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Service regulations and malfunctions of printers

There is a lot of reasons of emergence of malfunctions in printers, but, nevertheless, it is possible to tell with confidence that two thirds of breakages it is possible to avoid, having in due time studied the instruction delivered by the producer, and also following elementary rules of technology of operation of the device. Also will tell about this to you in this article.
The modern science and technologies, undoubtedly, do not stand still. Together with them also users of personal computers develop. Every day the number of the documents printed on the computer seeks to overtake the hand-written colleagues. Respectively also the number of sales of printers grows, after all whether it be accounting company, either the school student or the student – all of them need to unpack the reporting, sheets, papers and course.
However, as well as all equipment, printers can break. There is a lot of reasons of emergence of malfunctions, but, nevertheless, it is possible to tell with confidence that two thirds of breakages of modern printers it is possible to avoid, having in due time studied the instruction delivered by the producer, and also following elementary rules of technology of operation of the device. Also will tell about this to you in this article.

Service regulations of printers

As the printer consists both of electronics, and from mechanical details, the mechanics quite often fails. Often, because of the user and because of his negligence to the instruction.
    Council from! Even if the instruction is written in a foreign language, do not postpone it. Ask the help for the knowing person, address to the translator or use the dictionary!
For a start we will consider important aspects of the correct operation, characteristic for all types of printers.
Never try to establish a cartridge, without having studied the instruction before! The benefit now documentation of this sort are supplied with detailed and intelligible drawings therefore with it, as a rule, there are no special problems.
Examine type of the paper supported by your printer as, having inserted photographic paper into the printer which is not intended for the printing of photos you can put many details of the mechanism out of action.
Always pay attention to quality of paper – it should not be too dense or, on the contrary, too thin. reminds of one well-known rule: never use crumpled paper as it can get stuck in printer rollers that is fraught with consequences. At best you should get the rumpled paper; in the worst – the printing head of inkjet and matrix printers, and also system of supply of paper can fail.
Also in the instruction process of connection of the printer to the computer, installation of necessary drivers and the software is in detail described.
First of all, at all do not connect the interface cable to the computer at the switched-on printer! Follows the first put to connect the interface cable (LPT, USB) and only then to turn on the printer. Otherwise ports, both the computer, and the printer can burn down simply that deprives of the right for warranty repair of devices.

Malfunctions of printers

Now we will consider the most frequent malfunctions and ways of their prevention for each type of the printer separately, and there is their of everything three – matrix, jet and laser.

Matrix printers

Матричный принтер
The technology of the press of the matrix printer is very similar to technology of the typewriter – on the printing head of printers of this type a quantity of thin needles which, at the press, beat out the image on paper by means of the painting tape is located. Such printers are used now only in banks and firms which print large volumes of texts. It is easy to explain – matrix printers very cheap in operation and do not demand especially careful leaving. However, despite this, apparently, indisputable plus, there is a huge number of minuses which do not allow to use such printers in house conditions – only the black-and-white press, high noise level at the press, impossibility of the printing of photos, high price of the printer.
What to do if all of you faced similar "monster"? suggests to conform to several rules which guarantee to your printer long work. First, never twist the handle paper subhanks at the switched-on printer is can result in malfunction of the engine of supply of paper, and also breakage of gears. Secondly, never use low-quality or the second-hand painting tapes is can lead to loss of quality of the press, and also to failure of the printing head.

Inkjet printers

Струйный принтер
In inkjet printers other technology therefore also rules of their operation differ is used absolutely. In such printers ink cartridges, the press are used to be made through nozzles of the printing head which can settle down as on cartridges, and separately.
The most often met malfunction of "inkjet printers" – drying of a head of the printer. It occurs because of long idle time of the printer without work. From here also the first conclusion follows – print on the printer the small text and the picture at least once in 1-2 weeks to prevent drying up snuffled on the printing head.
Use only original expendables! Low-quality ink can also result in malfunction of a head of the printer that often results in not maintainability or in unprofitability of repair of the printer.
One more important point for preservation of the printing head – the correct replacement of a cartridge. As when replacing an ink cartridge air gets to nozzles of a head, it is necessary to establish a new cartridge how you pull out the old. In that case ink will not manage to dry up and the printer will execute pumping snuffled, having distilled from them air.
Also recommends to visit the firm service center of the producer of the printer for prevention of the device from time to time. After all ink – a thing dirty, and your printer gets littered and hammered inside with dust that can easily put gear wheels out of action, to become the reason of malfunctions in other details of the printer.

Laser printers

Лазерный принтер
In laser printers the press is made by heating of a toner (special powder) to temperature of agglomeration and its transfer on paper by a photodrum, thus, the toner is not showered at sight. Therefore in laser printers it is impossible to use paper on which something is already printed since paint or ink on paper can razmoknut under the influence of big temperatures and result in malfunction of the printer. Also forgotten paper clip on a leaf can damage a thermofilm that will lead to deterioration of the press and the subsequent breakage.
One more moment in operation of the laser printer to which it is necessary to pay attention – gas station of a cartridge. It should be made only in the specialized centers which bear responsibility for the work since during incorrect filling breakage of all printer or several details is possible that will also manage not cheap.
Правила эксплуатации принтеров, неисправности принтеров
Laser printers also need prevention therefore do not forget to carry periodically it in service to clean.

So, we considered the basic principles of "care" of all types of printers. Be attentive to your equipment, and it will serve to you long service!
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