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Treatment of pyelonephritis

With pyelonephritis any person can get sick. However this disease is most characteristic for women and girls. At pyelonephritis tissue of a kidney, a kidney lokhanka and cups is surprised. Pyelonephritis is caused by the infection getting to kidneys or with blood current, or the ascending way — from the infected bladder.
Лечение пиелонефрита With pyelonephritis any person can get sick. However this disease is most characteristic for women and girls. At pyelonephritis tissue of a kidney, a kidney lokhanka and cups is surprised. Pyelonephritis is caused by the infection getting to kidneys or with blood current, or the ascending way — from the infected bladder.
At women the urethral channel is much shorter, than at men therefore the infection extends quicker and pyelonephritis arises much more often. During pregnancy the increasing uterus squeezes the top uric ways — outflow of urine is broken and there is an inflammation. At men pyelonephritis can be is caused by an urolithic disease, prostate gland adenoma, narrowing of the urethral channel, chronic prostatitis.

Pyelonephritis symptoms

Sharp pyelonephritis begins suddenly: at the patient temperature increases, there is a constant dull ache in a waist. In certain cases the cystitis phenomena — gripes are added to these symptoms at an urination, the speeded-up desires on it. At a palpation (palpation) it is possible to notice that one or both kidneys increased in a size. The patient periodically tests attacks of fever and severe pain from the struck party. would like to note that if pyelonephritis not to treat, it will inevitably pass into a chronic form.
At chronic pyelonephritis attacks of pain become not so painful, but the infection constantly is present at kidneys, and tissue of kidneys continuously suffers from the destroying influence of pathogenic bacteria. And it can lead to a renal failure subsequently.

Diagnosis of pyelonephritis

Хронический пиелонефрит Most often for initial statement of the diagnosis there is enough research of urine under a microscope — find out quantity of leukocytes, their increase testifies to existence of an inflammation. When the raised maintenance of leukocytes in urine is already established, it is necessary to find out, what species of bacteria became the inflammation reason. For this purpose make crops of urine on Wednesday, favorable for development of bacteria, and after a while a bacterium, become the pyelonephritis reason, grow on crops. If the doctor suspects an urolithic illness at the patient, additional inspections — a X-ray of kidneys can be demanded, ultrasonography, a magnetic and resonant tomography.

Treatment of pyelonephritis

Гентамицин Depending on a species of the bacteria which caused an inflammation antibiotics, usually gentamycin are appointed. A course of antibiotics long — from two to six weeks. Sometimes happens very difficult to expel an infection from urinary tract and even after a course of antibiotics in urine leukocytes remain. In such cases the doctor appoints an antibiotic which can be accepted once a day for a long time — till one year.
But if immunity of the patient was rather strong, leukocytes vanish in urine. In that case it is only necessary to carry out special therapy for prevention of repeated infection. Very effectively in this plan treatment by herbs. There is various grass collecting, applying which it is possible to revitalize affected kidneys completely.
Here some examples of medicinal collecting for treatment of pyelonephritis. Juniper fruits — 1 tablespoon, a glycyrrhiza root — 1 tablespoon, fruits of a horsetail field — 1 des. a spoon, bearberry leaves — 1 des. a spoon, cowberry leaves — 1 tablespoon. All ingredients need to be crushed, mixed. For preparation of medical infusion to take 2 tablespoons of collecting and to fill in their 0,5 liters of boiled water. infusion has to be drawn within 12 hours then it is necessary to accept it 3 times a day on 1/3 glasses. A reception course — 2-3 months.
Other recipe: birch leaves — 1 tablespoon, blackcurrant leaves — 1 tablespoon, juniper fruits — 1st. a spoon, hop cones — 1 tablespoon, on two tablespoons of leaves of a bearberry, cowberry, a plantain, a nettle — 3 tablespoons, hips — 4 tablespoons, wild strawberry leaves, a grass of a horsetail field — on 6 tablespoons. All ingredients are crushed, infusion — as in the previous recipe prepares and applied then.
There are many other recipes, but the principle of their preparation is uniform — any kidney collecting joins bearberry leaves, cowberry leaves — these herbs most well influence kidneys. Also include a nettle, a dandelion, a train in kidney collecting, buds of a pine, a marjoram, mountain ash fruits, a St. John's Wort, a wormwood grass, a grass sporysh (an ordinary grass-muravka), buds of a birch, a grass of a pustyrnik and others. Many do not believe in treatment by herbs, however regular reception of grass collecting within half a year after sharp pyelonephritis completely solves a problem of kidneys. Trouble only that for achievement of lasting effect it is necessary to drink herbs constantly, despite fast improvement of a condition of the patient. If the patient overcomes own laziness and will orderly drink grass collecting (and it is hard as all kidney collecting possesses disgusting bitter taste), for certain will win against an illness.
At pyelonephritis it is possible to apply various bioadditives on the basis of medicinal herbs. To apply them or not — a personal record of everyone. However, recommends to you to be careful to apply unknown dietary supplements, it is better to buy necessary herbs in a drugstore and to prepare collecting independently.
Kidneys — it is the filter of our organism and for simplification of their work during treatment to the patient it is strictly forbidden to take alcohol. In a diet vegetable soups, porridges, low-fat meat are preferable.

Pyelonephritis consequences

Поражение почки пиелонефритом Pyelonephritis never passes completely. Seldom or never the person has pyelonephritis once in life, the kidneys most often affected remind of themselves periodic exacerbations of an illness. Thus treatment of pyelonephritis is tightened for many years. The worst consequence of pyelonephritis is gradual development of a renal failure. Pyelonephritis causes gradual death of tissue of kidneys, why functions of kidneys gradually come to naught — it and is a renal failure. It is possible to avoid it if to observe all recommendations of the doctor and to be treated so much time, how many it will be required. Remember: pyelonephritis is curable, but process of treatment can take not less than half a year.
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