why they there.
Hands and all the rest lie according to an arrangement of fingers that it was convenient to gather.
At a set the next finger, being near the necessary button, it is displaced for pressing the button, then coming back to a certain place. Thus, when each finger performs the work, also speed increases.
To help will master this skill to us the special programs called by keyboard exercise machines.
Training takes place in these programs in some stages.
Studying of an arrangement of keys
The major factor distracting you from a set is constant need to look for the necessary keys on the keyboard. Therefore work on subconscious learning of an arrangement of keys on the keyboard will be the first stage of your occupations.
Therefore input of various letters from the keyboard will be the first stage of trainings. And the beginning of occupations will be approximately from such combinations of input of "AAAPPPAAA". That is at first you will study those symbols on which your fingers have to lie. That is first of all the arrangement on an average alphabetic line is studied (F, Y, V, A, P, R, O, L, D, Zh). Then the following symbols which settle down one line above or below will be connected. Gradually they will start being combined, complexity of lessons will increase. The sequence of studying depends on a concrete technique of training in a fast set, read – from that program which you use.
Separate lesson you study placement of special symbols, such as @, $, ^, %.
Well and the conclusion of your training in a fast set there will be a final lesson in which you should gather sequence from any various symbols.
Increase in speed
When you learn to gather simple combinations of symbols and will master a blind method of a set – that came time for practice on real-life texts.
If you could already type texts earlier, without looking at the keyboard, you should begin at once from here. At this stage there will be a practice, practice and once again practice. Depending on the program chosen by you you will gather or separate words and phrases, or the text. Of course, you can at once rush to type the necessary texts, having received, thus sufficient skill. But in this case you learn more slowly as you should distract constantly on mistakes. The program exercise machine, in turn, will help you to concentrate directly on a set, without distracting on foreign things.
Set speed after performance of exercises makes about 200-250 symbols a minute. You can trace dynamics of your growth on schedules which will be kindly provided by the program. When reach this point (200-250 symbols a minute) can consider work finished. But do not relax. Regularly perfect the skill and practice. I will provide some best programs of training in a fast set and what to use to solve already to you.

Solo on the keyboard

Соло на клавиатуре
The Solo on the Keyboard program consists of 100 lessons. In each lesson somewhere till 10-20 exercises. At once I warn to pass to the 2nd lesson, without having passed the 1st up to the end, you will not be able.
Having opened chapter 1, I did not even understand: Whether "There I got". Simply to contain in each chapter many stories, jokes, psychological tests, which here in general out of place! It is asked: "Why all this overindulgence? We after all came not to have a good time here, and to train". Probably, developers of the program thought that we have to get into the atmosphere of the program that, unfortunately, it did not turn out completely.
From these texts of an eye ran up in different directions, and from exercises it seems: "Write a line: and and and and and and and and and and" there is a wish to close, remove and forget about this program as about a bad dream! And sound: "Five seconds of patience" which you should listen to every time after a miss on a key, starts irritating after entrance examination!
3 apportions are available to training: Russian, English and translitas. Program paid. You can pass the first 40 occupations without registration, and the others after purchase of the program which cost makes 150 rubles for the copy. verdict:
    Pluses: quite good entertainment program
    Minuses: the unreasoned system of lessons, will suit only those who is not able to work with the keyboard at all
    Developer's site:
    Price: 150 rubles.
    Assessment: 40%


The free keyboard exercise machine which provides training in a fast set in quite cheerful and easy form. Support of MP3 files is built in the program, at mistakes the program makes various impartial sounds.
The multilingual interface (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English is provided in the program and some more languages), are also possible training in a set on the corresponding apportions. The help to the program is executed also in rather cheerful manner that favourably distinguishes this exercise machine from analogs.
On a course you will need to write not something unclear, and sayings of famous people, jokes, jokes, aphorisms, etc. Of course, if you want to write something unclear, are glad you to welcome in the mode of writing of figures and symbols.
The program very cheerful, jokes, cool music which will play against if you, of course, want it.
In the program there are a lot of various modes which you can choose on the taste, and can entrust this business to the program which after the first lesson itself will define, "where to direct you".
Distinctive feature of the program is that you can watch for the progress, the records and failures …
As minus of the program it is possible to consider that it is too thoughtless and frivolous. It can seem to too serious people a shortcoming. For the others it is an excess occasion to smile and lighten themselves mood. For the rest Stamina excellent exercise machine. verdict:
    Pluses: the good exercise machine with a healthy share of humour
    Minuses: will be suitable generally for youth
    Developer's site:
    Price: free of charge
    Assessment: 80%


The exercise machine has only three levels of complexity: easy, average and difficult. At the program very inconvenient interface. Eternally jumping out window which wants to tell you about this program, bothers after the first start.
One of very useful functions of this program is a metronome. I.e. you are learned to be typed the text under rate of a metronome, and rate of a metronome can be arranged under itself. Thus to be trained much more simply – as rhythm significantly increases.
This program has very useful property: she chooses the text which you will type, proceeding from your previous mistakes.
About what else features of the program did not tell VerseQ begins training at once with all letters of the keyboard instead of giving to the user a task to study keys postrochno. Also Keyboard VerseQ exercise machine is perfectly adapted for the learned set language. While all programs train in symbols evenly, this creation of programmers teaches symbols how this or that symbol in this language often meets. Besides, the program teaches the user to remember the typical combinations of language from two-four letters called differently by "chords".
From the program site you will be able to download additional buns, such as wall-paper to the program or additional apportions.
It should be added that the program paid (140 rubles), but possesses the seven-day full-function ispyatelny period. So you can try and if it is pleasant, will be able to get this product. verdict:
    Pluses: a qualitative product with the thought-over algorithms
    Minuses: small shortcomings of the interface
    Developer's site:
    Price: 140 rubles.
    Assessment: 75%
Having fulfilled skills of a fast set, you will be able to start already directly their use. You can brag to friends, or type texts, communicating in ICQ with three interlocutors at the same time and so on. And on it finishes the article devoted to a technique of training in a fast set. Good luck to you and all kind.
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