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How to save at insurance

People sought to receive more at all times, having paid less. It is especially sharply shown in our crisis time when each ruble on the account, and all seek to cut down the expenses. And whether it is possible to save on insurance? And not by refusal of an insurance as that, and by reduction of an insurance premium? As to make it, read in this article.
Questions of economy are always actual. People sought to receive more at all times, having paid less. It is especially sharply shown in our crisis time when each ruble on the account, and all seek to cut down the expenses. And whether it is possible to save on insurance? And not by refusal of an insurance as that, and by reduction of an insurance premium? Answer: "Yes, it is possible!". Let's consider possibilities of economy on each type of insurance separately.

Economy on the CMTPL

Экономия на ОСАГО Let's begin, of course, with the most widespread type of insurance – the CMTPL.
Actually, the question of economy at "obligatory insurance of a civil liability of owners of vehicles" is very conditional in the sense that the price of the CMTPL is uniform in all insurance companies, but, nevertheless, there are some "cunnings" thanks to which it is possible to pay less. will conditionally divide them conditionally on lawful and illegal.
It is possible to carry to lawful ways to reduce the cost of the CMTPL:
  1. if you live in the city with high territorial coefficient (the coefficient applied at calculation of cost of the CMTPL) and are going to buy the car, think, and whether there is no relative at you or the good acquaintance living in the settlement with smaller territorial coefficient. Having issued the car on it, you will be able significantly to save on the CMTPL. However, in this case you will not be the official owner of the car with all that it implies;
  2. at adoption of law on the CMTPL in 2003, the size of provided "discounts" for an accident-free driving was appropriated to the concrete car, that is, having changed the car, you thereby lost "discounts" and on a new car started paying an overall cost of an insurance. Today this situation is changed, and now calculation of "discounts" is conducted with a binding to the specific driver. Therefore, buying the new car and insuring it for the first time, take care of that you on hands had "an insurance history" of all those drivers whom you are going to include in your policy. It can be made, having received the reference at the previous insurer or having addressed to "the" insurer at whom you constantly make out the CMTPL and who and so knows you;
  3. by rules CMTPL it is provided that 10% of an insurance premium (payments for an insurance) go for payment of a commission (payment of work of the insurance agent). Cases when the company to entice clients, gives the commission to the client are in practice frequent, that is you pay 10% less than this commission or to you something give for this sum. Anyway, you remain in a prize. Therefore take an interest at "the" insurer, whether he is ready to give you the commission as to the regular customer, especially if you insure not one car, and a little. Thus it is necessary to talk not to the agent on the street, and to the regular employee of the company at office.
It is possible to carry to illegal ways to save on insurance:
  1. purchase of obviously false policy of the CMTPL which will protect you only from not especially attentive staff of traffic police, and at road accident it will be absolutely useless. Such way can give you the most essential economy (about 50%), but whether it is worth it …?
  2. introduction of the insurer to delusion concerning your insurance history. What does it mean? By rules CMTPL it is provided that the person who made road accident during the subsequent periods will pay the raised insurance. In practice there is a following: the person who does not want to pay the raised insurance, simply goes to other insurance company where declares that he has no old policy, the reference from the previous insurer too, want insure me so, but do not want – I went further. In 99% of cases it will be issued as "for the first time addressed", that is without "discounts", but also without increase in an insurance premium. This way works for the reason so far that there is no general database on which it would be possible to trace insurance history.


