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How to cut off a photo online or to cut out its fragment

Even more often we face need of various manipulations with photos and pictures. For example, quite often we need not the whole image, and only its some part, or it is necessary to exclude from it an unnecessary fragment (for example, a foreign advertizing inscription). Whether it is possible to carry out it quickly and without excess "troubles"?

It can turn into the real tiresome work which will take away a lot of time – especially if you need to cut off a large number of photos. Moreover and not in all photo editors (which often need previously to be bought, downloaded and established) everything is so transparent as it would be desirable. For this reason foolish manipulation can take indecently long time.

And after all often to cut off a photo online - much more simply and quicker. Let's understand together as to make it and we will estimate advantages of such way.

So, let us assume, we have a photo on which there is something foreign …

You should not be lost, it is easy to correct it for couple of seconds.

At first we visit the website allowing to cut off a photo -

At once load or drag the problem picture there:

Here so it will look by default on the site. We will talk about point number two a bit later since so far it is not necessary to choose – the picture at us only one. Therefore safely we pass at once to the third point – we move using a mouse cutting area to a position necessary to us and we move a romper suit:

It is ready? Now we press on the Cut Off the Image button and we keep result. Everything, the correct version of the picture is ready. Perfectly left!

Thus the initial image still is stored in the editor, and it is possible to continue to work on it.

And now we will return to a situation if pictures it is necessary to cut off much.

For example, you have at once some of spoiled photos:

We load them at the same time on service accepts to 10 images at the same time).

We allocate one of a photo and we expose a romper suit in the necessary position. We make this manipulation with each photo. We press "to cut off" and we enjoy results – all received images can be kept at once. Results:

By the way, one more indisputable plus – service works with the big sizes of a photo, accepts files to 10 MB. That happens very opportunely when from a big photo (for example, the camera downloaded at once from a memory card) it is necessary to cut out a fragment.

Now you are armed with knowledge and can cut off and out with ease a photo in some clicks, without leaving the browser and without applying any special programs!

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