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"Drowned woman" on wheels – how to define

Now all to a bowl on car markets where cars with run are offered, there are so-called "drowned women". Unfair owners offer the car which earlier, in view of certain circumstances, was under water.

To disguise malfunctions rather simply, having carried out renovation of the car, to put brand new tires mvo, etc. as no considerable violations of integrity of a body or separate parts happened.

The first and only way to define "Little Mermaid" – diagnostics. However more effective diagnostics on HUNDRED runs into money, and it does not make sense to send each pleasant car there.

Independent diagnostics much more risky for this reason it should be carried out in the company of more skilled and reliable friends. That will not see one – will notice another. Such peculiar consultation will reduce risk of acquisition of the car with defects and will allow to make the reasonable and weighed decision.

However we will talk in more detail about the "bathed" cars which even summer rubber did not rescue. The first from what it is worth starting – to sit down in salon and to spend some time there. Feature of the drowned woman is the characteristic smell of a mold and decay in salon. The matter is that sound insulation loses integrity as it is made of felt. From it the smell also proceeds. Corrosion spots in unusual places, for example, in salon under seats where metal is uncovered in view of lack of negative external factors, etc. can be one more sign of carefully disguised "Little Mermaid".

More negligent owner will be given out by stains on an upholstery, and also the coarsened skin of salon. Such defect, however, can be eliminated by means of a dry-cleaner of salon with application of the softening means for an upholstery.

The electrician also does not suffer moisture therefore it is worth checking carefully operation of all devices demanding food.

Will give out "drowned woman" at first sight and the misting-over headlights which though are not the defining factor, nevertheless, in the sum will lead to certain conclusions.

Unfortunately, the car which visited accident with drowning, gains defects which cannot almost be repaired, and only to replace them completely.

Anyway you should not risk and get the sinking car as all its systems will fail if not at once, through short time. In that case the car will turn into a metal heap, no more.

Capital repairs in this case are inevitable and it will hardly be advantageous before purchase of a new car.

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