Калькулятор КАСКО Type of insurance, the second for prevalence, – the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE. As it is possible to save here:
  1. being going to insure the car on the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, CHOOSE insurance company, but do not go in first or to that which to you was "advised". This council is explained by that in the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE unlike the CMTPL there are no the single tariffs established for all insurers. That is the different companies can give a different tariff and, as a result, different cost of an insurance. Only be not fond of a choice of the company only at the price, it is fraught with consequences at the request for payment as for the smaller price, can offer the smaller volume of responsibility;
  2. estimate objectively that you want to receive from an insurance:
    • whether the risk "Stealing + Damage" is necessary to you or will arrange only "Damage";
    • whether you want to receive payment in full or you will accept payment "taking into account wear";
    • whether you are ready to repair insignificant damages at own expense without address to insurers, if yes, that in what size (it can be reflected in the contract, having established the franchize);
    • whether there is a need to include in the contract of the persons who are extremely seldom taking the wheel if their inclusion increases payment;
    • whether repair on HUNDRED at your choice is necessary to you or the independent assessment will arrange;
    • whether you plan to establish additional protective equipment on the car (locks, marking, the satellite alarm system).
    All these moments can significantly affect a total tariff (that is the price).
  3. BARGAIN! Insurers call at once not the lowest tariff which they can offer. So safely call lower tariff which you would like and, perhaps, you it will be given or, at least, will lower the originally sounded;
  4. pay attention to the carried-out actions. Cases when upon purchase of the new car motor shows give the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE as a gift are frequent or offer a special low tariff. The only thing that would like to advise here: do not rush on low price like mad, estimate soberly that for it offer you.
Как сэкономить при страховании
    Example: There are companies suggesting to pay at the conclusion of the contract only a half of cost of an insurance, and the second part – WHEN address for payment and if spend without incident, nothing should be paid extra. At first sight, very attractive offer, but it has some reefs.
    First, the total cost of such insurance, most likely, will be higher than the average market.
    Secondly, such approach for payment of the contract is fraught with that, having received small injury, you will not go for payment as in this case you not only receive nothing, and you still should pay in addition. How it turns out? Look, a half of cost of an insurance which you should pay at the request for Payment makes 20 000 rubles, the damage which you received (for example, bumper scratch) is estimated at 10 000 rubles. That is to you to receive 10 thousand it is necessary to pay 20 thousand, a result – minus of 10 000 rubles. Most likely, you simply will not address for such "payment". And if to assume that such situation can occur not once, and a little, you receive losses, but not economy more likely. Actually, on it calculation of insurers who actually care of own benefit, but not of your economy is also based.

Mortgage insurance

Экономия на ипотечном страховании That it is possible to advise in respect of economy at mortgage insurance:
  1. as a rule, transactions on registration of a mortgage pass through real estate agencies. It and is clear: professionals of the market of real estate will issue everything more competently and, the main thing, quicker, but more expensively as it is necessary to pay their services. Including, they can help and with an insurance, having directed to specific insurers who "will make everything well and quickly". Here it is necessary to understand that the real estate agency and insurance company are connected by the contractual relations on which the insurer transfers a certain percent from the signed contract of insurance to agency. That is your broker is directly interested in that the tariff on mortgage insurance was not the lowest. Therefore if do not want to pay superfluous, recommends to ask to provide you all list of the companies with which the bank in which you obtain the credit works. And having addressed in everyone, choose the most suitable option – such approach will allow you to save part of your money. If you already signed the contract on not the best conditions, you have an opportunity to terminate it and to sign the contract for the next year in other company on more favorable conditions;
  2. Under the terms of the credit agreement at mortgage insurance three cases can be insured:
    • insurance of the pledged property (the house, the apartment);
    • life insurance, health of borrowers;
    • so-called "title" insurance, that is insurance in case your transaction of purchase and sale recognize invalid by law.
In various banks of the requirement different, and you can be obliged to be insured both one, and two, and even all three risks. Here you should study attentively the credit agreement and the contract of insurance that to you did not include "excess" risks in an insurance.

Other types of insurance

Как сэкономить при страховании There is a weight more of different types of insurance about which we sometimes even do not know. To speak now about all, naturally, senselessly. In conclusion of would like to stop on two types: this voluntary insurance of property (house, apartments, finishing, household appliances, etc.) and personal insurance upon accident.
Today in the market there is a great variety various the "insurance products" offering protection on these two types of insurance. They distinguish risks, responsibility volume, the price, etc. Here the main council for you will be such: accurately define for yourself as from what you want to insure and choose the option which is most suitable for yourself.
Remember, to insure ALL and from EVERYTHING will cost VERY much! Not to pay superfluous for about what you also do not worry, reject these moments and then the price for an insurance will be much lower.
    Example: You live in the apartment and you are disturbed most of all by the fire and "that neighbors did not flood". In this case you should insure only internal finishing and house property from these two risks, and constructive elements (walls, a floor, i.t.d.) and you should not insure other risks. It will give you essential economy.
    Other example: You would like to be insured from accident. Most of all you are disturbed by possibility of receiving a trauma on production. Specify in the contract that the insurer will bear responsibility only in working hours, it will also give you essential economy.
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