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How to protect the computer from attacks of hackers

Many already also do not represent the life without the Internet. Feature of the Internet is that there is neither militia nor any of other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself. will prompt, in what way it can be made.
Как защитить компьютер от атак хакеров Presently the Internet started developing so rough rates, got into all spheres of our activity: private life, study, purchases, business, etc. Many already also do not represent the life without the Internet. For someone the Internet became the present business by a field. And there where money is found – always there will be those who wishes to profit easily them. There is a great number of swindlers who try to take away in various ways your honestly earned money: or by means of you, or your computer take away this money from others. Feature of the Internet is also that there is neither militia nor any of other organized and constantly engaged in fight against cybercriminals structures. Therefore it is necessary to protect itself. will prompt, in what way it can be made.

What hackers to us meet?

On the Internet various malefactors meet. Someone tries "to part" you, promising a freebie, offering doubtful goods and services, forcing you to click links of questionable content. Similar ways we can meet quite often and in real life. Therefore ways of fight against them same, as well as in real life – not to be got involved in the doubtful enterprises and to avoid them.
The situation is with so-called hackers much more difficult. Generally about whom I will write, not absolutely fit this definition, but for simplicity of perception I will call this word of all of those who, using various computer technologies, does harm to your computer or steals from it important information.
Хакер Usually, when the person will learn to program something, especially at young age, him and has a longing for deeds. Such hackers are called "hackers jokers". They write any harmful program with the purpose to ego-trip and take a fun. Depending on forwardness of the virus writer this program can be simple a joke, for example, at you the mouse cursor from the screen or something more serious will disappear.
Once such virus got to me. After reset of the computer at me the window jumped out: "Let's play poker". I played with it and lost then other window jumped out: "You lost. Let your Windows" will be payment for your loss. I apprehended it as a joke, but the virus did not joke and I paid wholly for loss.
Happens that at hackers transfer to you an invisible aaplet which simply destroys or your Windows, or does work with system impossible. The hackers writing such programs I too carried to jokers. After all black humour, it too humour.
There is the second category of "hackers mafiosi". They differ in that the skills in the mercenary purposes use. If you consider that from you from the computer there is nothing to steal, and you will not fall a victim of hackers of the mafioso, you are mistaken. Your computer can be used for spam sending or implementation of hacker attacks as gun meat.

Types of attacks to your computer

Let's consider ways of penetration of hackers to you on the computer. The first, and, probably, the most favourite electronic malefactors the way is infection of your iron friend with various aaplets which will do those actions which were planned by the hacker.
If your computer does not contain confidential or especially valuable information, most likely, the harmful program will not be transferred on your computer purposefully, and will spontaneously extend. Also it will get on your computer or not, depends on your vigilance as all the same there will be people who will get under action of these attacks. Personally, fortunately, nobody will be engaged in you.
"Червь" I will allocate three types of these programs:
  1. Worms
    I will give an example: you quietly climb the sites, download nothing, and at this time, without your permission to you the worm climbs. In the majority worms do not go one, and bear in themselves other types of viruses. It turns out that the worm is a peculiar program distributor. Worms can get over as from the site on your computer so from your computer on other carriers: disks, diskettes, flash cards, etc. Worms to be divided only on a way of penetration into your computer, as action at them same.
  2. Trojans
    These programs cannot damage your computer, but they allow to use it for useful to the hacker. They can steal passwords, make entries of your pressing in the keyboard. Options for action of trojans a set. Imagine the spy who got into foreign state and received a high post. Here it is possible to compare action of a trojan on your computer to it.
  3. Viruses
    Вирусы – это программы, целью которых является сознательное повреждение вашего компьютера Viruses are programs which purpose is conscious damage of your computer. Viruses carry out various tasks from removal of any one program to a physical conclusion out of operation of your iron.
The special anti-virus software will help to be protected from these programs, but will tell about it in the following article.

How to protect itself from hackers

For now some simple councils how not to catch all this "an electronic menagerie".
Do not trust spam.Не доверяйте спаму The majority of worms extend through e-mail, to be exact through spam. Therefore I recommend to delete all spam messages, without penetrating especially into details of the written. Well, and to download the files attached by spammers are a top of nonsense.
Download from the checked sites. Thirst for a freebie and free software sends us to various "varezny" sites. Having saved the ten second green American presidents, you can receive in addition of a trojan which will devastate your electronic purse.
On the varezny sites the harmful software meets not so often and in addition to a free photoshop will not always put a virus. But, downloading programs of doubtful action, like the collector or the generator of money or the last novelty of the Internet – the program for reading others SMS, the probability of receiving free "gift" sharply comes nearer to hundred percent.
Update the software. Quite often hackers use holes in any browsers or offices. Not without holes our darling of Windows. The company writing all this hastily lets out updating in which vulnerability is closed. But there are users who not really care of downloading of updatings therefore hackers successfully use them for the attacks. But we do not treat their number – therefore we establish all fresh software and updatings.
Always to have on the computer an antivirus and a firewall with the updated bases. recommends strongly to use a firewall since the antivirus will not be able to mark the fresh, just written trojan, and the firewall will mark attempt of sending data from your computer.
Also your computer can be attacked without use of the above described programs directly on the Internet. The hacker manually will get on your computer and will make with it actions necessary for it. Therefore without firewall not to get to anywhere.
Всегда иметь на компьютере антивирус и файервол с обновленными базамиDo not visit the doubtful sites. Very often the sites with questionable content such as free pornosites and sites with a freebie (it is necessary to pay somehow with it the existence) conceal in a code of the pages of a worm which with pleasure will flow to you on the computer. Recently various searchers, for example google, warn at a conclusion of search results about danger of this or that site to your computer.
Be careful with that gets on your computer. It is not desirable to connect without the updated good antivirus to the computer of the device of storage of information. Presently viruses on CD or DVD disks come across very seldom, practically never. Even on the piracy. Though a few years ago the tendency was absolutely another.
Most often viruses are had together with diskettes on which text files, on flash cards and on winchesters are stored. Nobody can guarantee that if safety rules are followed by you, your acquaintance too follows these rules.

In the following article we will consider the main programs for protection of the computer. As an example we will take the best anti-virus programs and firewalls which in the majority and are used on our computers. Read less troubles to you in this life.
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