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Treatment of diathesis at children

Many parents at early age of the children faced such unpleasant, but widespread phenomenon as diathesis. Red rash on a face, the reddened cheeks, crusts and wounds on a body of the child are external manifestations of a disturbing disease. How to distinguish "enemy" and that with him to do, it will be a question in this article.

Very few people know that allergic diathesis actually is not a disease, but only tendency to inflammatory and allergic reactions of weak immunity of the child. In some way it is a signal that in an organism there is something not and it is necessary to take measures urgently. No doubt, skin of kids is the main index of their health, and therefore the first gets under blow. will tell the readers how to cope with this illness and to strengthen health of the child.

Main types of a disease

The name "diathesis" comes from Greek "diathesis" that means predisposition to something. Therefore the diagnosis made by the pediatrician designates tendency to inadequate sensitive reaction of an organism to usual irritants. Thus experts distinguish some types of a disease:

  1. Ekssudativno-kataralny, or allergic. It is one of the most widespread types of diathesis. The main mechanism of a disease is allergic reaction, and also predisposition to frequent inflammatory processes.
  2. Diathesis limfatiko-hypoplastic. The name says that the major role is played by lymphatic system of an organism. Decrease in function of vilochkovy gland, violation of work of bark of adrenal glands, pathology of lymph nodes are the main reasons for a disease. As a result ability of an organism to struggle with infectious diseases decreases, dysfunction of bodies of endocrine system is noted, lymphoid fabric increases.
  3. neuroartritichesky diathesis. Treats one of rare species of an illness. Defect of an exchange of the purinovy bases and the strengthened formation of uric acid in an organism is its cornerstone. Characteristic symptoms are: disorders of food, the increased nervous excitability, a metabolism imbalance, pain in joints. As a result these violations can cause complications in the form of atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and problems is warm - vascular system.

Reasons of emergence of diathesis

As a rule, hereditary tendency to an allergy is the main reason for developing of diathesis. However there are many factors acquired during life which can cause an illness:

  • incorrectly picked up diet of baby food;
  • early feeding up fruit and mixed vegetables;
  • artificial feeding of the baby;
  • the use by the pregnant woman or the feeding mother of products which can cause an allergy;
  • existence in the house of obvious irritants, such as: hair of animals, flower pollen, house dust.

Remember that diathesis can be caused in the kid by the most different allergens that subsequently leads to damage of skin, an inflammation of airways, a nasopharynx and a mouth.

Main symptoms of an illness

To define diathesis symptomatology, it is necessary to be guided in the main visual signals which will help to indicate this disease. Let's consider diathesis symptoms in more detail.

Manifestations of diathesis at babies till 1 year

For kids till 1 year, as a rule, act as causative agents of an illness lactose which contains in cow's milk, and also the substances containing in food from red vegetables and fruit. Symptoms of a disease are expressed in emergence of red rash on cheeks, belly-aches, frequent diarrhea of a foamy view with a green shade.

Children at the age of 1-3 years

As a rule, kids at such age are subject to diathesis because of the use in food of a citrus and cereal products, and also fruit and vegetables of red color. The first signs are: violation of a chair, irritation in a throat, cough, rash on a body and an itch.

Children are more senior than 3 years

At more senior children diathesis is a consequence of the started illness at early age. Also the disease can develop after the use in food of such allergens as: cocoa, chocolate, pickles, marinades, seasonings and seafood. In that case there are following symptoms: emergence of rash in the form of red points and specks, cracks and small ulcers, and also an itch, a peeling and dryness of skin.

How to struggle with diathesis?

Treatment of diathesis at children till 1 year should be begun at once as soon as the first symptoms of an illness were noticed. The most important condition – to change a power supply circuit. For this purpose it is necessary to remove from a diet the juice causing allergic reaction (tomato, citrus, carrot) as the high content of essential oils and vegetable proteins are capable to cause diarrhea, rashes on skin and the small tortoiseshell. Vegetable and fruit puree should be entered into a feeding up small doses, fixedly watching reaction of an organism of the baby. The special attention should be paid also to food of mothers in the period of a lactation as they also should clean the products causing sensitive reaction from a diet.

It is very important to diversify a diet with a large number of fresh vegetables and fruit, vitamin-rich and mineral substances. And also it is necessary to exclude from food the products containing trofallergena (spices, smoked products, chocolate, a bird, river fish) and to reduce the use of milk, eggs. Remember that the useful and healthy nutrition of the nursing mother is a guarantee of health of the kid.

Traditional treatment of children till 1 year

Diathesis at newborns can be cured quickly enough and effectively if in due time to react to emergence of an illness and to adhere to some rules:

  1. It is necessary to exclude completely from food the products causing an allergy.
  2. Things and bedding of the child are allowed to be erased only hypoallergenic soap with soda addition.
  3. It is necessary to follow rules of hygiene and as often as possible to swaddle the child, changing underwear.
  4. It is forbidden to lay a bed or a blanket of the kid a polyethylene diaper.
  5. Do not forget about a hardening, massage and remedial gymnastics. These procedures increase immunity of the baby that allows to cope with the illness effectively.

    It is important! If the illness passed into the started stage, it is necessary to address to the expert. Only the skilled doctor will establish an etiology and will appoint correct therapy.

Application of folk remedies for treatment of diathesis

Often traditional medicine comes to the rescue at treatment of diathesis. And one of the most effective means are grass trays. They possess the disinfecting, all-strengthening and calming action, however the main requirement is strict observance of temperature condition. Water should not exceed 36-38 °C, and duration of reception of water procedures – no more than 15-20 minutes.

Let's provide some recipes of the most effective grass bathtubs:

  1. For preparation of a tray from an oak it will be required to you:
    • the crushed tree bark – 1 kg;
    • water – 1 l.
  2. Fill in the processed bark with water and put on slow fire then boil liquid within 30 minutes. After cooling, carefully filter contents and pour out in a bathtub where will bathe the kid.
  3. To prepare medical broth on walnuts, you will need to collect tree leaves, to fill in them with 1 l of water and to put to be boiled within 45 minutes. It is allowed to use as I skin, and dried foliage. The received broth needs to be filtered and poured out in water for bathing. Thus it is necessary to adhere to such dosage:
    • for a full bathtub – 1 kg of material;
    • the half – 500 g;
    • sedentary or foot – 250 g.
  4. Broth from a train is prepared as follows: fill in 1 l of abrupt boiled water of 150 g of a grass and leave on small fire within 10 minutes. After that it is necessary to filter contents and to use to similarly previous methods.
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