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Treatment of a frontit

Plays the dandy – a disease rather artful if not to start treating it at the first stages of an illness, it very quickly accepts chronic character. Therefore it is very important to address to the doctor in time and after diagnostics to complete the correct course of treatment. If strongly to start a disease, surgical intervention can be necessary.

Reasons of emergence and symptoms of a disease

At the beginning of a disease in frontal bosoms there is an infection with pathogenic microorganisms. They can be virus, bacterial and, more rare, fungal. The reasons of their penetration and the subsequent reproduction can become:

  • banal cold which was incorrectly treated or was not treated absolutely;
  • injuries of a nose of various character. Very often plays the dandy meets at athletes and it is considered occupational disease;
  • consequence of such diseases as diphtheria and scarlet fever;
  • allergic rhinitis, which treatment needs to be begun with allergen identification;
  • the postponed diseases of ORZ, SARS.

The course of a disease can be to differ: it depends on a form and character of the illness, and also on age and immunity of the patient. As plays the dandy is a kind of sinusitis, it can be observed both a sharp exacerbation of an illness, and its development throughout a long time, up to several years.

Symptoms of a frontit also differ depending on the listed above factors a little. At a sharp form of a disease symptoms and feelings are expressed more brightly, at chronic - it is less. Thus the sharp form of a disease where will more simply respond to treatment. The main symptoms of a frontit are:

  • the hypostases round eyes and a nose which are especially expressed in the morning;
  • the pain in a nose, a forehead which is especially expressed during the period from 10th morning to 15 o'clock in the afternoon. Also pain amplifies if the person bends forward, and here in horizontal situation pain can abate;
  • the complicated breath which is connected with that nasal passes are blocked owing to hypostasis and an inflammation of a mucous membrane;
  • cold – quite often found symptom, the slime sometimes emitted accepts a greenish shade and possesses a pungent smell.

However some forms of a frontit can proceed without allocations from a nose.

Also there are symptoms which take place to be, but are not an exact symptom directly of this disease:

Diagnostics of a frontit

At the first stages plays the dandy actually has no expressed symptomatology therefore hardly something will show simple survey. The inflammation of frontal bosoms at an initial stage is capable to reveal radiological inspection.

The following important stage in diagnostics of a frontit is bacteriological researches of a secret of a cavity of a nose. It is carried out to understand what specifically bacteria cause an inflammation and subsequently to write out to the patient the correct antibiotic.

After all necessary researches are conducted, the doctor registers treatment. The scheme can be various, it depends on a type of a frontit, and also on disease severity.

Prescription of antibiotics

Antibiotics at play the dandy are appointed quite often, but nevertheless not always. Their need depends on a cause of illness. The most frequent – settling of a nasal bosom bacteria, in this case is applied antibacterial therapy.

However if the activator of an inflammation is the virus or an allergy, antibiotics are capable to worsen an overall picture of a disease only. Sometimes antibiotics are appointed in cases of unsuccessful previous treatment, and also at strong and sharp deterioration of a condition of the patient.

In an ideal, antibiotics have to be appointed after bacterial crops and identification of a bacterium which caused a disease. If it is impossible, antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity are written out. Frontity it is possible to cure the most mild cases of a disease locally, special sprays on the basis of antibiotics are written out: Bioparox, Izofra or Polideks. Reception of tablets is also possible: Augmentin, Tseftriakson, Cefazolin, Sporideks. It is most preferable to use antibiotics of an intramuscular form: Tseftriakson, Norfloksatsin, Ciprofloxacin.

In parallel with antibacterial therapy antiallergic preparations are appointed: Suprastin, Diazolin, Tavegil and so forth. The intestinal flora also needs support, in such cases appoint Lineks, Laktobakterin, Bifikol. These preparations maintain immunity, allow antibiotics to work fully, reducing harm to an organism.

Symptomatic preparations

At treatment of a frontit the preparations facilitating the general condition of the patient are also appointed. Vasoconstrictive means, febrifugal preparations and resolvents enter a range of such drugs. The first are necessary to reduce hypostasis of the mucous. Breath becomes free, the congestion of a nose disappears. The most widespread drops: Nazivin, Nazol, Vibortsil.

In case of temperature increase it is higher than 38,5 degrees, it is necessary to take the medicine lowering it. Depending on a susceptibility, preparations are appointed on the basis of paracetamol (Panadol, Efferalagan), the second option – on the basis of an ibuprofen – the Nurofen or the Ibuprofen. More long than three days such preparations cannot be accepted. If temperature lower than 38,5, but you are tormented by other symptoms: a headache, a fever, the general weakness of an organism, in such cases reception of the febrifugal is also allowed.

Additional types of treatment

Drugs it is certainly good, but plays the dandy demands also other types of treatment, namely washing, inhalation and, unfortunately, sometimes doctors are compelled to resort to surgical methods.

It is necessary to know that it is very important to wash out a nose during treatment of a frontit. This type of treatment, perhaps, can be exposed on one step with reception of antibiotics. It is possible to do washing and in house conditions, the main thing, previously to clear nasal passes by means of vasoconstrictive means. Options of solutions for washing:

  • salt solution – 1 teaspoon of sea salt (it is possible iodated or boiled) on 1 liter of water;
  • St. John's Wort: to trouble 1 teaspoon in a water circle.

Take a syringe or any other syringe, bend over a sink and under a strong pressure pour in liquid in one nostril. It has to pour out from other nostril. It is necessary to carry out procedure several times a day, solution has to be warm.

Also in house conditions it is possible to carry out inhalations. It is possible to do it traditionally: over potato, also effective type of treatment inhalation over bay leaf is. It is enough to boil in 0,5 l of water of pieces of 5-7 bay leaves and to breathe over them. It is necessary to carry out procedure every day, duration – 10 minutes.

Remember that warming up of a frontit can do much harm therefore do not self-medicate, carry out procedures only after coordination with the doctor.

Puncture at play the dandy

Most often the puncture is appointed in case drug treatment of a frontit did not help at all. The main indications to a puncture of a frontal bosom is pus in a bosom, strong headaches, cysts. Before carrying out procedure it is very important to make a X-ray which will precisely show, in what place it is necessary to make a puncture.

Prevention of a frontit

Plays the dandy – one of those diseases which, first of all, needs prevention. As it was already told above if to start treatment of usual ORZ, it is possible to ache the frontity. Therefore the preference is given to timely treatment of a usual catarrhal disease. It just that case when it is simpler to warn than to cure.

At the first symptoms of a catarrhal disease it is necessary to begin reception of antiviral preparations, and also to introduce the water regime and moistening of a mucous membrane of a nose. The accepted liquid has to be warm, it can be both tea, and compote, and milk, and also simply warm water. It is ideal that water was body temperatures. Mucous it is possible to apply preparations on the basis of the cleared sea water to moistening, and also to do independently: on 1 l of water of 1 h. l. salts (sea, cooking or iodated). It is necessary to drip in a nose, at least, 5 times a day.

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