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How to reduce fuel consumption, we learn to save

It is possible to reduce fuel consumption. And thus, even without resorting to any sophisticated methods. Long ago it is noticed that when different drivers use the same car, various fuel consumption as a result turns out. Therefore, fuel consumption depends not only on a make of the car, but also on many other factors.
Как уменьшить расхода топлива учимся экономить World oil crisis in the early seventies set the developed countries thinking of the last century on energy saving problems therefore, automotive industry made high-quality breakthrough in respect of decrease in specific fuel consumption. Now the cars released abroad differ in bigger profitability, than domestic. However the problem of economy of fuel is actual both for import and for domestic cars, and probably will remain in the near future actual. After all, except ecological, it also an economic problem. The less fuel consumes yours "an iron horse", the better for your purse.
It is possible to reduce fuel consumption. And thus, even without resorting to any sophisticated methods. Long ago it is noticed that when different drivers use the same car, various fuel consumption as a result turns out. Therefore, fuel consumption depends not only on a make of the car, but also on many other factors, such as: skill of the driver, technical condition and service conditions of the car, brand of the used oils and fuel, and others.

Dependence of fuel consumption on skill of the driver

Резкие разгоны и торможения – враги экономии топлива Let's begin with that the speed of the movement of the car is more uniform, the fuel consumption is less. That is sharp dispersals and braking – enemies of economy. Certainly, here it is not necessary to go into extremes: uniformity of speed can be harmful and even is dangerous. Not superfluous will be to remind that, moving in a stream of vehicles, the movement with a stream speed will be the safest option. And on those sites of roads where there is a restriction of speed, it is not necessary to neglect this restriction.
Beginning the movement, it is necessary to pass as soon as possible to the highest transfer, after all the transfer is higher, the less courses make engine pistons on run unit. And, therefore, also fuel consumption decreases. At gear shiftings it is not necessary to abuse an accelerator pedal, after all if to press it more strongly, than it is required, the amount of the fuel coming to the engine will be superfluous.
For anybody not a secret that at the movement on the city and on the highway fuel consumption will differ. It will be a miscellaneous and at the movement on a country road and asphalt. Standing in traffic jams, very strongly increases fuel consumption as the engine works, and the car practically does not move. Therefore, planning trips it is necessary to think over a route in advance, to provide all points of a stop, trying to avoid the superfluous. Thus often longer way does not mean less economic and vice versa.

Influence of technical condition of the car on fuel consumption

Давление в шинах лучше держать на верхних пределах допустимого Technically serviceable car will always consume less fuel, than the car with malfunctions. All systems of the car have to be properly adjusted, bearings have to rotate easily, etc.
From the greasing liquids recommended by manufacturer it is necessary to use the least viscous.
Aerodynamic characteristics of the car have quite notable impact on fuel consumption. And if it is impossible to change radically these indicators, to affect them quite in power to any motorist. The driving with open window leaves, existence of a luggage carrier, incorrectly designed self-made spoilers, etc. has an adverse effect on aerodynamics.
Wide-profile rubber also worsens aerodynamic indicators. For the purpose of economy of fuel it is best of all to use tubeless radial tires. It is better to keep pressure in tires on the top limits admissible as the lowered a little wheels negatively influence fuel consumption.
Onboard electronics – demands additional fuel consumption. Powerful consumers of current have especially strong impact: headlights, conditioner, heaters of glasses, audio system, refrigerators, coffee makers. Therefore it is only necessary to use that is really necessary. And here the economizer, the on-board computer and other useful electronics on the contrary will only help to reduce fuel consumption, informing the driver on the current and average consumption of fuel.

As car service conditions influence fuel consumption

Зимой расход топлива всегда выше, чем летом Besides the listed above factors, fuel consumption is influenced also by some factors of environment. For example, the driving in a night-time to exchange is economic. Also it is caused not only by need of turning on of light devices, but also need to use other high-speed mode for safety. The same can be told about the movement in the conditions of insufficient visibility: fog, rain, blizzard.
The condition of the road can also have some impact on fuel consumption. The movement in ice demands the increased care and the lowered speeds. A driving on wet and furthermore on a country road will also promote the fastest combustion of excess grams of fuel.
In view of a number of circumstances, in the winter fuel consumption is always higher, than in the summer. To it there is a complex of the reasons: need of longer warming up of the engine before a start of motion, use of heating devices, short light day, quality of roads and others. And if absolutely it is impossible to refuse trips in the winter, it is necessary to remember it at least that the premature devastation of a gasoline tank did not become surprise.
In practice application of all given councils for fuel consumption reduction, of course, difficult. But hopes that this article will help you to save additional liters of fuel in a tank and notes in a purse.
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